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  1. A mixture of both here. I like having the physical media as i am a tactile person (plus i like the deals where it is much cheaper new than the digital release), but i find i'm more inclined to play something more if i haven't got to get up off my arse and put it in the console, i'm also lazy. So i usually end up also buying the digital version when it goes on sale. Streaming games? nah. Also we don't really have any streaming games services in Australia.
  2. Is it just coincidence that the first two and last two letters of tommy's surname spell out the adopted word for that fictional box thing discussed at length in another thread?
  3. Welcome! Nice to see the compilations on a more modern console still bringing people to the Atari VCS. The old games are much simpler and probably a great foothold for younger gamers to enjoy. As the others have stated, emulation is a great way to enjoy the old systems without connecting them all up and worrying about breakages, there's no way i'd let my three year old play on my original consoles, but he enjoys games on the modern emulated equivalents.
  4. I'd love to get this but being in Australia we didn't get any of these machines locally other than the Rampage and SF ones, nada since. 😢 Wonder if anyone is offering non-crippling overseas delivery?
  5. Those are awesome! I didn't realise Sinclair actually tried to break the US market as I was only aware of the ZX80/81 and Spectrum.
  6. Same here, I installed a HDD in my PS2 (using HDadvance) before i moved countries, i had the PS2 in my hand luggage so i could play it when we arrived without waiting for all our shipping to come over. Thing still works, is in my Arcade Table. I have a spare "fat" PS2 for when this one goes wrong, if it does. These old consoles last better than the new ones.
  7. I really hope my PS3 doesn't break, I have it on there.
  8. Nice! But can you 3D print a Taco shell with an Atari logo to put a Pi inside?
  9. B-17 Comber - You're in a plane that must deploy the perfect hairstyle on the head it flies over. Be it a side part, centre part, Quiff with DA or bouffant, your job is to stop those straggling hairs from causing distress.
  10. Yup, pretty much renders today's consoles useless in a future collecting scenario other than to be looked at. Just more victims of today's digital disposable society. TBH when the older generations that grew up with the old systems are dead, will there be anyone to bother with collecting? Seems most kids nowadays only know subscription services and don't really "own" anything other than the hardware they access it on, which seems to get replaced as soon as the next model comes out and the old is discarded. Will they share the same kind of rose tinted views we all have with playing on older systems? I doubt it. I've been making sure my sons are exposed to older gaming, with my three year old's favourite game being Sonic II. Although that's mainly through emulation (yeah even if it's ATgames) and versions on new hardware. So he'll have the memories of the games, but no association or love for the hardware. Guess I should bust out my original consoles when he's older so he can appreciate the aesthetics of it all....
  11. Yakuza Zero also lets you play some arcade cabinets in-game, Out Run, Space Harrier and Hang On. I've contemplated buying it just to play those. XD
  12. Deffo then. Back when gaming was everything and adulting didn't get in the way.
  13. I still use my Wii for the light gun conversions it has, plus it saves me digging out my Gamecube for those Rebel Assault fixes. Oh and my three year old loves playing it. Can it be used for arcade light gun games in MAME?
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