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  1. I am expecting this to be the next photo they post, with an "it wasn't our fault" statement.......
  2. Deffo getting this on PS4 purely so I can play it in VR, the single VR mission in SWBF was amazing and gave me the same feelings as the first time I climbed into the sit down arcade cabinet of Star Wars as a kid. Digital is $10 more than the physical price so i'll get physical, seeing as i have to get off my butt to put the headset on anyway, may as well change the disc while i'm there.
  3. Possibly ran it down the centre of the hollow shaft then soldered it onto the button connections on the board or to the old one?
  4. Seeing an A1000 running Defender of the Crown in a store i frequented blew me away but i could never afford one. Then the A500 came out and in particular the Batman Pack, that was it, I had to get one so bought one on the store credit scheme (terrible interest rates) but i never regretted it. Then when Dungeon Master came out I just had to have that, so had to purchase the RAM expansion to do so. A marvelous machine that i loved using for games, work (I printed my Apprenticeship CAD project on mine with my CBM printer) and music (using samplers and trackers).
  5. "You will have 48 hours to purchase before losing your spot" "There is no commitment to purchase" Bit confusing that, i'll go with the second one.
  6. Have you tried Thrift Stores? I managed to pick up an A-Team Van Rough Rider last year from a Thrift Shop, it doesn't work and is missing the gear knob but that's okay, it's just for display anyway.
  7. My parents bought us a "family present" of a used Atari VCS when I was a kid. It lived in the lounge (the only room with a TV) and us kids played it most. They'd have some games with us but not many. We had a family friend who was divorced from another family friend who came round sometimes, he was into gaming as he also had an Atari and would bring games we didn't have to play while he was there, mainly Pac-man and Frogger. Us kids would sit playing them in the lounge while the adults chatted and smoked, they would have a go every now and then. I used to think it was amazing that an adult was into gaming back then, but he was likely younger than i am now so it wasn't anything unusual really.
  8. I should imagine the hotels would end up launching years late, with no real updates on their process other than a close up shot of a kettle, then actually being existing sub-standard hotels with an Atari logo stuck on the front?
  9. Found an Atari Flashback X in a store here (Brisbane, Australia) for AU$20 the other day (they're still AU$89 here) and was stoked. My four and two year old were playing Combat on it when i was testing it, now to test my old joystick collection on it, including my two sets of OG Paddles. Really wouldn't mind a Legends one, haven't seen those anywhere here!
  10. I'd been tinkering with emulation on my Amiga with other systems (MacOS, MSDOS, C64, ST etc) and even had a hardware board for MSDOS emulation , so when I found out about MAME (with MAMENU) when i'd moved onto PC I embraced it as that allowed me to play my favourite old arcade games (which were vanishing from the arcades) at home and ran much better than those Amiga emulators. Back in the early 2000s I worked at an ISP that had a MAME machine set up in one of the offices with an X-arcade attached to it, this was a welcome distraction during those late night hours. (Just realised, my current laptop still has Mame32 0.60 on it from 2002)
  11. Seems backers have started receiving their units. The release date has slipped three times here in Australia, with the place I pre-ordered from stating a 23rd December release now. Initial reviews seem favourable, with a couple of people not happy that it doesn't have all the original ports and a splash screen with a dodgy font. Still looking forward to mine arriving so I can introduce my youngsters to C64 gaming, on something that resembles a C64.
  12. I loved Human Cannonball as a kid, it was one of my most played Atari titles, I still like to play it now.
  13. Adventure was the game I played most as a kid on my Atari, it is still probably the one Atari game I play the most, on any platform, be it original, ROM, Flashback on Xbox or my handheld Atari Blaze thing. It's a truly great game to me that holds many many happy memories, but i'm not sure about Masterpiece status though.
  14. Well it's Tuesday here in Straya and i'm having Tacos tonight, soft shell Old El Paso boxed variety.
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