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  1. Hi all - I'd like to mod the CV's power switch and stick an illuminated push-on/push-off switch in. I know this has been done, I saw one somewhere with a nice blue light. No problem doing the electronics, but I'm having problems finding the right switch. Does anyone know if there is a particular switch (that's easily available to Canada by mail order) that will drop snugly right into that 1" by 5/8" hole? Or will it be necessary to change the size of the hole? If there is an old thread about this please direct me there and accept my apologies. Any thoughts are welcome - thanks.
  2. Do you still have Illusions and BC II available?
  3. Hey Toby, can I ask how many copies of Pippols are being made and if all of them have the green cart... or if that is a limited run?
  4. Received Pippols, Lode Runner, Galaxian & Side Trak recently and am thrilled with the quality of these games. Super job CollectorVision! Simply amazing work. LOVE the Galaxian blue cart - it's the coolest. Thanks!! :-)
  5. Great looking product Martijn! Email sent for 1 copy.
  6. Great video Rellik, awesome store. I wish there was something "serious" like that up in my neck of the woods. The best we have right now in the London-Windsor area in southern Ontario is a place called Game Cycle. A lot of collectible stuff but not so heavy on the imports or rarities. I already bought the London store out of all their loose ColecoVision carts still in NM shape... got an awesome deal though!!
  7. SiLic0ne, I know what you mean about working full time and being busy every weekend - I'm in the same boat. So nothing would get accomplished in a real hurry. But I am thinking about starting by putting together a few videos documenting the mods I'll be attempting in the near future on my own console(s)... my gf has a talented 16-year-old who is an aspiring film director and he's good with all the Adobe Creative Cloud stuff and I'm hoping he can make me look intelligent and professional :-) .... I'll post links here as soon as I get something made. Perhaps the videos can be used as part of a how-to section of a future web site... not to get ahead of myself or anything.
  8. Hey! I would love to help out with this in some way. Do you want some Canadian content? I just posted another topic about a web site and was directed here - this project is WAY larger than I had thought... you're looking to make a ColecoVision Wiki here... but if there were enough contributors it could work... :-) I've been scratching my head trying to come up with a domain name as well... it should be short so it doesn't take a while to type, and it also needs to describe what the site is all about. Unfortunately, the name ColecoVision itself is ideal but is long! My thinking then is that name length may not need to be the number one concern... my personal favourite is "ColecoVisionWorld.com" (and it's available... and it's not as long as "ColecoVisionRevolution"). If you want to avoid the possibility of law suit, maybe "CVRevolution" or "CVWorld"? The term "ColecoVision" can be put in the meta data so that people would still find the site via search engines. Probably most people would find it this way anyway, or through a link in one of these forums or another site. Or perhaps it's just a matter of getting permission to use the name anywhere on your site from the good folks at River West :-)
  9. Hi all - my ColecoVision and I have been together for 30 years but we're only now rekindling our relationship and I'm just entering the world of homebrew games for the first time. I was THRILLED to see such a thriving and dedicated culture devoted to keeping this console alive - I was immediately on the hunt for new stuff. And one way I wanted to enhance my hobby was to create a web site, not just to show off my modest collection as it gets larger but to record my personal experiences and knowledge of the coolest video game console ever. This web site doesn't exist yet, but I'm throwing a question out to you guys - would anyone be interested in or visit another ColecoVision site? And if so, what kind of content would make it interesting and different? I had a few ideas: - a comprehensive list and descriptions of all games & hardware, old and new (not sure if this really exists anywhere all in one spot) - a "Canadian" ColecoVision collector theme - a catalogue of mods with complete instructions I'm just throwing it out there... if these have been done and overdone or if they're unnecessary there's no point going there. Any ideas/feedback welcome, positive or negative (I'm a big boy I can take it). I'm just a nostalgic sap looking for a way to express myself.....
  10. RT @Marenart: haven't posted this 4ages so it's time again...always, #AlwaysLookOnTheBrightSideOfLife: http://t.co/woibzhCKoD via @youtube

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