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  1. I am collecting for about 25 years now and usualy i search for a lot of things. this time i am focused on some not so well known consoles and games This time i am looking for the following things: Koei Pasogo (prefered boxed complete) Sega Divers 2000 Marty Fm Towns HR II Model 20, only the Power Supply cause mine is dead Vectrex Harmageddon CIB Nintendo Othello (complete) Computer/Console Nintendo TV Game (sharp version) Coleco Total 4 (console boxed complete) Entex Select-a-game (only a few games) Entex Adventure Vision (complete and also games) i already have 2 Entex AV! but loose and one is working but missing 3 lines on display Some Atari Pong Consoles (i have only 1 with blue/white box) i do not know the specific names for the differnt types like super pong and so on. Atari Cosmic? RDI Halcyon Thank you and if you have something please p.m
  2. Hi all i am looking for the rare Koei Pasogo handheld console (boxed, complete prefered, i know who not haha) and also i am lookinf for the last game missing in my epoch pocket computer collection "Astro Bomber" only cib and manual. i would love to get it for a nice retroproject. i would be very thankfull if anyone could give me a hint where to get it (i know one user here watched years to get one) thank you retrofans
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