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  1. Link me? I looked around the site and I'm too dumb to find the cart shells 😅
  2. If only I live in Europe
  3. Unfortunately these are already spoken for
  4. Anyone have any donor carts? I have a couple dragons lairs boards I wanted to put together for a friend. PayPal ready, I'd rather pay this community than some unknown on Ebay:)
  5. 1.) RS 232 2.) SAMS 1MEG 3.) Horizon RAMDisk 356? Expandable to 1MEG 4.) TI Disk Controller 5.) CorComp Triple Tech Any suggestions? Already have 5.25 and 3.5 disk drives, and f18a for 80 column, 3 cart widget, flashrom 99 (not final grom), 3rd party joysticks (two in the single port with splitter), TI branded tape player for tape games, mini memory cart, ad device (cant remember the name, but its plugged into my rsr232 so I can connect to internet with wired ethernet connection and timxt)
  6. Oops, yea that was my attempt to put the villain back in overwriting the duplicate grick. Thanks for catching that. Anything else I can help with? I have no skills, but if you wanted me to recolor some of your existing monster sprites or really anything else you need me to do that is helpful and too tedious for you?
  7. I think I paid $400 for my triple tech card 5 years ago? Might be able to find a better deal tho? I am pretty impatient, but I think I waited a few years but sometimes ebay ebbs and flows.
  8. I had a similar experience when I first came to the forums. Top notch folks, extremely knowledgeable and helpful!
  9. Sent you a PM Tursi, I'll take 2 PCBs if that is possible. Just let me know how much please.
  10. I ordered DL, but only have flash rom 99, not the final grom.
  11. Roger that, I will work on the mapping then. I am definitely no artist, so it's a good idea to keep your sprites. One idea I had (knowing nothing about programming), could we artificially increase the amount by using color changes for the same sprites? Like for example have a red and white mushroom and then a blue and green mushroom? The identically mapping but just different color field values? I feel like a lot of old school RPGs did this. Edit: I think this is called a palette swap?
  12. Awesome. You want me to make the new sprites? Looks like they are 16x16 with 16 possible colors? Any other limitations? Any max number you want me to make?
  13. I kind of forgot about this, because the reception seemed luke warm. But here is what I had done when you suggested we pause and look at file size. If this becomes an interest / priority I can obviously do it much faster.... It was essentially done when we first talked about it. Just let me know what you need. You can see if space is an issue, then we wouldn't need 6 different types of Mephits, but unlike some others I do actually think monster variation adds a lot to a dungeon crawler. I don't want to kill the same 7 guys for 30 hours on end. If you like this, I can certainly finish the rest of the monstrous manual. If you want more stats added (str dex int con wis cha), I can certainly do that, etc. etc. The goal here is to be helpful. monsters.a99 text.a99
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