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  1. Im currently homeless. With a faily of four, this is one of the worst spots that I have beem in in my life. I hope and pray that rhings will get better!

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    2. mojotv67


      "This too, shall pass...." Things will get better, don't lose hope.

    3. GoldLeader


      Find local shelters etc., that can help...Godspeed and good luck!!

    4. RJ


      Including your spelling!

  2. How would I to make any character in any A2600 game a two colored character? Like Pac-Man being orange and black, and the Mrs. Red and blue. What code do I need to alter to accomplish this? Is it the same way in other games as well?
  3. What is the best program or programs to use to compare two 2600 roms?
  4. I didnt have a clue on where to post this exactly, but I posted a screenshot of what I'm calling Paczerk on the AtariAge Facebook page. Its a little audio and visual hack based on Pac-Man. I took the guys from Lock N' Chase and used the number graphics from the Mattel games and used a different maze and background color. So i am throwing my little hack out there for others to enjoy. Any compliments or complaints, please mention them. Thank you! Paczerk.a26
  5. I am looking for someone who is able to put rom of a game I had hacked onto a cartridge. I am wondering then how much that it would cost me to be able to get this done.
  6. waiting for 9am to get here!

  7. Im using hackomatic 3, and where can I adjust the point values for the ghosts, the "video wafers" and power pellets?
  8. Omegamatrix thank you so much! I so appreciate it//
  9. Im trying to hack out a way to do unlimited lives in Midnight Magic. By using the debugger in Stella, I have found where, on the grid on the right side of the screen, where the counter is that shows what ball number you currently on, I would like to be able to where i can have unlimited chances. What do I need to do to make this happen! According to the grid, the ball counter is located at A08. Please help!
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