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  1. I'm not fully in the know about this part. Where did it say exactly that Half-Life 1, Opposing Forces, Blue Shift, Half-Life 2, both episodes, and HL Source can't be kept after the free part is over when HL: Alyx officially comes out? I already have Half-Life 1, Opposing Forces and Half-Life: Source installed on my PC. How would they revoke them even after you went though the full installation process for them when Alyx comes out?
  2. I know that you could stream them already.
  3. It should have been called Xbox Infinity or Xbox Stargaze.
  4. How unreliable were they usually on a scale of 1-10, and why? Oh, and the ADAM should have at least had its power button on the console itself and not the printer as well as at least slightly better internal build quality. The ADAM selling only about 100,000 units and half of those sold not working after a short time was no random happening by any means.
  5. The Super Game Module is quite an interesting piece of gaming history indeed. Same can be said about the Adam. Both aimed to expand the capabilities of the Colecovision, but sadly, only the Adam got released, and with problems such as half of those sold being defective, the FRICKIN' POWER BUTTON BEING ON THE PRINTER, and arguably the introductory price. The original Super Game Module, however, didn't have half the issues that plagued the Adam, yet was ditched completely some time after it was announced, regardless of how ahead of its time it was. It was an add-on that attached directly into the expansion slot of the Colecovision(something which Expansion module #1 aka the VCS adapter did also) and played its own set of games that came in the form of metal and plastic wafers that could be seen as the precursor to the hucards used by the TG-16/PC Engine. Should Coleco have instead cancelled the Adam and embraced the Super Game Module?
  6. Tapper Star Wars: Empire Strikes back Taz Atari 2600 via STELLA emulator.
  7. Colecovision Pacman [prototype]-10 minutes Mountain king- 8 minutes Via CoolCV Emulator Atari 2600 Q-bert-2.5 minutes Starpath Frogger-4 minutes Tapper-4 minutes Star Wars- Empire Strikes Back-4 minutes Taz-6 minutes Via STELLA Emulator
  8. And yet Atari was able to make and release a VCS adapter for the 5200, even though the 2600 had less RAM and uses a different CPU than the 5200. In addition, an unlicensed 3rd party made the Super 8 adapter, which allows the SNES to play NES and Japanese Famicom games as well as its own software. Pic related.
  9. Its known that not long before Atari Inc. was split in two during the height of the video game crash, they were developing an adapter that would allow the 5200 to play 7800 games. It was shown 1 or 2 times in official catalogs, then never heard from again after the corporate split in which Warner sold the console and computer divisions of Atari to Jack Tramiel. Overall, do you think that Atari had it going, or should they either have scrapped it at an early stage or should they have instead made a Supersystem adapter that allowed the 7800 to play 5200 software on the 7800? Also, what happened to the engineers responsible for the designing of the adapter after the splitting of Atari Inc?
  10. When I go to the main rarity pages of any console that isn't the 2600, it still shows the text and pics for the 2600 rarity main page. In addition, Some game profiles lead to the 404 page, such as the unreleased shooting arcade for the 2600. Also some pieces of hardware have pictures missing even when a year or 2 ago they had them just fine.
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