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  1. UPDATED 6/15/19 11:51 AM EDT: Rare ColecoVision Homebrews For Sale

    A couple of rarities remaining from my collection that I no longer need/want for various reasons. Asking prices are generally the same as what I paid for them.

    Both games are complete, in the original box, and in MINT/NM condition unless otherwise stated. CS/PONG comes in a plastic game box protector. Please see photos.

    Computer Space / PONG (CollectorVision) - Limited edition numbered #143 of 150; BLACK cartridges ... $160.00 USD **SOLD**

    Steamroller (Retrotopia) - Cardboard box; 2000 release; some discoloration on cart label ... $80.00 USD **SOLD**

    Prices INCLUDE USPS/Canada Post standard ground shipping anywhere in Canada or continental United States.

    If you wish me to ship via air or some other carrier, or if you need me to ship outside North America, please contact me.

    Payment via PayPal accepted at algonquin2034 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Will ship well protected in strong shipping box within 2 days of receiving payment.




    Ka-boom! :)


    At least not the one used by the Greenberg family during the marketing of the ColecoVision circa 1982-1985 or thereabouts.


    While one of the original marks used lower case as seen above, it appears to me that Ben created a new variant for the horizontal (side-by-side) version that features all lower-case letters and a rainbow spectrum that differs from the Coleco Industries-based colour mark (unless someone found prior art examples where Coleco Industries did the same). According to my recollection and limited research, I have only ever seen the capital C capital V rainbow mark that begins with pink/red C and ends with pink/red N.


    I believe you are correct sir, I dare say with my limited research also, however I only ever recall the COLECO over VISION mark all in lower case, and the single line COLECO VISION mark with enlarged C and V and a very subtle space between the words. I can't recall any of the original material using anything but those 2 configurations.

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  3. I don't think it is a good idea to post anything that may help them. This whole new registration is a reaction to what have been happening in the last few weeks. They feel unsafe with the existing trademark


    Exactly. I would suggest grabbing some screenshots, if you haven't already. All of this new trademark commotion is an attempt to cover up past sins. Thing is, it's all publicly available info and the trademark's history is known and documented. Can't erase past fraudulent activity. What's done is done.

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  4. I finally got around to watching all of CUPodcast's last piece regarding the "Coleco Holdings"/Ben Heck situation, and oh my... this is very damning for RWB. I'm almost speechless. I can only really repeat the words of Pat when he finally said "maybe someone should look into this".


    Perhaps this should be moved to the "ColecoVision Homebrews & IP Rights Discussion" thread, but to me this is a huge smoking gun, as I don't/can't believe - and this is strictly my own opinion as I'm not a lawyer - that RWB can legally claim the ColecoVision trademark as theirs based on false pretense. If legally challenged on this, RWB's claim wouldn't hold up at all. I'm not sure what the implications would be for the homebrewers if this were the case - I would guess they would be able to use the ColecoVision logo without recourse against them.


    Obviously, I support TPR, the homebrewers and the rest of the CV community on this one. Not only for Coleco Holdings' recent inexplicable actions against TPR, but also for the company's actions back in 2008 when they fraudulently manipulated Ben Heck into giving them the photo of his CV portable project and logo vector file for the purposes of claiming trademark rights. I just... can't wrap my head around that.

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  5. This is interesting... some members have made mention of the crap products or non-products that were/were not put out on retail shelves over the past 15 years. I've come across a plug-n-play device that they marketed 12 years ago. This one here looks pretty crappy. And they didn't even use the classic logo anywhere on the packaging. Makes it look like they did not have the rights to do that.


    Looking closer, the back of the box says "This product is not affiliated in any way with the former Coleco Industries, Inc. or its successors."


    Now I can see that this was produced by "Techno Source" under license from Coleco. But I am curious as to why they would expressly state that there is no affiliation with the former company. That said, wouldn't this still be true today? Wouldn't it be true of the CV and the word marks? Those associations and marks were held by C Industries.


    Also, does anyone know the backstory of this product? This looks like circa 2006 and appears to be a mini Game Gear with Coleco printed on it. Mr. Thomann in a 2016 interview stated that Coleco Holdings released it.


    Mark Thomann interview: http://www.retrovideogamer.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=120:markthomanninterview&catid=91&Itemid=160





  6. You know what Chris? If Barney the dinosaur was still alive, I could probably have him as my primary care physician. I could go to him when I'm not feeling well, when I find a lump where it doesn't belong, when I want to have a physical done...you get the gist.


    But you know what Chris? I wouldn't have Barney the dinosaur as my primary care physician, and do you know why that is Chris?


    Because Barney the dinosaur was a dick Chris, a big, freaking dick. He did bad things Chris, really bad things. Probably not a good idea for me to be anywhere near him.


    You want to know why its probably not a good idea to be anywhere near him Chris? Because people tend to judge you by the company you keep. That's why Chris.


    And if you haven't learned this yet in life, well, I can't freakin' teach you. I've already got two kids of my own. And yes, they already know about minding the company they keep.


    If you haven't put the puzzle pieces together and realized why a certain person sought you out when they did well, again, I'm not here to teach you.


    Its not always about treating others as they treat you: its about how they treat others as well. Again, company you keep.


    This made my milk come out of my nose.

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  7. Two cents from someone else who runs a Facebook fan page, for what it's worth...


    First, I don't know what all this discussion about "coming to an agreement" is all about, there only needs to be one course of action, by Chris, to retract the Facebook complaints against the ColecoVision Fan Facebook page, and that should be the end of that. In my opinion, Facebook fan pages such as Robb's and mine and others that do not benefit financially or in any other way by using the ColecoVision name or logo fall under Fair Use guidelines. However, a few years back, when I set up my FB page and web site, I asked permission from RWB to use the logo, as I was unsure if I needed permission and decided to both err on the side of caution and be courteous to the brand owners. They responded in kind. Simple.


    Any disputes over manufactured goods bearing the ColecoVision logo needs to be taken up between the parties directly involved, which in this case would be the Homebrewers and RWB. Whatever the parties decide should be between them and only them - fan pages left out of the equation.


    This is all about the continued enjoyment of a console that to most of us carries an important childhood association with it. But most of us are not kids anymore and we should not be handling disputes like children. Most of us in this forum, I would wager, are just wanting to enjoy a hobby, enjoy our games, and avoid drama while doing so. We also don't want the good Coleco name to become besmirched among the gaming communities. Please let's resolve in a mature, respectful way.

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