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  1. I would love to see the Defender of the Crown and Leisure Suit Larry projects resurrected... some day. These would be true gems for the CV
  2. Everything looks like it's in great shape too. I would grab it.
  3. I'd love one of these too. A deluxe hardcover edition.
  4. Thanks for sharing the photos! What year was this press kit released?
  5. Colourful, interesting and beautifully made poster on nice stock. I can't wait to frame it. So glad I nabbed one of these. Thanks Phil!
  6. Nope it's not you, that's completely unreasonable. I know he's just being dishonest, but he makes it seem like he is just not sure what he's doing, and buying and selling on eBay is quite a simple process. Maybe if the guy has some sort of severe mental disability it might be forgivable, otherwise he would be a seller to steer clear of.
  7. For interest's sake I picked these up via eBay recently... thought they were pretty cool. "Mania" carts are listed as bootlegs but I've never seen this type of label before. Anyone have any specific info on this version?
  8. I just picked one of these up too! In London, Ontario, Canada at a store called Game Cycle. It was $39.00 CDN but I had to have it as you don't see many around these parts. Very good condition but no box.
  9. Nice job. I really like the database layout for the games. Keep it goin' Stephen.
  10. Late seeing this post... I do have a games room of sorts and would be interested in a few larger size posters. I like the one in post #1. I do picture framing, so I would put mine in poster frames and they would look awesome. I think it's a cool idea Phil.
  11. Phil - any chance of Series 1 or 2 still being available? I have wanted these since last year but I thought I read somewhere that they were gone, and didn't bother inquiring with you about it. But I could be getting this confused with something else.
  12. My website will be going into a temporary hiatus... I regret that I do not have the time to devote to making this the site that I have been dreaming about - at least not at this time. It's a lot of work for one individual to keep up especially when other things in life must take precedence. I know there are others in the community who can relate! So I encourage all to check out a new Facebook community page a friend of mine has started - https://www.facebook.com/colecovisionaddict Kamshaft has a new website coming and is steadily building content on it. He will be making it interactive too! I hope to help with the project in some capacity. I hope to have cvaddiction.com up in it's full glory someday, albeit taking a somewhat different approach and serving a different purpose than I had originally intended. In the mean time, please support Kamshaft - the latest ColecoVision addict! More coming soon from Kamshaft himself...
  13. I hate to admit it but I think that ad is kind of awesome.
  14. Absolutely - actually I apologize for implying that the homebrewers were doing the outrageous markups and that's not the case at all, it happens after the prototypes enter the market. It's an excellent way for the developers to raise funds, albeit in a limited way. But I much prefer the way John Lester did it with Gamester81 The Video Game. He went through Indiegogo and offered several different carts and products, some of them autographed. I thought that was a brilliant way to fund his project.
  15. Ok, one thing that has intrigued me since I joined the CV community is the sort of "sub culture" where once in a while a "prototype" of a homebrew is released into the market on purpose by the homebrewer with the idea that it will become not only an instant collectible, but also will immediately appreciate in value by a factor of, in this case, around 20,000%. I wish this was realistic but unfortunately it's not. Historically, prototypes are generally not released into the public for the sole purpose of creating collectibility, they are more often than not leaked into the market by accident, their value coming mostly from the fact that they were likely meant to be destroyed. I can't think of any ColecoVision prototypes from the 80's that were released with the intention of creating a collectible. Heck, even a few of the released cartridges were never intended to be mass produced (i.e. CAT SOS). The release of homebrew prototypes for this purpose creates a false demand and seriously reduces the chances that these items will be of as much value 20 or 30 years from now. Edit: I say all this as an owner of one such prototype But then again, I didn't pay $10K for it.
  16. Sorry I'm still not clear on what the differences are - is it just the glitches?
  17. The US power brick is 4.75" by 3" by 2.25" at the widest outside dimensions.
  18. I can't wait to try the final version Nicolas!
  19. I have one like this too. they're priceless.
  20. Very very interesting, and also interesting about the high failure rate of these carts. I am asking purely out of interest as I do have an Atarimax Ultimate SD which is my go-to cart for almost everything, but if I ever did come across one of these I'd likely pick it up, working or not. I'd bet the failures are due to sub-standard soldering.
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