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  1. Wow someone has a case of douchebaggery. Lighten up or go find a forum more akin to your negativity. Aa welcomes all.
  2. Note: Not trying to troll the forum. Didn't mean anything rude by it. Just trying to help clarify.
  3. Because this urban legend is starting to get old.
  4. Never get it right? The Atari 2600 wireless joy stick homie! But as for 7800 controllers...I've only ever used a 2600 controller and very briefly the 7800 joystick. So I anxiously await to read more of this discussion and be filled in before I make an investment. Thank you all for being of so much help.
  5. Oh this looks promising. A complete 7800 library is not very hard to obtain. But this would save me a lot of time...and money.
  6. I just need a two button controller with a D-pad that works and has good response. The Atari CX78 looks promising. And I can see that other members here are warning me not to get one. If I plan to buy and play through Midnight Mutants on the 7800, no one button Joystick controller is going to be of any valuable assistance to me. Having played a bit of the game on an emulator, I can honestly say its a very enjoyable and fun game that I would like to play and beat on my Atari 7800.
  7. Sweet thanks folks! Now just so I'm in the know, the 7800...its pause button is the b/w button for 2600 games right?
  8. Ah, so THAT is why that Weird Al song was so famous back in the day! "Don't touch that TV! Don't touch that dial! We've got it all on UHF!"
  9. UHF is any TV that uses forks/rprongs for connecting cable and RF as well as an Antenna. Am I close at least?
  10. Just got back from the Hobby Shop. Here are today's pick-ups. All games cost $1 - $3 each! Xevious - Atari 7800 Pole Position II - Atari 7800 (Very common, I know) And some 2600 titles Defender Crystal Castles Asteroids (Much prefer the 7800 port) 21 Video Olympics Swordquest - Earthworld and StarMaster Star Master, disappointed me. I tried all four modes on it and I just float out into the ether and nothing happens. No ships to shoot at or anything. Maybe I just don't know how to play it. All were loose carts by the way.
  11. Dang it, why did I have to leave Wisconsin last year? *sighs*....
  12. I'll give it another chance. I just don't know what to do. I guess its better than the NES version.
  13. Need to buy some. I had the joystick two button one but its at my parents house out of state and I don't see myself returning home for a very very very long time. I'm also interested in finding the D-pad controller similar to the NES pad. But I hear it was only released in Europe. What is the least/most I should be paying for these? I checked to see if the Atari store sells them but they don't. Bummer.
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