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  1. But will the pcb design be made available or the plan is to sell them only? If its only going to be sold, is there a final schematic we can use to design our own? I found a design at OSH park but seem to date back to 2015 and seem to have less component (https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/CGWhONGV) so not sure of it can still be used... Thank you
  2. Is the latest pcb and menu software hosted anywhere? That multicart seem awesome and I would like to build one but there is so many post in this thread spanning several years that it is getting confusing to piece up all the infornation needed. Thanks!
  3. No offence Mark Wolfe but I can kind of understand his reaction to your communications. In your message, you are coming off as someone who think Deunan should feel lucky that you are even considering buying something from him and give the impression that he should be trying to convince you to buy one. Truth is, most of the stuff you are saying are not accurate. First, there is not 4gb partition limit on FAT32, the 4GB limitation is on file size. Second, there is no 4GB Dreamcast ISO, the GD-ROM can only hold about 1.2GB so if you have anything bigger, either it's not a DC iso or it's a multidisc game with all the disc in the same archive. I have a 32gb SD card formatted as FAT32 loaded with DC iso as we speak. This is all information that could have been found by doing a 30 second google search yet you seem to argue about it like . Frankly, I was a bit worried to order after reading his term but my worry went away when had to deal with him for my GD-EMU. I had an issue with the SD-Card slot, the pin that tell whether or not an SD card is inserted broken when I first inserted the card and Deunan was extremely helpful and nice all throughout our communication and he even sent me a replacement SD cart slot (because I couldn't find this specific model for sale) without asking for any kind of payment for shipping or the part. The issue was not even a problem in assembly and he was in no way obligated to help me with that, yet he did. Also, I do not understand why people seem upset that he doesn't feel like giving his dev information to other. It's a commercial product, you don't see Krikzz or Bunny going around giving their information to other product maker. A lot of work goes into these things so I can understand why he want to try to get some cash out of it. All i nall, I really don't regret buying one from him and has no issue with it whatsoever. The heating PSU issue seem to be greatly exaggerated, they are build to handle much higher temp than that. Oh and by the way, most of Krikzz product were bootlegged unfortunately. Even the Everdrive N8 started popping up on Chinese whole seller site recently. They have also cloned his Super Everdrive, his Everdrive MD and the Everdrive 64.
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