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  1. Well it's Tuesday here in Straya and i'm having Tacos tonight, soft shell Old El Paso boxed variety.
  2. Yeah I always remember buying "Superman Sweet Cigarettes" as a kid, those were definitely branded as ciggies, which I believe is not allowed. Odd how they sold those then later on Superman went on to do the "Ant Smoking' public service announcements with Nick O Teen in the UK.
  3. Ah, see what you mean, i found a manual for it and it looks like it likely doesn't. Oh well, it will have to be a Pi Arcade Cab screen instead. Lowest res seems to be 640x350
  4. yeah, my mate recently bought an early Sony LCD screen for the same reason (although it's 16:9), has the older inputs. His Gamecube looked awesome on it. His was a case of scouring facebook marketplace, mine was from my regular visits to Cash Convertors.
  5. Nah not yet, haven't had the time. My megadrives (both PAL) are packed away atm. I probably should have tried it before the 90 day return policy expires!
  6. I recently bought one of these for cheap to fullfill my retro gaming connection requirements, seems to fit most of yours too. http://www.justmonitors.com.au/sam225ms.htm
  7. When we got burgled years ago, we'd not long bought the house and the Real Estate Agent still had the house for sale details in their window, including a floor plan, which would have helped the burglars. Saying that, once it happened we found out the previous owners had also been burgled, a few months prior, while the house was for sale, so it could have been the same scum and possibly they did a "house inspection" to see where everything could be stored. Didn't take any of my gaming stuff, just jewellery, all stuff that wasn't worth much but couldn't actually be replaced as it was family things. Annoyingly, even if i search my address now, it brings up photos of the house from the sale listing, and we've lived there for over 7 years now, the floorplan isn't there, but they can scope out the inside of the house to work out where the rooms are. I feel that anyone that steals anything from someone who rightfully owns it should be hanged, saves wasting a bullet on the scum. On the flipside of these videos of people's collections, it does actually help with the insurance claim as the items are documented.
  8. Kinda also done before, when Ocean released a clone of Burger Time (with some dodgy pre-BT level) as a tie in with UK burger chain Wimpy and their Mr Wimpy Mascot.
  9. The arcade I mentioned also had this (return of the Jedi), and I remember playing it in a Kebab Shop in the 90s, which was odd as they mostly had Fruit Machines (One armed Bandits) to fleece the drunkards who played them.
  10. Nothing rare or flash but picked up a fairly decent Demons to Diamonds VCS Cartridge yesterday for AU$6.
  11. There were many arcades down the seafront at Southend but one of them seemed to have the more obscure machines. I can't remember the name of the place but it didn't have the space for the bigger flash machines that the other large arcades had. I deffo remember playing Gladiator and I,Robot there.
  12. Glad you're enjoying it again! I really need to get back into it, I found that the changes made in the updates made things a bit more grindy and i'm resilient to starting again and losing my full slot ship and suit/tool as ithe ship is a design i really like. Hugely looking forward to the VR update.
  13. A mixture of both here. I like having the physical media as i am a tactile person (plus i like the deals where it is much cheaper new than the digital release), but i find i'm more inclined to play something more if i haven't got to get up off my arse and put it in the console, i'm also lazy. So i usually end up also buying the digital version when it goes on sale. Streaming games? nah. Also we don't really have any streaming games services in Australia.
  14. Is it just coincidence that the first two and last two letters of tommy's surname spell out the adopted word for that fictional box thing discussed at length in another thread?
  15. Welcome! Nice to see the compilations on a more modern console still bringing people to the Atari VCS. The old games are much simpler and probably a great foothold for younger gamers to enjoy. As the others have stated, emulation is a great way to enjoy the old systems without connecting them all up and worrying about breakages, there's no way i'd let my three year old play on my original consoles, but he enjoys games on the modern emulated equivalents.
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