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  1. Wait...it's been delayed until April 2021? Was hoping to get this around christmas Oh well, looking forward to the event. And btw, I love the Moon Patrol demo, even though the touch controls fails to fire and jump at times Hope we get more demos soon
  2. Don't buy this shitty product. It can't even run the NES roms properly, without frameskips and screen tearing.
  3. My package arrived last week. It's just unreal, that the game is running on an Atari 2600. My mind is blown, and so are my friends Love it! Amazing job!
  4. Have the game started to ship yet?
  5. Thanks for the ROM. This is AMAZING! I can't wait for my cart to arrive Great job!
  6. That he is So happy about getting the machine to work. Playing Moon Patrol and Missile Command again, after two decades, are glorious
  7. Thanks for the info I got to borrow a power supply from a friend, and the computer works fine now Going to let him take a closer look at my power supply, and try to fix it. Hopefully it's just some bad capacitors. Otherwise, I'll just buy another one.
  8. Just got an Atari 65XE (PAL) computer. Problem is, the power light glows, but the computer don't really seem to fully power up. When I first got it, I tried to tune it in with RF, and got nothing at all. Tried it on another TV, and nothing. Not even the faintest sign of a signal. I got the Scart cable in the mail today, in the hope that only the RF is dead, But nope, nothing. No sign of life at all. I don't know if it's the power supply, not giving the computer enough juice, as the red light isn't as bright as I remember, on my old 130XE. Or if something isn't delivering the power, all the way through, inside the computer. Any has a similar problem?
  9. Aha, thanks for the info John. Will include the game in my next order
  10. Was this revision released on cart? Or is the one in the store the original version?
  11. Any news about when the game will be released?
  12. Just got the game in the mailbox. I like the gameplay, but it's way too short. After about 3 minutes, you encounter the boss, kill him, and them it's already over? Or am I missing something?
  13. If the game getting a release soon? Can't wait to get my hands on this
  14. Any release date for this one?
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