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  1. What are the green chics? Love MJM the game, you know he programmed it Eggs 9,610 MJM 35,460
  2. After playing each ship a couple of times, i got furthest using green 421,710
  3. Well done I'm hoping to 1cc it myself someday. Glad it was a popular pick(makes up for renegade)
  4. I like the variety of bosses in TP, started in each place until i got to the boss.Great selection of games this season
  5. Tumblepop Got my first hurry up ever, some red cloaked monster. I start in Australia, i find i get the best powerups(giant vaccum every time0
  6. I'm curious as to where everyone starts in tumble. I find Australia gets me the most points
  7. Tumblepop 89,200 Altered my starting point, major point increase
  8. Wow Mame offender like your approach Star Castle 10 Yes that is my final answer
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