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  1. Well I found this http://www.atarimania.combut have to download demo one by one (as far as I know). Sorry for not reading the whole thread. Will try to look for torrents.
  2. As previously emailed, could it be possible to add tools and demos too ? would be awesome (although this is already awesome, it would be awesome²) cheers
  3. aaaah awesome To get these opcodes you need to use another OS I imagine ? If so is it retro compatible with everything else ? (I guess yes ?)
  4. Well I thought about programming. The way the 800xl can access it. Do the 800xl has access to the complete memory and use it ? Like in case of a demo, would it be possible to store 3 mo of gfx or music and access it (for example) ? Or does it has to access it page by page ?
  5. Oh great, another question, is the 800xl address the whole memory ? or ?
  6. maybe stupid question but, would it works with 800xl too ? I could be interested
  7. guys, I flashed back the harmony with the loader and everything, and tried it on my vcs and everything is fine ... dunno why. ... I have no idea about the reason, is it possible that the loader get corrupted ?
  8. Well, will test it this week end and will let you know. Everything else looks fine.
  9. yes of course but the white thing on it never been there before neither the dirt all around... it has melted!
  10. here it is : http://imgur.com/a/YRJb1
  11. news news ! So I bought spare vcs and could flash a nice demo (Tim1t) on the harmony eprom. It boots no problem everything correct. I opened my vcs 'again' and notice that the 5v modulator was sweating white thing .... Capacitors look ok, so will just change this modulator and try again. I believe this is a close subject. Any close buton somewhere ? ! Thanks to you all for your support and idea, that saved me a lot of time and hairs ! cheers p0ke
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