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  1. Hi there! I'm looking for the latest/last Version of the "Stella gets a new brain" CD in the original case. Anyone there who can make me an offer. Thanks in advance, LLe
  2. Hi there, I only collect the ones I like to play. See picture for the carts I own (+Hacks) ...
  3. Great game - thanks for sharing - happy new year!
  4. Yes it´s PAL (... and SECAM according the backside of the box).
  5. Hello, actually I sell some of the doubles from my own collection. In the case of this fine looking rare game I will first ask for interest in the our community. If you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask. See photos for details. If you want to make an offer ... please as PM. Thanks! Cheers, Lars
  6. Got mine today - arrived save and sound in Germany! Great work - Thank you! Lars
  7. Hi! Yes I take it. Please set me on the list and send an PM with the payment details when you finished.
  8. Thank you very much - great work for the community!
  9. Looking forward to get Star Castle Arcade and Ladybug delivered ...
  10. Hi there! My copy arrived this week here in Germany. I don´t have expected this size ... yes, it´s a real encyclopedia! Good work, Derek, I like it very much ... when will the next volume be published .-) LLe
  11. Hi there, I understand - the "Heavy Sixer" is surely the holy grail, but for me it´s my old "Light Sixer" (now modded) ...
  12. Hi, for me also a CIB version, please.
  13. Dungeon, Raiders of the lost ark, Gunfight (with my son)
  14. Great idea - just ordered the big box.
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