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  1. great news!!!!! thank you @home automation !!!
  2. oh great news! i have been Wanting to dowload gamebase for a long time ... if someone has instructions on how get the links would help me a lot! ... thank you very much and sorry if this is not the rigth way to get them ...
  3. @jrhodes exellent work! i just downloadedt it!!! ,,, i cant wait for testing in a real TI !!! regards!!!
  4. ops! excuse me @OX. i was so confused sorry!
  5. excuse me if im wrong but great part you need is in...this lnk..Tigameshelf.net regards!
  6. congratulations nice setup for begin ! good luck!
  7. is really incredible the potential tools combinations congratulations harry wilhelm (excuse me bad translate! )
  8. really exellent !! the keyboard is amazing ...an the motherboard impress to me congratulations fabrice!!
  9. exelent job° congratulations @senior_falcon :: incredible fast running aperture..
  10. awesome work congratulations exelent matt !!!! really wish one!
  11. Awesome project! Go ahead! I can't wait see the pictures...beat!
  12. Hey awesome systems! congratulations ! i ám from argentina also!! only a few users have PEB´s on our country i remember when my father bought us the first computer that was a TI 99/4a is too expensive! and the idea of purchase a PEB have impossible! only a few of PEB sold on argentina!. is very nice to see other ti 99 system with new accesories/modifications in our country congratulations! Mmartin
  13. congratulations! i have a question s about you modification..can 80 track's modification eprom for the original ti disk controller ...hold up 3.5 DS/HD disk drives u1.44mb diskettes or only 720kb DS/DD disk drive units? my apologies for my bad english...
  14. s incredible recently was watching images on local TV in Argentina where I live RIP ezio!
  15. thanks!! ...I thought that with the original interface was not possible to use modern drives foppy 1.44 mb ..but thanks !!
  16. congratulation nice PEB!! like new! i have a question can tell me were find a 3.5 floppy disk drive? is this a 720k Double sided Double Density drive? can else tell me where find a disk drive cables and post a pictures fro me? thanks!! excuse me bad english languaje.. sorry
  17. congratulations roli! yours video are magifics always awesome me! thanks for the good humor!
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