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  1. Oscar suggested this in another thread. Keep in mind that on this one, I don't actually know what I'm doing http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241446-intybasic-compiler-v129-the-good-things-are-now-better/page-12?do=findComment&comment=3930768
  2. Any programmer, and probably anyone who can put a ROM onto a cart. There may be a better way to handle this though. We'll see. Either way, it's definitely possible to release games for the Tutorvision *and* INTV88 (the almost-Tutorvision that Lathe26 has).
  3. Pretty simple stuff: IF PEEK($0022) = 16383 THEN stic_num = 0 'standard STIC IF PEEK($0022) = 16375 THEN stic_num = 1 'STIC1A Joe's right, it's literally that one byte that differs. I had originally looked at a range just in case, but nope.
  4. MOB-BACKTAB and MOB-border collisions. I simply drew a vertical line at 160, and slowly moved a pixel-wide MOB towards it. The collision behaviour was exactly the same on all hardware (in jzintv, obviously - might be worth testing this on real hardware).
  5. So- the fix that Joe suggested has broken the NTSC/PAL detection - it now always thinks it's PAL. Here's my prologue.asm: _MAIN1: MVII #_pal1_vector,R0 ; Points to interrupt vector MVO R0,ISRVEC SWAP R0 MVO R0,ISRVEC+1 EIS MVI _ntsc,R0 CMPI #3,R0 BNE _MAIN1 CLRR R2 _MAIN2: INCR R2 MVI _ntsc,R0 CMPI #4,R0 BNE _MAIN2 ; 596 for PAL in jzintv ; 444 for NTSC in jzintv CMPI #$01DB,R2 ;CMPI #520,R2 MVII #1,R0 BLE _MAIN3 CLRR R0 Hopefully we can figure out this section to work for both things
  6. Hey, thanks for testing it! We actually found a bug in the Tutorvision boards themselves - yes, we're debugging unreleased 30 year old hardware Try this fixed version. tv_check.zip
  7. Having not played the game much (I know, I know) - is that a fairly high score? I'm reminded of the Kill Screen in Pac-Man, or how you can't get past level 22 in Donkey Kong. Sometimes games just go crazy when you play them long enough. I put code into Desert Bus to generate a special "end" screen if you actually score 99 points. Which is 33 days of straight driving. And you can only get to it via legit driving - if you use the speed cheat, you'll be found out. Speeding up the emulator makes the game near-impossible as written. The only real way to see it would be via ROM hack. Did I test it all the way through? Yes. Am I positive that on day 32, on real hardware, in real time, the game hasn't crashed yet? Hell no. Sometimes you can't test against insanely good (or patient) players.
  8. That's hilarious! Coming soon: Desert Bus 2018 "Can I win GOTY this time edition" (now with smellier air freshener!). Seriously guys, while bugs suck, plenty of Mattel and other commercial titles have some serious bugs in them. When you're a multi-million dollar corporation, you might be able to afford replacing them all for free. And they often didn't. The Mattel manuals are FULL of "errata", ie: bugs they knew about but never bothered fixing. Hell, Mattel entirely broke some of their own games with the INTV2! Those were never recalled/re-released AFAIK.
  9. Not a bad idea. I liked the random stuff that was in there, but I can see how it gets silly to keep spending the cost of shipping to send a huge box around 20 times.
  10. Oh, and in case no one else has tested this - I saw the comment about column 160 with the STIC1A and the possibility that this affects collision detection. I tested this out, and not as far as I can tell. Even though the original STIC doesn't draw at 160, collision detection does in fact work there. I had to look at $0022-0027 to spot the 1A. But you probably already figured that out, if you've looked that closely at my stuff
  11. Very very cool. I have a dozen or so consoles but nothing from 1988 onwards, so I can't test this myself. It *should* work on Lathe26's mostly-Tutorvision too. Maybe we'll find a few more in the wild this way. From what I can tell, we just need to hack Tutorvision ROMs and we can sneak the WBEXEC in that way. Not sure if that's what you're referring to, but it at least gives non-technical folks a way to play Tutorvision games. I'm really hoping someone makes some new ones, given what we've got at our disposal (and the likelihood that we can find a few dozen INTV88s over time).
  12. Sweet dude. I've already got some encouraging news but I need to make one small tweak to the ROM to make it work on a TutorPro (which I just call an INTV88 motherboard; stealing from others here). If this checks out on a few more consoles, I think we have a one-step TutorPro/Tutorvision detection ROM tv_check_fixed.zip
  13. Quite possibly. If not, we just need to keep programmers in the loop on the EXEC hack. While there's not a huge practical need to do what I'm going, there IS the possibility of developing games for the INTV88 boards, if there are enough of them around. From what I've seen, someone could simply code for the Tutorvision and jam the WBEXEC onto the resulting ROM, but it'd still be nice to be able to test against both. Very cool that you've got a workaround in the meantime, much appreciated! Also appreciated is the level of detail you've put into analyzing this so far. We'll have to get Sir Nanochess to chime in on the PAL/NTSC detection. I've already pointed out a bug in the latest IntyBASIC, so if he's fixing that, he may want to fix this at the same time. I have no idea what kinds of side effects these changes could have, but I'm happy to muck up my own prologue.asm and see what happens. One thing though - on your INTV88, my program also detected the Tutorvision EXEC. Is that actually true, or did I mess something up? I wasn't aware of a "full" TutorPro being found yet.
  14. Cross-posting this as it's likely that some of the lurkers here have one. I've whipped up a program to test the various chips in a console, and try to help determine if you have a Tutorvision (or part-Tutorvision, sometimes referred to as an INTV88 motherboard with a standard EXEC ROM). I'd be curious if this actually works on real hardware, as I only have standard consoles to test it on tv_check.zip
  15. Not quite - and this is the single biggest difference/complaint: a good D-pad has a tactile direction indication. The cross in the middle. You can easily feel which way is "up". Sega's Master System had a D-pad that was close to the INTV disc (it did have some raised bits, but they were very shallow) and it suffered for it. Everyone got on board with Nintendo's raised cross idea because it's so intuitive to use. Not crapping on it. It was a different time and this was a level of innovation unseen for many years. It's just too bad that so many games of the era played better with discrete/obvious directional controls. The 16-way disc, along with the ability to easily rotate your thumb around it, could have led to some amazing ideas. We really didn't have that level of fine control until analog thumbsticks nearly 20 years later.
  16. I totally understand. But I'm coming at it from the opposite direction: while I played Intellivision BITD, I never owned one and by the time I got heavily into playing it, I'd already owned various smartphones for years. So for me, picking up an INTV controller feels like picking up a smartphone very much. The disc is the home button, the side buttons are thumb/fingers... yeah, the parallels are definitely there!
  17. So, I'm not sure when it was added, but I can't believe no one took the whiskey. Nor that it made it across the border, lol. Personally, I took a few cool things out of there, including a broken Triple Challenge cart that I'm going to try to resurrect (not sure if it's just a dead solder joint or what). I tried to add some good stuff without just dumping extra Night Stalkers, so I hope it's appreciated by the last couple of people. But yeah, we kinda cleared it out. It's really too bad that shipping has gotten so out of hand, because I like the idea of seeing a bunch of CIB+loose games, and adding/upgrading to my collection - it's just not practical to ship 20 lbs every time. Ah well. Perhaps we should co-ordinate cross-border shipping at PRGE. It takes 3 years to move this thing around anyway, so we certainly can cross a few countries that way.
  18. Anyone wanna guinea pig something for me? Especially *cough* Lathe *cough* as I'm curious what his system says with this ROM. I whipped up something that in theory tests all of the various chips that make a Tutorvision (or a TutorPro). I can't actually test for Lathe's system (it has the motherboard but not the EXEC, which can't currently be tested in an emulator) so I'm really interested if I got this right. This'll also detect anyone with a SuperPro or INTV III, that has the INTV 2. At least I think so. Those are out there, so it's worth knowing in case you want to play Donkey Kong and just can't. If someone could try this on a full-blown Tutorvision that'd be swell! tv_check.zip
  19. Appreciate the help! You've basically confirmed my thinking - we have a very small number of possible ROMs here, so I don't think checksumming is crucial (besides, we already have an excellent checksum utility to detect some weird new variant or corrupted ROM or something). I've figured out how to detect each of the individual components that make an INTV88 board; no idea if any consoles exist that don't have all 4 extensions (RAM, STIC1A, GRAM, WBGROM) but you never know. I think it'd be neat to be explicit about each just in case. And yeah, detecting the WBEXEC should be trivial. Especially as there's no possible conflict with the ECS, because they can't be used in tandem. Lathe has a proven INTV88 board with a non-WBEXEC, so yeah, it's definitely a thing worth looking for. With a simple ROM merge he was able to get the known Tutorvision games playing on it just fine, which is cool as all hell. Who knows, there may be INTV88 boards out there with standard GROM, and a lot of people have had false negatives if they just checked for that. Edit: I don't think I can actually properly test for an INTV88 board in jzintv, can I? If I don't use the WBEXEC, it won't set up the other stuff (STIC1A, etc). If I do, well then it's a full-blown Tutorvision.
  20. Wow, I've never seen these before! Has the KBC manual ever been posted publicly? Lots of interesting stuff in there that I didn't know about - like the dual volume controls. And the included microphone! Was it Mattel branded at all?
  21. Since we're bringing back old posts... You get O2 on an INTV2 EXEC as well. Which is kinda interesting that your TutorPro gives the same result. I guess it's seeing stuff loaded at $2000 and just going with it.
  22. Bootup menu. I'm willing to bet that there are more TutorPros out there than Tutorvisions
  23. I've played "Tackle Fun" - OMG what a great game! So, the extra GROM characters (like the copyright symbol) are actually stored in the WBEXEC. Interesting. I didn't catch onto that from the big doc.
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