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  1. Anyone need 5.25" floppies? I found a stack of them (a couple dozen) that need a new home. Not sure the shipping. I imagine I could find an envelope and have them sent media mail for a few bucks.
  2. Thanks folks! I apprecate the help. Now to try to get rid of this old PC game pile next to them
  3. Most of the disks either have no label, or a homemade label. A few say DSDD or MD-2D
  4. Thanks Kida. Didn't recognize it with the weird title. Is it ok to post in that thread if it isn't a game?
  5. I'm not seeing a "Free" thread. Can you point me in the correct direction?
  6. They are all used as far as I know. SOme of them have games on them, some of them have computer programs I wrote in the late 90s in college. I don't know if they are hd or dd. How do you tell?
  7. Anyone have use for 5.25" floppies. Have a nice stack of them that I don't know what to do with. Can they be recycled? Can someone use them for target practice? Hate to clutter up a landfill with them.
  8. I'm selling off a moderately sized lot of PC games that I came across when cleaing out my closet for a move. A friend pointed me to this forum for exposure. I hope someone here might be interested in them and give some feedback on the value of the lot. I priced it at $10 given there are nearly 30 games, but that might be too high. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 151325311962 Updated link to relisted item
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