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  1. On 11/18/2021 at 8:13 PM, Kalafre said:

    I'm only a tad over 2 years late to the party.  Is there any way to get a diagnostic for the Intellivision now?


    The cartridges are long since sold out, unfortunately. If you've got a multicart, you can try the ROM which is freely available here:



    It's always possible that someone has a spare one for sale (sadly, I do not). They don't come up on Ebay very often, if ever. You might be able to pry one from someone here though!


  2. Before I throw them outgarage sale them for 50 cents... is anyone dying to get their hands on some of the old 25-in-1 plug and play units? Ebay prices for these are basically nil, and I need to make space. I have a CIB and 2 loose. And they're kinda superfluous when you have 8 original consoles and lots of real carts + multicarts.

  3. Hey folks! I've not been around a lot this past year, and I've REALLY not been around a lot for the past month or two. Now that we're all stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, and the physical copies are long since sold out, I figured it's time to unleash the hounds ROMS!


    I'm attaching the ROMS for Desert Bus, Goatnom, and FW Diagnostics. For free. To anyone who wants them. You guys have been such a source of support and encouragement and I've had a blast making Intellivision software over the years. It's not much, but if I can help at least one person stave off 8 hours of boredom through all of this... then good :)


    I'll also make them available for free download at fwgames.ca/roms_new


    As an aside, I discovered someone who posted a full 8 hour INTV Desert Bus session on Youtube. Amazing!



    desertbus_release.zip fwdiagnostics_release.zip goatnom_release.zip

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  4. Breaking News!


    OK, not really. BUT - we have enough leftover materials to produce a small number of "extra" boxed copies, for those that want the functionality of the cart, but didn't get one originally, or don't care so much about serial numbers.


    See here for details: http://fwgames.ca/fw-diagnostics-ordering-unnumbered-copies/


    $40 plus shipping (a $14.95 savings!) - the only things lacking are the serial number stickers, and overlays. And the overlays weren't actually used to guide the diagnostic utilities anyway, they were more of a fun feelie.

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  5. Have you considered a rom release? You could encode it for individual LTO Flashcarts to protect your IP if that's a concern.


    Yup, it's in the plans. I'm less worried about encoding to a flash cart, to be honest.


    I'm also going to manufacture some "cheaper" options for people who care less about the collectible side of things. I know a lot of people would like the cart but don't want to pay for the full experience. I need to see what materials are floating around.


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  6. Officially sold out of serial-numbered copies! Thanks for the support everyone!


    There's been enough demand that I think I'm going to make up a few more copies out of the spare parts. Please let me know if you'd be interested. They won't be *quite* as full of contents, but a boxed cart with most of the goodies will still be included. Along with an appropriate price reduction.


    I'm also willing to make up some cart-only copies, if anyone simply wants the cart for testing purposes and isn't into collecting things.



    Did you just listend to the Intellivisionaries podcast? :D ;)


    Ooo, thanks for the shout-out, guys! I haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast in months, but I'll have to do this very soon.


    FYI folks, there are only 8 copies left. With some up on Ebay, this thing is gonna sell out pretty soon. Order now! Operators are standing by!

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  8. *Whew* I almost missed this. Just placed my order. :)


    Got it! And please be patient :) The house is complete chaos and your order slipped in right after I went to the post office. I hope to get it out in the next couple of days!


    I look forward to this thing selling out quick. I have an idea for the next cart - an actual, legit game this time - but I need to be on one crazy project at a time.

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