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  1. Interestingly the menu screen has the same layout as the "All-in-1" except minor differences with the "All-in-1" version below and this one are "CVR8" (or is that an "S"?) replaces "ColecoVision Presents", and "The End-All Multicart" replaces "The Ultimate Multi-Cart". Small differences sure... perhaps this was a revised version of the "All-in-1". I suppose only Sean would know for sure. He probably made 100 different versions...
  2. Does anyone know anything about the multi-cart that John Lester is playing with in this video? It appears to be by Sean Kelly, but John says it's got 154 ROMs on it, and on the menu screen we see "The Ultimate Multi-Cart". John says he picked this up at the Vegas CGE (I assume the 2010 expo). This particular multi-cart is not listed among the multi-carts in NIAD's Collector List so I just want to know if this is a previously undocumented product, maybe a CGE exclusive, and/or if it's a Sean Kelly creation.
  3. I love the revised version. I want one!
  4. I would love to be able to band together and get permission to convert as much published material as possible into electronic format. Do you think there would be any problems doing that? This material is obviously never going to be printed again but definitely needs to be preserved and made available for CV & ADAM enthusiasts.
  5. Yep that's the plan... I use hair developing cream with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, smear it on with a brush, cover it with clear plastic wrap to keep it from evaporating (and to keep clumsy teenage fingers off of it) then set it in the window for the day and that seems to do the trick. Isn't it kind of bizarre that every other key on the keyboard has yellowed? I've never seen that before... Jim, I just scanned in that 6-page gatefold brochure. I have higher resolution scans if you're interested but I uploaded these smaller ones here due to the file size limitations. Oh yeah and thanks for the info regarding the ADAMnet cables. I have a real cheap source for 7' ones so I'll try those first. If necessary I have the means to cut them smaller and crimp a new end on.
  6. Today I was lucky enough to pick up an ADAM that looks to be in excellent cosmetic shape and includes a floppy drive! So I have now joined the world of ADAM owners. I hardly ever see these available for sale in my area so I had to jump on it. I believe I got a pretty decent deal, in fact I'm so pleased by the purchase I'm giving the seller a plug at the end of my post as he has a video game selling business and he will soon have some lovely boxed ColecoVision items to sell if anyone here is interested... The photos below show all that I picked up. The only things missing are the data cables for the disk drive and keyboard, so I can't take her for a test drive just yet. It smells a bit like cigarette smoke so it needs a good cleaning, and I'm going to brighten up her plastic with some hydrogen peroxide and UV light. Anyway, today feels like Xmas and I feel like a kid again The seller is ACME Video Games, Mike Dymus owner/proprietor. He is currently selling stuff on eBay and Kijiji. http://stores.ebay.com/ATARI-ACTION http://www.kijiji.ca/o-posters-other-ads/1134787
  7. Hi all - this is an update/bump for the ColecoVision Connection eNewsletter. I'm have a few pledges for submissions but I'm still looking for more. If anyone would like to contribute material there is still time! I don't plan to piece anything together until at least April with release hopefully in May 2015. So far the plan is to produce two issues per calendar year, but that may change. I just don't want to start out too ambitiously. I am looking for game reviews (I have a great one already but more are welcome), technical stuff, homebrew news, classic Coleco stories & photos or anything else related to our beloved ColecoVision. I am setting a submission deadline for the premier issue of March 31, 2015 and will follow up again in 2 to 3 weeks. If you have anything just send me a PM and we can communicate via email. Thanks to everyone for your interest. Cheers! Jay
  8. I bought a couple of classic boxed CV games and all was exactly as described. Excellent packing and delivery was smooth. Perfect transaction with absolutely no issues. Highly recommended seller!
  9. I picked up an AtariMax Ultimate SD, slapped all of the ROM files on it and the collecting bug still did not go away for me, unfortunately for my bank account.
  10. These are awesome! Great work!! Any plans to make UGC artwork for the new SCE loose carts of Turbo, Victory and Slither from Good Deal Games?
  11. I got a hold of 10 universal game cases recently, and just for my own personal pleasure, I customized one for my Burn Rubber prototype cart. This is a totally amateur job, but these cases really do look good and are an ideal solution to storing some of the more "precious" loose carts. A slight mod is required to allow CV carts to fit, but they will fit satisfactorily. Anyone else customize some of these themselves?
  12. Jim you are a true gentleman. I accept this honour and will make every effort to accomplish the mission entrusted to me. I await the PM containing all of the pertinent information (secret handshakes, passwords, etc) that I will require. And these secrets will be kept under strict lock and key... just please don't force me to swear on any religious texts or sacrifice any of my family members. But seriously, thanks
  13. All excellent points. I knew my argument was weak before I even clicked on the "Post" button. Publishers have to help maintain the "free market" concept or whatever it's called, there really isn't any good way to put controls on it. Pixelboy's attitude is the best. Thanks to publishers like him and collectors like most I have met on this forum, I don't see the hobby being hurt long term by the scalping/flipping practices of one or a few.
  14. Perhaps homebrewers should be enforcing a limit of 1 cart (per variation) per collector... at least that would eliminate the possibility of flipping all your copies for profit and still having one for yourself to enjoy. Or perhaps flippers should be kicked out of the "brotherhood". I'm not sure what criteria you have to meet to get into that club anyway
  15. I'm just going to wait a year then try to auction off my copy of Quest For The Golden Chalice for $5,000.
  16. I like the CBS boxes too and have started collecting some of them. But I grew up with the arcade boxes and they still give me that warm fuzzy feeling. Funny how you get attached to the familiar eh? The only box type I can't stand the sight of is the Taiwan Cooper.
  17. I love these and would be interested in a set! The arcade boxes have always been my favourite design. Fine job on these they look real nice
  18. Well, no, my other son. Conrad is the well-behaved one.
  19. Still, protection is very important. Every time I see my son I am reminded of that...
  20. There are also some cool free ROMs on Nicolas Campion's site for games that he has written for the ColecoVision. For those who don't know him, he programmed Mindwalls, a 2013 CollectorVision release. http://nicamshilova.fr/colecovision.html
  21. And these eBay carts are being sold as a rare "label variation"... hmmmm... that does not smell good at all.
  22. Something doesn't look right with these labels, like home-made and trimmed NTSC labels made to fit a CBS cart...? Has that been done? Are these this legit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/191465499066
  23. I agree TitleSeventeen. It's very disheartening to read these posts and I didn't even order one. When I joined this forum, we were lamenting how Eduardo had disappeared; we later found he was in Brazil having "personal problems" I believe. I thought it might be impossible to get a SGM from Opcode so I tracked one down on eBay for around $200USD. That's the kind of purchase I usually end up regretting but so far I have no regrets. Even when Eduardo miraculously reappeared and reassured everyone the game was still on. But not much happened... the only activity we saw were some auctions for a few "limited edition" clear case SGMs which went for an arm and a leg per unit, and then like a thief in the night he disappeared once again. This time we don't even know where he is - and with the contacts that Eduardo has, there really is no excuse not to at least to provide a quick update in consideration of those who have long ago parted with their cash for one of his products. Absolutely not a good way to do business. Deep down I think he has his reasons for being MIA (ex-wives can be both emotionally and financially draining, if that's got anything to do with it) but is just not aware of how awful it really looks. I can't convince myself he's dishonest, just terribly irresponsible. It is a crying shame of epic proportions because Opcode products are quite something else, really.
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