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  1. Update bump with new prices and photos.
  2. Prices do not include shipping. Will also consider trades - feel free to message with any offers, thanks! TI-99 - $15 Alpiner (cib) Munch Man (ci) Sega Master System - $70 Double Dragon (cib) Montezuma’s Revenge (cb) NES War on Wheels (repro cart) - $25 NIB set of two NES controllers, still sealed - offer?
  3. Very easy transaction - good communication, great deal, very well packed. Hope to do more business in the future, thanks again!
  4. Just completed another excellent trade with Mark - I doubt he needs endorsing at this point, but I would absolutely not hesitate to trade with him again. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again!
  5. bump, with a few new items added.
  6. Just completed a trade with Mark, and like everyone else, I'm extremely pleased with the transaction. He's super knowledgeable, and willing to share his information and insights. He took a chance on an unknown trader, and for that I'm thankful. Hope to do more business with you him in the future.
  7. Hello friends! In search of some items you may have and are willing to part with. Mostly interested in buying, but I have a few things I'd be willing to trade, if that's what you're into - mostly CIB and CB Sega Master System stuff. Let's make a deal! Anyway, the list... -Intellivision overlays: Burgertime Electric Company: Word Fun Shark! Shark! Truckin' USCF Chess White Water Worm Whomper *if any of these games did not have overlays, that info would be helpful, as well! -Arcadia 2001 CIB (US release if possible) Astro Invader Crazy Gobbler Hobo Nibblemen Parashooter Red Clash Route 16 Space Vultures Spiders Super Bug The End Turtles -Odyssey 2 Computer Intro (manual only) Math-a-Magic/Echo (manual only) PT Barnum's Acrobats (cib) Sid the Spellbinder (cib) Smithereens (cib) -Colecovision (cart only) Armageddon B.C.'s Quest for Tires Frantic Freddy Jumpman Junior -Atari 7800 Donkey Kong (cart only) Thanks in advance!
  8. Very interested in a loose copy of Gremlins for Atari 5200. $40 shipped bounty. Also willing to trade - if you're interest in this route, message me for what I have available (not too much, sadly).
  9. Intact. Thanks for catching that. Smart phones aren't always so smart
  10. Hello, I have for sale a nice copy of Zaxxon (loose) for the 5200. Label is in tack, though has a few slight marks near the top. Asking $40 shipped within the US. Please feel free to ask any questions or request photos! I realize I am (relatively) new here, but I've been a silent user of the forums for a few years, and have plenty of feedback on other site (ebay, NintendoAge). Will gladly provide references if necessary.
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