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  1. Today I have been testing with 3x cards, finally I understand now how to get 2x to work (in the PEB box: 1x Flex Interface, 1x TI RS232, 1x Corcomp Disk Controller, 1x 32K and the Horizon for test): 1. Working HRD+ 8k*8 ram board (186kb), Use CFG and ROSTICC (it gives issues going back to XB Suite 2.7) 2. HRD3000 +RAMBO card and 12x 128k, with open SW4 pins and Dipswitch for CRU select (note because of the chips this board overlaps next PEB-slot a bit and only a card like a Speech can be mounted) Use CFG834 and ROS834 3. ** Issue with HRD3000, with SW4 On/Off and Dipswitch for CRU select, but the battery has been removed and piece of cable/diode, maybe that's the issue? If the HRD is on PowerOn boot, then it loads the cartridge automatically, e.g. Extended Basic and then loads from DSK1. or a Editor/Assembler. Or using the Extended Basic Suite 2.7 or FinalGrom all works. * During reset (FCTN-= QUIT) Press "SHIFT" to skip the PowerOn boot * Copy with DiskManager the file "MENU" to the HORIZON (DSK5.) to autoload the menu in Menu use FCTN-5 (BEGIN) to configure the menu items * Press FCTN-9 (BACK) to get the Titlescreen with the ROS details on it.
  2. Here is one TI + monitor https://www.etsy.com/listing/578311706/mini-texas-instruments-ti-994a-deluxe?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=TI-99&ref=sr_gallery-1-6&organic_search_click=1 Search on www.etsy.com on TI-99 and on https://www.thingiverse.com/ on TI-99 and Texas
  3. If you go to the GRAMSYST.DSK (in the .zip file, I also saw my disks are in the other .zip file provided earlier) there is a file called *GRAMHELP DIS/VAR, written in Dutch language that time, it helps a bit to understand the different file formats and *HEADERS of E.P. Rebel English: [email protected] Dutch: @GRAMHELP.txt @HEADERS.txt
  4. I think these are all the GramKracker files (my father has a GK), I used to have a GramCard, but the files can load. That time I tested it with the MESS emulator and GK, see the video. Disks - NOTE - the disks are 400k in size (for NanoPEB format), probably you need to copy them first to a normal TI-disk format (use TI Dir of Fred Kaal to do that) GRAMCARD.zip
  5. Do you search for this one power switch https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3697972
  6. I believe there are more, I remember a yellow paper based print one for a graphical program (maybe TI Artist Plus, but not sure) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I just went through the different Spreadsheets programs, the keyboard strip was made for SNAP-CALC (on TI-Office Disk 1) which runs in Extended Basic, so there is no official keyboard strip and it was hand-made. For references: SNAP-CALC FCTN keys: FCTN-1 = LOAD, FCTN-2 = SAVE , FCTN-3= DEL , FCTN 4= NEW (but it is CLEAR to break the program), FCTN-5 = CALC, FCTN-6=PRINT, FCTN-7= LOGIC, FCTN-8 = (not used) , FCTN-9= EXIT (program mentions HALT), FCTN-0 = (not used) , FCTN-= = QUIT (for reference here are the other Spreadsheet programs, Eric Bray mentioned) SNAPCALC or VECTORCALC It might be this one: TI-99/4A Calc (TI Basic) - the whole listing is published here" that only needs TI Basic on a barebone console & a cassette player/recorder
  8. Reprinting this strips on my father's console, but I cannot find this one which starts with Load and strip indicates B/C. Not too sure if it is a blank strip he made himself will check later.
  9. I used IrfanView to print the keyboard strips with these settings. 23.30 cm x 2.68 cm (on A4 Landscape)
  10. That was a cool video! I used to work at IBM in The Netherlands 1995-1999 and saw several familiar items (OS/2 Warp) and some other machines. If you ever come to The Netherlands you might like this museum: Bonami (old computer and old game computer museum), Zwolle, The Netherlands Here are 20 videos, but videos are not the same as walking around in the museum, amazing collection:
  11. @Schmitzi Good to meet up yesterday in Amsterdam! I found the lists with all the software, the most important one for the Mechatronic 80 (V9938 chip) is this PDF list: https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=504929 Other 80-Column related complete lists:
  12. My Mechatronic 80 Column Card uses MSX2 V9938 Yahama chipset
  13. @matthew180 Ahh, that probably explains why the 80 Column programs I have tested with the Mechatronic 80 Column card are not all working as it is using a MSX2 V9938 Chip (I just checked it on the board). Until now I saw that fbForth 80 Column works on both F18A (MK1) and Mechatronic 80. The rest of the programs which probably do not work on F18A (MK1), you can them here in this thread.
  14. If you do FCTN-= Quit, then you will see the menu option first in the FG99 (what do you see Parker Brothers or Tutankham ?) but with Test2 I believe my image works with a Speech Synth. It is the 32K that gives the problem.
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