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  1. These games- if you have any questions about the gameplay/condition- please drop me a line! These are all doubles, so I like all of them and wanted an upgrade of the condition: Gallery of pce games for trades Looking for TG16-exclusive games or anything for the Vistar 16 or any old bootlegs (not the new ones) of pce games & also looking for these pce games (would pay extra for more expensive titles): ((if you don't have any of these and are super-interested, offer me some other pce/TG16 stuff, maybe I don't have it on the radar)) pce CD (only with Spine, if it came with one): Algunos Bishoujo Jyanshi Idol Pai Black Hole Assault Brandish CD Bishoujo Pachinko 4 Sisters CD Hanafuda Bishoujo Fanclub - Gambler Color Wars Daisenpuu Custom Faceball Kabuki Itouryodan Kisou Louga II KO Seiki Beast Sanjuushi Madou Monogatari Majong Sword Martial Champion Nekketsu Legend Baseballer Puyo Puyo CD 2 Princess Maker 1 & 2 Sorcerian Star Mobile TRAVELLERS! DENSETSU O BUTTOBASE Wrestle Angels Double Impact .. AND OTHERS I forgot... CD (lose): Travel Epule HuCARD: AV Poker: World Gambler Fighting Run Idol Hanafuda Fan Club (small box) Pac-Land PC Pachi-Slot Idol Gambler Puzzle Boy Quiz Toko Shashin Sokoban World World Beach Volley .. AND OTHERS I forgot...
  2. Got mine yesterday! The quality of the cart and the whole package is amazing!
  3. videofestival

    My Man Cave

    some pics so you get an idea, what I am interested in. It will never be very tidy but always ready to play in seconds!
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