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  1. Right. I was thinking of the expanded system RAM, not GRAM. And I goofed anyway - $400 gets used by the Inty 2 EXEC. Not sure what the behaviour is there, if you try what I suggested
  2. Just make sure to add something fun So far Canada is doing more addition than subtraction. We need to show up the lazy Yanks.
  3. Have you tested those frankengames on a regular console? Do they blend?
  4. Checking for the extra GRAM *should* be as simple as writing to the expanded RAM, and seeing if the value persists. Try a POKE to $400, then a PEEK. See what you get
  5. In case I wasn't clear about why I'm asking about this - I'm trying to figure out an easy way, in IntyBASIC, to determine which model of console a program is running on. I think it should be as simple as looking at the EXEC address space ($1000-$1FFF) and checking a few specific addresses that will differ between the 3 major EXECs. And then doing some further checks for the Tutorvision. There are stories of consoles with the "wrong" EXEC in them (Super Pros with INTV2 EXECS kinda thing) - I think it would be neat to allow people to detect this easily, without running through the "try this cart, now try this cart, etc, now look up in this matrix based on known behaviours" like I saw when people were trying to find Tutorvisions.
  6. Yeah, this is part of what's confusing me. The INTV2 EXEC that I've had forever, works just fine in jzintv. And yet when you look at it in hex, it's entirely different than the original EXEC. I'd expect a few bytes here and there changed - Mattel with their attempt to lock out 3rd parties - but it's drastically different. With a little research, I stumbled upon comments similar to yours. How is it working in jzintv if I haven't converted it? The INTV1 vs Sears EXECs are very obviously different, and only in a couple of spots. Exactly what you'd expect as the only difference that I'm aware of is on the titlescreen. Interestingly, the Tutorvision EXEC is byte-for-byte identical to the original EXEC, at least for the first $1000 bytes. I thought for sure there'd be something changed in there, but nope - they merely extended the original EXEC ROM as needed.
  7. In the very same Wishbook you could buy a 16KB TI-99/4A for $99. The entire computer, including the RAM, was only $20 more than the INTV RAM alone. 64KB computers were $250 at that point. An INTV+ECS+16KB RAM was $280. Not exactly a good deal for 1/4 of the computer (RAM-wise... in other areas I'm being generous by only going that low). Hell, you could get a 48KB Sinclair for $180 - although the only advantage that had was RAM; graphically it was dogpoo.
  8. Not sure where to look for this. I want to inspect a few things within the various EXEC versions. I know of at least 4 at this point: the model 1, 2, Sears, and Tutorvision. Are there more? And where the heck would one get their hands on all of them? Also, how do you read the contents? (I'm thinking from IntyBASIC). Do I just look at the memory addresses for each ($1000 or $2000)? Is it that simple?
  9. I'm of two minds on this. Given that so many people have been actively writing IntyBASIC games for several years now, I think a standard contest would be a) a little unfair, potentially, when it comes to rookie programmers, and/or b) just not that interesting - because people are busy with active development for cart release etc So I started thinking of a different kind of contest - maybe set some artificial limits, like lines of code/KB of source, or announce the start and you have only 30 days, or something. Which of course has the reverse effect - experienced programmers have too much of an edge in something like that. Plus letting people's skills & imagination run wild usually ends up with the better results. Maybe 2 categories - brand-new entrants in one group, people who were in the contest and/or have released an IntyBASIC game in a second? And entries are judged within the groups? I'm not very good at coming up with ideas
  10. You jackass. I thought someone found one and was selling one. I mean, not that it's particularly useful, as the ECS is one of the worst computers of its era, but still... LOL @ RAM costing almost as much as the entire computer.
  11. So, I'm amused that after reading every thread here... we happily posted the cartridge ROMs, but no one's seemed to have shared the EXEC/GROM for the unit.
  12. We've already flogged that horse to death. Even Canadian sellers get stupid on this. I don't understand the price on this one - someone enlighten me. Is Routlette CIB rare?
  13. Yeah, it'd be nice if someone smarter (and with more free time) than me would put together the definitive list. Even if it's just a bunch of links to other sites, or various AA forum threads. We've had probably a dozen free ROMs released in the past year. Of serious, commercial-level games. Plus several dozen smaller hobbyist projects since IntyBASIC was first released.
  14. Aaaaaaaaaaand go Canada. It's on its way to the next lucky contestant. Hopefully the next few people enjoy what's in there; it was a bit surprising to me. I did take all sorts of random odds and ends though. Some fun stuff in there. My skis needed a new sticker
  15. OK, on further analysis... You also added a CALL CLRSCR to MAIN0. Interestingly, if I comment that out, the old value works. However, if I revert MEMSET to the 1.2.8 version, it also works with the old value. Something with these changes is what caused the problem. I don't understand nearly enough to know why. Edit: Also, I noticed something. When I'm using jzintv in PAL mode, I very quickly see the Mattel EXEC titlescreen when I reset. I'm not sure if it always did that before, but thought I'd mention it.
  16. Thanks, that did the trick! This isn't going to break anything else, is it? Why would earlier IntyBASIC work with the previous value? Something else in the prologue that you changed I guess? Edit: I just diff'd 1.2.8 and 1.2.9. The only change you made was the MEMSET acceleration. You're not touching R2 in there, but I won't pretend to follow all the register juggling here.
  17. OK, confirmed, it's IntyBASIC. I grabbed some older code compiled with IntyBASIC from about a year ago, and it works fine with the latest jzintv. When I compile with 1.2.9, it doesn't work. I looked in the prologue and didn't see any changes there, but I honestly don't know what you're doing for this so I'm no help
  18. Oscar, did the NTSC constant get broken in a recent release? I have the world's simplest program: loop: PRINT AT 0,<3>NTSC GOTO loop It displays 001 even when I use -P or --pal in the latest jzintv. Or is jzintv broken?
  19. Why hasn't someone hacked Astrosmash to ONLY play Meteor, and done a CIB release? Geez Rev, slacker!
  20. I found a hoodie for you: https://www.gamiss.com/hoodies-11571/product1382454/ Because that's about as productive as this thread is going to be. It almost looks like bacon, too!
  21. Yes. That must be IntyBASIC being "helpful". Good for most people, slightly cumbersome for what I'm doing. No big deal though, as long as I know what's triggering it
  22. Just wanted to say thanks again for the add-on hardware detection that's been coded up and/or added to IntyBASIC this year. You've made my life a lot easier. First Spear's comment about IF... THEN made me realize that I'm probably writing the most complicated/involved code about this that anyone's likely to ever bother with. Oops. I've said too much.
  23. You are SO going to love my next project.
  24. Finally saw it. I think you guys are reading a bit too much into it. Strikes me as more coincidence than anything. I'm more surprised that people aren't bitching that it's yet another Death Star thingy. Small ships, flying in close, avoiding cannon fire, to hit a weak point and utterly destroy the Big Bad. *I* don't see it that way, but given the number of people who think Force Awakens is a 1:1 clone of ANH, people manage to find the most tenuous connections to complain about and I'm surprised I haven't heard this one yet. Pretty damned good movie, albeit a bit padded and suffered from inconsistent pacing in the first half. Best Star Wars movie since 1980 - but goddamn, would I like to see a modern movie, with today's effects and production values, but with 1980s-era pacing, runtime, and a much more limited principal cast. Blockbuster movies are really suffering from trying to compete with the 6-16 hour epics that have consumed Netflix/HBO.
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