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  1. Shipping to Canada needs to be adjusted here, maybe it can be done when you send the actual invoice. $36.30 is too high for a single flat game box. I just paid $50 to have a large box containing 14 CIB games shipped from the US by another AtariAge member. $36.30 makes no sense in this case and will scare off potential Canuck buyers including myself unfortunately.
  2. eBay is calculating $36.30 USD shipping ($39.72 Cdn) for each of your boxes to my location in southern Ontario Canada. That's out of my league...
  3. Latest purchase from Troy was for 14 CV games, most CIB and all were in beautiful exactly-as-advertised condition and at competitive prices. Packed extremely well, all protected in plastic box protectors and wrapped with plenty of layers of bubble wrap in a strong box. To top it all off it only took about a week to arrive to my little ColecoVision shrine in Forest, Ontario. VERY pleased. It's always a pleasure to deal with Troy :-) Jay
  4. Love these shirts! Is it my eyes or is it difficult in the photo to make out the printing on the red tee? The black ones look really awesome :-)
  5. Correction... it's in the "original shrink wap".
  6. Thanks Jim - lesson learned here too, although this doesn't happen very often at all. Our postie must have overdosed on maple syrup that day.
  7. Hi Jim - please check your PM. As mentioned I received the Strip Poker & Yolks On You boxes damaged and can't use them. I hope you had better luck with your other items.
  8. Will this stuff be available after CGE if there are leftovers?
  9. I'm ordering 100 universal game cases, and being in Canada, it's costing me an arm and 2 legs for shipping, but I just can't find these up here for a decent price - I'm paying about $1.20 USD each when all is said and done. I don't need 100 pieces but this is the best per piece price I can find (if you live in Canada you can get 20 pieces for around 60 bucks on eBay). I only need a few, so I'm offering most of these to anyone here who is interested at $1.20 USD each plus actual shipping cost. If you need say 20 or more pieces we can talk discount. I'm not trying to make money, just cut my losses a bit. This deal is likely more enticing to my Canuck friends... These are the clear plastic cases which will fit several types of carts and they include a sleeve for your own personal cover art. I'm attempting to modify some of them to hold ColecoVision carts. Delivery could be a few weeks. Please send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  10. I didn't wanna get out of my cozy chair, but ya you're right it's time.
  11. How does one spell "disappointment" in Canada? C-O-L-E-C-O H-O-L-D-I-N-G-S P.S. I always get in trouble when I make promises I can't keep... but not everyone does.
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    Thanks! Subscribed.
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    Eduardo, will there be a pre-order subscription list for Zanac & DKA like you have set up for the other 2 releases?
  14. That's correct - TRU US does not ship to Canada. Amazon.com likely won't either.
  15. Has anyone yet been able to purchase extra units for "friends in foreign lands"? I'm in Canada and would love to be someone's "friend" if they would consider selling & shipping one to me. Signed, Crazy Canuck
  16. I'm sorry to hear the news of your mother Daniel. Is it too late to get in on Strip Poker? Are you still accepting orders?
  17. And Coleco Holdings LLC won't answer my question, so maybe they don't really know themselves if this will be sold in Canada. Perhaps just making some empty promises to appease us passive canucks.
  18. I bought this T a couple of months ago and it's the most comfy shirt I own: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Coleco-Vision-80s-Logo-T-Shirt-Vintage-Video-Gamer-Retro-Style-Ringer-T-Shirt-/160898755595?pt=US_Mens_Tshirts&var=&hash=item2576502c0b I'd buy another one just like it...
  19. Very much looking forward to this! Enthusiastically signed up!
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