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  1. Here's to hoping that it turns out being better than both Battlefront 2 at launch and Galaxy of Heroes overall.
  2. I think that there should be an alternate AtariAge chat channel. How about either Viber, Signal, or Telegram?

    1. Stephen


      Let me know when the forum's chat's alternate chat is setup, so I can set up the forum's chat's alternate chat's alternate forum.

    2. Sauron


      I think Discord works just fine.

    3. GoldLeader


      I'm gonna send each of you a telegram (Stop).







      PS Not telling you to stop, but you know, Telegram Protocol...End Sentence. (Stop).

  3. R.I.P 

    MIXER 😥😭

  4. NES Batman 1989: 5 minutes AfterBurner(unlicensed Tengen port): 5 1/2 minutes Contra: 7 minutes Pesterminator: 8 minutes Megaman 4: 5 minutes Nina Gaiden 1: 4 minutes Sega Master System Fantasy zone: 3 minutes Dynamite Duke: 2 1/2 minutes Cool spot: 6 minutes Road Rash: 8 minutes Gameboy Faceball 2000: 2 1/2 minutes Megaman: Dr. Wily's revenge: 18 minutes Atari 2600 Chopper command: 3 minutes Fast Food: 5 minutes: Amidar: 7 minutes Ms. Pacman: 2 minutes Bump n' Jump: 4 1/2 minutes Spider-man: 2 minutes Joust: 4 minutes
  5. Atari 2600 Bump n' Jump: 2 1/2 minutes. Star Wars ROTJ Death Star battle: 4 minutes GameBoy Megaman-Dr. Wily's Revenge: 14 minutes NES Contra: 16 minutes Batman (1989): 5 minutes Kirby's Adventure: 7 minutes Family Feud: 3 minutes
  6. NES: Baby Boomer: 2 minutes Contra (US Version): 3 minutes Atari 2600: Space invaders: 5 to 6 minutes Gremlins: 5 1/2 minutes Taz: 3 minutes Berzerk Voice enhanced: 40 seconds Ms. Pacman: 4 minutes
  7. Just recently played Fast food For VCS on Stella 6.2, and I've been thinking: What if there were a romhack that added a sprite getting wider in the "you're getting fatter" screen, along with the addition of stimulant and hallucinogen drugs in stages 4 and up?

  8. Even on the official EA Answers Forums you can still find users here and there that openly curse and mock EA and Bioware. Especially so for the former of the two.

    1. SlidellMan


      If you thought what they did to BioWare was bad, what they did to Origin, to be honest, is far worse.

  9. Why did the Atari 8-bit OS versions Stop after XE 1.0?

  10. Ineed, the Astrocade aka Bally video arcade has much untapped and barely tapped potential. 256 colors available to it in the late 1970s, wow! Anywho, I wonder how the cassette tape programs for the Astrocade were loaded? Did you have to connect the console to a special tape module designed specifically for it, or could you use just about any working cassette player?
  11. Just letting others know that other live text and voice chat apps exist such as Zulip, Viber, Signal and Tox. 

    1. Sauron


      I've been using Telegram more and more, but it hasn't really caught on much here in the US.

  12. Why were there no Atari Force TV show nor games for the Atari 2600 nor 5200? MISSED OPPURTUNITY! 🤔😲

    1. doctorclu


      Sure there were Atari Force games for the Atari 2600!   Defender, Berzerk, Star Raiders, Phoenix, and Galaxian.

    2. Prosystemsearch



      AFAIK those games don't even mention the Atari Force characters...

    3. doctorclu


      Sure they do, in the comic book!  :P


  13. ARPANET: the precursor and Prototype to the internet of today. 

  14. Well, If we aren't counting Science Fantasy: How about these: The Elder Scrolls, Guild Wars, FF XIV: A Realm Reborn, Actraiser, and Dark Seed
  15. I wonder why there is a Jagfest, yet at the same time no 3DO festival nor Saturnfest? Hmm... :?

  16. I'm not fully in the know about this part. Where did it say exactly that Half-Life 1, Opposing Forces, Blue Shift, Half-Life 2, both episodes, and HL Source can't be kept after the free part is over when HL: Alyx officially comes out? I already have Half-Life 1, Opposing Forces and Half-Life: Source installed on my PC. How would they revoke them even after you went though the full installation process for them when Alyx comes out?
  17. I know that you could stream them already.
  18. It should have been called Xbox Infinity or Xbox Stargaze.
  19. How unreliable were they usually on a scale of 1-10, and why? Oh, and the ADAM should have at least had its power button on the console itself and not the printer as well as at least slightly better internal build quality. The ADAM selling only about 100,000 units and half of those sold not working after a short time was no random happening by any means.
  20. The Super Game Module is quite an interesting piece of gaming history indeed. Same can be said about the Adam. Both aimed to expand the capabilities of the Colecovision, but sadly, only the Adam got released, and with problems such as half of those sold being defective, the FRICKIN' POWER BUTTON BEING ON THE PRINTER, and arguably the introductory price. The original Super Game Module, however, didn't have half the issues that plagued the Adam, yet was ditched completely some time after it was announced, regardless of how ahead of its time it was. It was an add-on that attached directly into the expansion slot of the Colecovision(something which Expansion module #1 aka the VCS adapter did also) and played its own set of games that came in the form of metal and plastic wafers that could be seen as the precursor to the hucards used by the TG-16/PC Engine. Should Coleco have instead cancelled the Adam and embraced the Super Game Module?
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