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  1. There are a few other homebrew ROMs freely available from their authors via the links on this page under "ColecoVision & ADAM ROMs": http://www.cvaddiction.com/cv_links.php#cvroms
  2. Received my ColecoVision dust cover set and am very pleased... signed and dated even! Cool They look and feel fantastic. Thanks!
  3. Jim we appreciate all the work you put into this! It's fantastic. I'll be updating your list on the cvaddiction.com web site soon as well. Thanks!!!!
  4. Just for interests sake, I recently picked up an Aussie ColecoVision Space Fury in a blue case. So the theory of no rhyme or reason on the case colours makes sense.
  5. Just an update to correct the link to Ikrananka's CV ROMs page: http://www.cvaddiction.com/cvroms.php
  6. The AtariMax Ultimate SD is one of the best things I've ever picked up for my CV collection. Not only can it store every single ROM file that you can get your hands on, old or new, it will also hold image files and text versions of the manuals for all of the games which you can call up and read on screen. These image and manual text files will soon be available through my site (link below) hopefully in a couple of weeks, but are also available elsewhere. Best part is if I have the ROM I don't have to sweat trying to find those rare carts that I'm still missing from my collection and paying a million dollars for them. If I have the original carts, I don't need to touch them again which means I can keep all greasy fingerprints off of them forever!
  7. Wow what a question... I limited it to my personal top 30 among the titles I've seen the most of, but gosh there are loads of great games there.
  8. You can also get all the ROMs here now: http://www.cvaddiction.com/cvroms.php
  9. Purchased a beautiful CIB game from Pixelboy and as always, Luc's products and packaging are impeccable. He is a true professional & highly recommended. Can't wait to buy more stuff from him. Thanks Luc! Jay
  10. Your input would be very much valued and appreciated, thanks!
  11. Yep I've seen those, in fact I downloaded them all to read. It's a shame he stopped publishing those. Fun to look through, especially now that some time has passed.
  12. Coming in 2015 will be the ColecoVision Connection electronic newsletter. The purpose... to record for posterity the happenings of the CV universe. Still in the thinking stage, not sure yet about how frequently it will be published. First issue date is yet to be determined. Subject matter will cover all things related to the ColecoVision old and new. It will be open for submissions at any time from anyone who would like to contribute. I know there are some knowledgeable folks here and some great writers... anything and all things accepted - technical articles, reviews, history, etc. I will even post ads for CV related games or services. Fyi of course it will be freely distributed through this forum and www.cvaddiction.com. Writers will not be paid for their submissions, BUT will get recognition for their contribution and, well, that warm fuzzy feeling that goes along with it. More details to come. Interested parties, please send me a PM. Thanks!
  13. Great video 65Gamerguy! I'd like to link to this or embed it on my site when I put together a page on the PacMan Collection for CV. Would you mind?
  14. This looks amazing... when will this be released?
  15. Hey Phil thanks for checking this. These lists are taken directly from NIAD's collector rarity list (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221017-colecovision-adam-computer-collectors-lists-updated/?hl=%2Bcollector+%2Blist&do=findComment&comment=3059161) and I haven't altered any of the data, so this should be updated on his list as well as the website. This brings to my attention that none of your overlays have been included yet on these lists and I'd like to fix that. I'll update the overlay list on my site with a special note that NIAD's original list will need to be updated likewise at a later date. Phil I have in my own collection 12 overlays that are reproductions of the original 80's overlays, plus another 8 overlays for homebrew games, not including the Mario Bros overlay. Is that a complete list of what you've produced or are there others that should be added to the list? And with your permission I'd like to advertise the fact that these overlays are available from you with a link on the website - would you approve?
  16. Shameless bump for the web site... Please update your bookmark if you've made one - the NEW URL is http://www.cvaddiction.com Check out the new home page content slider to be used to promote the homebrew community! Cheers all Jay
  17. PacMan Collection http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pac-Man-Collection-for-the-Colecovision-/281503511556?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  18. For posterity's sake, just added a permanent link on my CV Addiction web site to Ikrananka's definitive CV ROM Update Project v1.2. For those who might need only 1 or a few, the individual ROM files are all available for download as well as the complete package. http://www.hickorycreek.ca/cvroms.php
  19. Just added a permanent link to Ikrananka's CV ROM Update Project v1.2. For those who might need only 1 or a few, the individual ROM files are all available for download. http://www.hickorycreek.ca/cvroms.php By the way, the site is soon going to have it's very own URL. Right now it's just piggy-backing on my personal art site, but dammit the CV deserves its own. New URL details will follow soon.
  20. LOL Jim, I just read your message to my girlfriend and I'm not sure if I've ever heard her laugh so heartily as she just has.
  21. Introducing my web site mascot... http://www.hickorycreek.ca/conrad.php
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