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  1. You know, this is just like the time I bought some garlic mayonnaise. It seemed like it might be good on a sandwich, but when I opened it, it stunk to high heaven, so I put it in the back of the refrigerator. Every time I opened my fridge, I’d see it there and wonder if I should throw it out, but I’d decide, “Nah, it still hasn’t reached the expiration date,” or “Nah, I’m sure I’ll have an appetite for it eventually,” or “Nah, I just hate to waste food.” Well, a few months went by, and the mayo spoiled. I kept making excuses not to throw it out, but it wasn’t because I really wanted it... I was being lazy, and I didn’t think it mattered all that much. Pretty soon the entire fridge smelled like garlic and rotten eggs. I finally did something when the mayonnaise rolled off the shelf and knocked a perfectly good jar of maraschino cherries onto the floor. They were so sweet, and now they’re gone! Senseless. Even after I threw the mayo out, everything else in the fridge has a nasty garlic aftertaste. I guess it was in there for so long that all the other food soaked up a little of that vile flavor. Also, I think the pickles got mad and ran off to join a furry site, or something. I totally screwed up... I really should have done something about this when I had the chance.
  2. Hello.  I saw you took apart the Super Retro Cade.  I have the system also and I think I put the wrong power supply in it and busted the capacitor!  I have been looking online to find out which capacitor to get replace the busted one.  Can you look in and see what kind of capacitor it is.  Thanks!

  3. Mods: "NO POLITICS ON ATARIAGE!" (guy comes in with a confederate flag and "don't tread on me" snake avatar, two symbols of right wing aggression) "Uh, we didn't see nothin'."

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      Welp, that escalated quickly.

    3. RamrodHare


      The guy did absolutely nothing to you. He hasn't said a cross word to anyone,yet you decided to try and stir something up because you have an issue with his avatar. Seems to me, this status update is breaking the rules, since it's basically a political "discussion".

    4. jaybird3rd


      ^ The status updates aren't the right place for this in any case. Locking now.

  4. Gosh, these are good prices. I would have picked up your Dreamcast if I had known about it two months earlier. (I'm, uh, set on DC stuff now.)
  5. Oh no, the first hour of Kingdom Hearts II! "Blah blah blah, blah blah blah..."
  6. Microsoft did the same thing with Rare Replay. All of the NES games have had their references to Nintendo scrubbed out.
  7. I'm running Ubuntu on my desktop right now. I'm moving the IMG file over to the SD card but I'm not able to put it in the root folder... it simply will not allow me. For now I'm sticking it in with the ROMs; hopefully it can be moved to the correct place later.
  8. Lakka is working on an SD card. If I pull it out the system should boot with the original operating system. I could double check, though. Also, I don't really know how to "dd" anything. I presume that once I'm running Lakka on the Super Retro-Cade I can run Linux commands on it with a USB keyboard. I'm just not sure how to access the command line. There's a lot I don't really know, so yeah, I think I'm going to need more information. For instance, where would I put the IMG file on the SD card? Straight on the root? I can boot my PCs into Linux with a boot disc... I just burned a fresh copy of Ubuntu, so I should be set there.
  9. The download works now... I just need to figure out how to get that file installed on my Super Retro-Cade. Evidently I must have already installed Lakka on it, because that's what comes up when I boot it. Man, it's been so long since I used this crazy thing...
  10. The pinouts for the 2600 and Odyssey2 are different, but not complicated at all. Everything is pretty much straight wire to wire. If you were inclined to solder in joystick ports that would make your Odyssey2 compatible with 2600 joysticks, you could do that... and I'm sure you could make an Odyssey2 joystick compatible with the 2600 if you wanted. AtariAge user "Grips03" has pinouts for both systems if it helps... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259124-using-atari-joysticks-on-the-odyssey-2/?p=3643678 Personally, I always liked the "looseness" of an Odyssey2 controller. Everything from that era felt so stiff and took so much force to actuate, but the Odyssey2 joystick is a rare exception to that rule. The square flush action button I didn't like so much, but eh, you can't have it all.
  11. I can't seem to download the image in that link. I get maybe through a gig, then the download stops, and my computer complains about a network error. Any ideas? Someone should move this to a location where it can be more easily downloaded.
  12. All I know is that I'm not paying sixty more dollars for a damn firmware update. Who do they think they are, Apple?
  13. It just seems kind of pointless. Once you finish a stage, you're taken to an "interlude," and you can select one of the game's four stages, even if you've already beaten them. Shouldn't the goal be finishing all four stages? What if you accidentally bounce the ball into a stage you've already visited? Shouldn't completed stages be grayed out, or not shown at all? Where's the sense of progression?
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