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  1. Could use some help in the final pod. Seems the only way I can pull the throttle is after I push the do not touch buttons. Any tips appreciated, I must be doing something wrong with the launch sequence?
  2. What a time to be a TI gamer! If I missed a game and it's still for sale drop me a link below please 😍😍
  3. Sick. This is awesome. I have a sams card from when krsaul made them, I regular 90k 5.25" floppy drive, a 180k 3.5" drive and a TIPI (as of today), and a final grom 99, and a 384K horizon ramdisk hooked up. I think these are the only relevant HW for this game? I prefer to run as much off OG hardware as possible. Recommendation to on what to buy? Is there like an 'all in edition' where I can get all the floppies and the cart? Also...what does the cart do if I have the floppies and/or vice versa? Like can I just straight up run this off the cartridge? I definitely want the physical edition, just want to make sure I can actually run the physical edition I order off my system 😃 I just do want to buy all the cool stuff and then have to xfer it to tipi and run the digital edition if I can avoid it -- I need that disk drive grinding away to satiate myself!
  4. Greg is going to mail me some disks. I REALLY appreciate both of you reaching out and willing to send disks old school style You guys rock!!
  5. What's the best way to get this to my TI? I still havent fixed my lantronix, but I do have FG99, 5.25", 3.5" and ramdisk. Is anyone selling physical copies?
  6. Thank Omega - this is exactly what I needed! Question - have you ever seen 'Connection Refused' when trying to connect to the lantronix? For some reason I cant get it to go, even at port 9999 on telnet. Unless maybe I have the wrong IP address, but given the list I think that would mean my UDS isn't even connecting to the network? When you said reset your device does that mean hold down the tiny button between the ethernet port and power cable for 30 seconds?
  7. Sorry I should clarify. Kevan made a PDF walkthrough back in the day.... I guess manual was the wrong word.
  8. Is that manual still around somewhere? I tried looking in Omega's blog stuff because I thought it was there at one point in time, but I can't seem to find it? I switched to fiber internet and it came with a new router and I don't think it is assigning my UDS-10 an IP address.
  9. Actually, I meant the program ROS thing itself, but I did some more digging and found a disk that most likely came with the ramdisk when I bought it! .....unfortunately I just did something so now I can't use my PEB at all (sigh) - same problem as before, I posted in another thread.
  10. Okay this just happend again. I ran PALEA5 and then tried to switch to an extended basic cartridge and now the whole system is locked up again. Very frustrating I can't use my PEB at all, but the lone TI will work. Anytime I turn on the PEB the whole thing locks up. I feel like this has something to do with the F18A now. Is there a way to disable or boot in 'old' mode or anything?
  11. Any chance I could get a copy of that file? I dug through some diskettes and I either mislabed/lost it or overwrote it with something else. I looked on WHTECH FTP site, but I wasn't sure if the newest version was there?
  12. Can you dumb it down for me please? Do I need ROS on a disk and If so how do I load it?
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm sure this is a dumb question: I went to DM 2K and tried to bring up the DSK5 directory which is my ram disk. Unfortunately it came back with an error. Are the rechargeable batteries dead? If so can I just replace them and go back to using it? I remember when i first got the card Chris(shift838) helped me set it up, but god help me if I remember any of the steps. It's a 384k model i believe. Any help is appreciated! P.S. yes that is the manual in the picture, but I figured I'd ask you smart folks before confusing myself with technical reading
  14. Awesome - thanks. I bought the Plato cart. But I ran into a (memory) problem when trying to transfer the files to my TI disks. And by memory, I mean my own personal grey blob in my skull... I used to transfer files to my TI using TIMXT and a terminal emulator on the PC side. I found the terminal program I used to use, but I can't for the life of me remember how to detect the TI's IP address. I am connected with a UDS-10. I think Omega used to have a guide somewhere with a program you could run that would list all the ips on your network or something... Also -- There's software somewhere that I need to use to turn all the plato disks into TIFILES right? I totally forget the name of that program as well... Any help would be appreciated!
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