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  1. It actually looks like maybe possibly sort of kind of like an IDE controller. At the front, right above the left "USB" port is what looks a lot like a 40-pin IDE connection. Not sure why the prototype would be using a 40-pin connector at that inaccessible spot on the board though... (EDIT: could be a 32-pin connector)
  2. I love the idea and I would jump on board in some capacity if needed. Like many here I have a strong childhood emotional connection to the company, and I'm interested in the historical content as well as a lot of the stuff that has developed in the years since Coleco called it quits in 1988. I am, however, so far not extremely enthusiastic about the way the current brand owners conduct their business, so I'm not sure if that would disqualify my help. Not meaning to trash River West Brands at all, I'm just not interested in them as a "brand licencer" in the whole historical context, and I fail to see how they should be regarded in the same way as the original Coleco company. Not the same at all in the slightest, and marketing themselves as such is an inaccuracy that I wish they would correct. However, I am hopelessly attached to the old Coleco, and always will be. I hope you can actually get something going here it would be a great read I'm sure.
  3. Great story TPR. Moments like that are very special. Your daughter is a cutie. So awesome when our kids appreciate the things that we grew up with
  4. LOVE the box design. Very professional looking
  5. Oh gosh I don't "know" anything. I had heard that this whole idea started in 2012. The rest is, as I said, my take on it and mine alone. All I have is guesses. The Chameleon team does not respond to messages and my acquaintance, well, I don't think he would talk to me now. If he did, his answers would be predictable anyway. Let's just be clear here - I don't have a shred of inside information and I'm not at all connected to this project. Sorry for the delayed response, my GF is really ill and I'm looking after her. EDIT: What I meant by "no prototype" is that, in my opinion, stuffing a SNES Mini into his Chameleon shell is not a prototype for a new console by any stretch of the imagination. This is not what you should be bringing to any industry show especially after having so much time to come up with something.
  6. FYI, the only reason I'm posting this is because of my ridiculous level of disappointment, shock, flabbergastedness, etc. at how this is all panning out. I noticed one of my acquaintances in one of Mike's videos from the Toy Fair, not going to mention names. But on FB the other day he sent out a photo of the booth with the caption "Our booth...". This surprised me as I had no idea he was involved with the Chameleon project in any way, shape or form. But he implied by this that he is either now employed by River West Brands or Retro VGS. Perhaps he is the mysterious "hardware guy"? Actually, probably not, just because I have a take on that - I don't think MK has been able to hold on to a hardware guy long enough for them to make him a prototype, which is why he somehow ended up with only a frankenstein SNES to show to the industry reps. The industry reps is all he cares about trying to impress this weekend, not us. I'm sure he is doing whatever it takes to get some attention from anyone in the industry... and he has no prototype. After 3 years with the idea, one epic failure and a rebranding, he still has no prototype. That's why I had to make up the word "flabbergastedness" because I couldn't think of any other word to describe it. I've been connected to the electronics industry for over 30 years, once had my own electronics business and have done a few trade shows in my day, and good lord above I can't believe how unprofessional the Coleco booth looks at this Toy Fair. There is nothing there except promises. They have nothing tangible. I'm so disappointed as I was sincerely wishing that MK would be ready and would show everyone something real this weekend. I have plugged this for him for free on my social media pages up to this point and I don't even think he's aware of it or even cares, not that I was looking for any reciprocation or even thanks but the lot of them are sure playing hard to get. Yet it actually hurts when you see someone you have/had respect for just keep dragging the good Coleco name through the mud, while none of the parties involved seem to be able to stand back and see what they're doing to it. And that's what bothers me the most - bothers me enough to post about it - that I don't want the Coleco name to become laughing stock.
  7. I agree, I think there are only a few of the self-important, self-serving kind, and perhaps they are more vocal than average so there appears to be more of them. Most I have had the pleasure of connecting with here are quite friendly, gracious and knowledgeable, and they're more than willing to share their knowledge. Exchanging ideas, buying, selling and trading with this group has been a blast.
  8. There's no need to bring them back - they're already here and always have been, just haven't been distributed by Coleco since the 80's. http://www.cabbagepatchkids.com/ I just bought one for one of my nieces last Xmas (and it didn't have creepy eyes)
  9. I just want to state that I hope I don't sound snarky when I offer my opinions or say anything else about anyone else's projects. I only ever aim to offer constructive criticisms, if I ever say anything at all. I support Chris and Mark in their endeavors with the brand that we all love around here, and I sincerely hope I do not contribute to any negative publicity. I know Chris is a really good guy who loves the brand too, and he knows that when we see "Coleco" printed on something, it better be top notch or it will leave a bad taste in the mouths of the faithful. For this reason I'm guilty of being a nit picker when I see the name "Coleco"... I don't want to be excessively anally retentive about it, but that name does have a special meaning to me. While I do wish they took a different approach with their promotions of the brand as a "company", I wish them all the best this weekend in New York, and I hope the Chameleon is a product that lives up to the legacy of the brand. We will all soon find out...
  10. It's missing the "i". It says "ColecoVison". J-F, if they need a proofreader for future promotional material, let them know I would offer my services. Others around here probably would too. They really should have someone check these over before they release them to the public.
  11. Pretty sure yellow corresponds to the LEFT fire button; red/orange corresponds to the RIGHT fire button. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong... I'm going to be wiring up some buttons for a CV arcade machine project and I need them to be mapped correctly...
  12. You called it. And wow... the seller can't be contacted. Hard to believe how dishonest some folks can be.
  13. Nice!! Your work is always top quality Phil. I'd definitely be interested in a set of these.
  14. Amazing job J-F getting these screens to look so much like the originals. I don't know how you do it. And the first babe looks hot ..... I can't wait to see more! This will be worth the wait. I never thought I would see LSL on the CV. Please take your time and make this one a classic
  15. Is the Leisure Suit Larry name off limits or will you be able to use the name? Either way this will be a very unique and special addition to the ColecoVision catalogue. I can't wait to see the final product!
  16. I've long been a fan of Leisure Suit "Toby" haha... is this really happening? Will he really be working his magic on my ColecoVision?
  17. FYI, one link to this package is on the new ColecoVision North web site, here: http://www.colecovision.ca/roms_cvupdate.php
  18. You can just rename the .bin files to .rom and they'll work.
  19. Interesting note: the word "prototypes" has been edited to "samples".
  20. Would these actually qualify as "prototype" chips? I would describe them more as "samples". Chips of completed games loaned/given to this company so they can develop another product. To me those aren't prototypes.
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