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  1. Agreed! Make it so, number one. Call it "Intellivision Troubleshooting and Repair".
  2. Sonofa... so the wiring order is different between the INTV1/Sears and INTV2. Sigh. Guess this is why we can't have nice things. mr_me's wire coloring for Sears is exactly the same as what I have for the INTV1, so at least that's consistent. I wonder why they changed the colors for the 2. And if they used different cords by the time the III/SuperPro/Tutorvision came around. Edit: I just realized that this means the matrix itself is pinned differently on the 2. Yeesh.
  3. Poll fixed to deal with Americans who've never experienced accents. Yes, I'm trolling Man, this place used to be so much more fun. Next poll: cot vs caught.
  4. I'm dying to see some actual scientific stats on this one.
  5. So from a technical standpoint, this level editor is pretty damned cool. But I gotta ask - is it simply building up a tilemap for later export? Or are you "doing" something with other bits, like setting collisions or special actions?
  6. Yeah, I've already had to define my own GRAM cards to do that I just never intentionally tried colored squares before!
  7. Is there no way to use colored squares mode in IntyBASIC? I don't think I've ever tried it. Oh wait, is it just color stack mode, and you set bit 12 on a card? Does that mean you can mix and match the modes?
  8. Tell me about it. In about 5 years I went from the Odyssey 1 (basically Pong) to the Commodore 64. These days 5 years gets you maybe 50% more storage, and 10% more CPU horsepower. But 40 new Intellivision homebrews
  9. No better place to spam this than my own thread. I decided to stop being a luddite and started up on the Twitters. This way me and Donald can remain besties. https://twitter.com/fwgames
  10. Like this? (go to 4:54). https://youtu.be/TBqyjl1gkVw Direct link
  11. Even better. The best estate sales are the ones where there aren't any pesky children checking Ebay on their smartphones as you haggle over the price.
  12. Realizing that this thing has an ASIC ... I wrote a cryptocurrency miner for my INTV88 board. I should have a couple of dollars by 5018 or so. Although I might be off by several orders of magnitude here. Like 10.
  13. That's PRECISELY what someone would say if they WERE a member. PROOF!
  14. That's a kill screen. I was talking about a Kill Screen.
  15. Video Test Cart? Something ELSE I need to collect now? Damnit! Who has one of these? What does it do?
  16. I heard that Donald Trump plays Math Fun all day, hoping for another gorilla to come along so that they can fight.
  17. That would be cheating I like the idea of a hidden Easter egg, that no one finds for 30 years. I forgot - I also put in a screen if you hit the max possible score in Deserter Bus - a Kill Screen, basically. I suppose you could say that the game is "broken".
  18. We had that for 2016. It was the only way Desert Bus was gonna get votes (for best packaging, I believe).
  19. Does it take 2 years to mail a parcel???
  20. Quite frankly, I think it'd be a cool interview anyway. Maybe you covered this sort of thing before, but I'm honestly not even sure what actually happens at IP these days. What kind of "things"?
  21. It's not deflecting, and it's not an excuse or justification. It's a reminder of how the world works (and has always worked). Multi-million dollar corporations had this happen to them. Multiple times. Back when they easily sold a quarter of a million copies of a game and had million+ dollar budgets to throw around for testing/QA, recalls, fixes, etc. A group of hobbyists doing this in their spare time, selling a few hundred copies at best, making less than minimum wage given the time involved, is never, ever going to be as good on testing/QA and bug remediation post-release. I'm sorry if people find that hard to believe, or if you think it's somehow making excuses, but this is what comes with the territory when it comes to homebrew games. The risk you take when buying a homebrew is that it may barely even work, and there may be no forthcoming fix. If people aren't aware of that, maybe we need some more education. Instead of slandering the entire homebrew community as some sort of scam. Not saying you're doing that, but I've seen it here and in other places.
  22. Yeah, I wasn't sure how accurate my testing would be - but I can only work with what I have I wasn't sure if you'd done anything to jzintv itself yet in this regard. Either way, it looks like it's fairly accurate given the testing I've seen so far.
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