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  1. Got a bunch of material up from NIAD's Collector List... coming soon will be Ikrananka's collection of CV ROMs. But best of all, the site will have a mascot. His name is Conrad, and he'll be introduced in the coming days. He is, however, a little shy and very nervous about taking on this role, so he is hoping that everyone will be nice to him. (Just remember, humor is the spice of life.)
  2. Received my package of games... beautiful job Luc, thanks! Once again the quality of everything right down to the shipping box is second to none. These are beautiful and I haven't even had a chance to play them yet! I'll be featuring these new acquisitions on my web site very soon. Thanks again!
  3. Hey Toby - payment sent for all 4 games. Can't wait to get 'em!
  4. Just added NIAD's ColecoVision & ADAM Collector Rarity List v2.10 in .rtf and Excel formats for download. Coming soon... a searchable database to display the info on the site. http://www.hickorycreek.ca/cv_stuff.html
  5. Greg I received my tee, mug and button and I'm thrilled with them. Thanks! Just one question - what kind of drugs are in that little red drug dispenser?
  6. Hi Anthony, nice to meet you. I'm in a similar boat as you, fairly recent to the scene and trying to catch up on all the *new* releases (saying that still blows my mind) for the ColecoVision. I'm still trying to get many of the 80's titles too! There's been a lot of action on the homebrew front over the last several years but if some of the titles seem hard to grab, don't be discouraged. Some of the older homebrews do pop up from time to time and occasionally there are additional runs made. There's a lot out there and new ones coming out regularly. More than enough to keep us busy and broke I hope to see you here often and welcome! Jay
  7. This was my thinking exactly. Couldn't wait any longer to get something up and going! I aim to make it interesting... and not too redundant
  8. Just for fun, personal therapy, perhaps something more useful in the future... http://www.hickorycreek.ca/cvaddiction.html Hardly any content yet, just one blog post that let's all here know a bit more about what I'm about. I hope to add some content soon. Any feedback from this knowledge base would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Dollar General doesn't ship to Canada, but I'd be interested in 1 or 2 of these. If anyone interested in shipping one to me please toss me a PM.
  10. I can't help but feel sad to see a serious collection being sold off. This is my nostalgic side talking. I may be relatively new here but I've already met and dealt with several awesome collectors who take the beloved CV very seriously. Just sorry to see one go before I had a real chance to get to know them. I've been on Junior's web site many times in the last few months and it's an awesome storehouse of information. Junior mentions that he also is intending to sell his web site - I hope this information is able to be saved and used by someone else and is not lost.
  11. That did suck paying 58 bucks shipping for 4 CVFBs, but it was an educational experience. And some of the other lessons I've learned in my life have cost me thousands more
  12. I picked up my Flashbacks at the post office on Saturday. Well international shipping to Canada from TRU USA worked! In fact it worked TOO WELL. I received my order... times 2. Turns out that my first attempt at ordering online with my MasterCard DID go through when I thought that it hadn't. The credit card charge didn't even show up until days before it arrived. And of course my PayPal-paid order also arrived. So now I have 4 Flashbacks LOL. Nice to look at all those boxes on my living room floor but I have no idea what I'm going to do with the 2 extra units. Anyways I've been fooling around with it this weekend and enjoy it... controllers are a little hard on the hands after a while but nothing unexpected. My only complaint about the FB is the lack of a number of the truly classic titles. I'm sure they tried, but it doesn't get me into full CV reminiscent-mode without DK, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, etc. It's a very cool product and I love it, but it's definitely not everything that it should be.
  13. Nice... and I was just about to raid the fridge for a late night snack.
  14. This is encouraging... I got an email confirmation today that i-parcel had shipped my 2 Flashbacks. I don't expect you would see any additional charges as they already charged you "tax" on your order and the value has to be over a certain dollar amount before there's a duty charge.
  15. Ok fellow Canucks, I was able to order 2 units from the TRU (.com) web site... seems that they use a third party ("i-Parcel"...?) to process international shipments. Problems occurred when I tried to pay via MasterCard, but when I switched payment method to PayPal, all seemed to work fine. They converted into Canadian dollars, added international shipping, plus tax (I assume GST). So in Canadian dollars it was 2 units at $46.03 each, plus $29.13 shipping and $12.57 tax, for a grand total of $133.76. They gave me an order number and will email me with status updates. The only thing I was not informed of is what courier they use. Regardless there will likely be a duty charge on top of everything when it arrives. I hope this is really happening :-) One of these is for yours truly and one is a gift.
  16. As everyone can see on this forum, there's big interest in the CV Flashback and the CV in general in Canada. Big mistake I think by AT Games to ignore us up here. Big mistake.
  17. I just broke out another package of Orville Redenbacher's... following this is more entertaining than TV.
  18. Ah yes, those darn customs guys, I forgot about them. They gave me problems every time I tried to get into your country (kidding - it was only half the time). Now of course I'm not even allowed into the US... no passport :-) You're right, they are both pretty good. Although my last package was stepped on or something and two game boxes were ruined. Not sure if the perpetrator was Canadian or American though, I couldn't identify the boot print.
  19. Yeah maybe, but around $20 tops would be appropriate for a tracked insured envelope in the case of a rare item worth $$$. For a more common box that's a big expense though. I don't usually complain but shipping is becoming more of a sore spot with me... lots of things I still don't get, like for example why it is so much quicker for something to go US-Canada vs Canada-US at the same shipping level. That's solely based on personal experience, maybe that's not everyone's experience. My current theory is that Canada Post sucks, but it's just a theory.
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