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  1. Awesome - thanks. I bought the Plato cart. But I ran into a (memory) problem when trying to transfer the files to my TI disks. And by memory, I mean my own personal grey blob in my skull... I used to transfer files to my TI using TIMXT and a terminal emulator on the PC side. I found the terminal program I used to use, but I can't for the life of me remember how to detect the TI's IP address. I am connected with a UDS-10. I think Omega used to have a guide somewhere with a program you could run that would list all the ips on your network or something... Also -- There's software somewhere that I need to use to turn all the plato disks into TIFILES right? I totally forget the name of that program as well... Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hi Everyone, My kids start home schooling next week with the lovely global health crisis going around. I already have all the school platforms setup for official teaching on my end, but I thought it would be fun to revist some old classics from the TI. My kids are 2nd grade, Kindergarten, Pre-K so 8,6,5 years old. The oldest two are beyond Early Learning Fun at this point (they loved it when they were younger), but if anyone has any recommendations for Edutainment / Education carts that I could pick up? My oldest child is already in the 'gifted' program at school (we TI users are smart right? :)), so don't worry about putting anything too challenging here - I like to push them to the educational limit and I am sure they will like the challenge, but feel free to post literally any and all titles you can think of and I can curate the list on my end if it gets too extensive. I do have a flash rom 99, but no final grom. I do have multiple disk drives, extended basic carts, ram disk, etc., so a few other means to play things if it's possible to get them, just not the final grom cart sadly. I am willing to buy stuff from ebay though and I may already own the carts mentioned (I think I have around 100 various carts). Bonus points if you can leave a link to where I can get the games Thanks for any help - advice!
  3. Reseated the widget, the 3 carts in it, the sd card in the flashrom99, the side port attachment, the ramdisk, the sams..... That did the trick! Thanks guys! I was having a minor panick attack. ....amazingly I think the culprit might have been the flashrom99? I tried some bare carts and they worked fine, but when I tried to load anything from the fr99 it would either not load or just crash and beep. Fr99 seems to be working now though.... I just connected to a bbs through timxt. Regardless you all have my thanks!
  4. When I turn on the pbox the ramdisk and 1mb smas cards light stay on also. Do I need new batteries?
  5. When I turned on my ti tonight it just hangs on the f18a green screen with constant tone. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hunt the wumpus. Might have been the first video game I ever played.
  7. Sorry I'm so late. I want at least 1 8 meg card assembled please. You just want me to PayPal you Jim? I probably missed the amount and a lot of good discussion but I dont want to miss the card
  8. Link me? I looked around the site and I'm too dumb to find the cart shells 😅
  9. If only I live in Europe
  10. Unfortunately these are already spoken for
  11. Anyone have any donor carts? I have a couple dragons lairs boards I wanted to put together for a friend. PayPal ready, I'd rather pay this community than some unknown on Ebay:)
  12. 1.) RS 232 2.) SAMS 1MEG 3.) Horizon RAMDisk 356? Expandable to 1MEG 4.) TI Disk Controller 5.) CorComp Triple Tech Any suggestions? Already have 5.25 and 3.5 disk drives, and f18a for 80 column, 3 cart widget, flashrom 99 (not final grom), 3rd party joysticks (two in the single port with splitter), TI branded tape player for tape games, mini memory cart, ad device (cant remember the name, but its plugged into my rsr232 so I can connect to internet with wired ethernet connection and timxt)
  13. Oops, yea that was my attempt to put the villain back in overwriting the duplicate grick. Thanks for catching that. Anything else I can help with? I have no skills, but if you wanted me to recolor some of your existing monster sprites or really anything else you need me to do that is helpful and too tedious for you?
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