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  1. Chisholm trail with Texas logo. But I have also seen a cartoon guy made out of a TI Joystick. And a bouncing cow made out of a TI cimputer and joystick. Not sure if I can find them back.
  2. I also will try later on (to add to my youtube TI99Videos channel of systems that can run/emulate UCSD-Pascal) maybe this thread is helpful and there is a pcode tool for windows.
  3. now we can see the difference between number 4 and 9 which are hard to distinguish
  4. Other high scores of 99'er / HCM - Hall of Fame and in Yesterday News. * only 3x green (means the TI AtariAgers scored higher than published in the list) * rest is red...means we have work todo 🙂 TI99-99ersHallOfFameAndYesterdayNews.docx
  5. Item 1 above i also experienced. Thank you for looking in these items.
  6. In another thread is the module. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/249296-computer-war/
  7. Correct that was the issue...the mysterious 1400 file issue is solved now.
  8. I thought, to do a quick video starting from scratch, after 5+ hours i have all kind of issues. I think the HRD has the HW issues as far I can see when running only with Gotek USB it seems to be okay. (And HRD removed). Also tried without batteries in HRD, reseated some chips. Once I get it all working again, then I will leave it as is and only use it as fast startup disk, rest via usb gotek. But I am still curious (with HRD inserted) where the files named '1400' dis/var 1 come from and even get timestamp updated. And which program writes this to disk??? I already removed the battery in the Geneve, ard itself and reseated all cards.
  9. It is hard to see the difference between a 4 and 9. I think my previous score were 450 and 4300 actually. But also not sure if this is 15,450 or 15,950 It seems per level the perfect bonus increases with 1000. Eg. Level 3 earns 3000 solving the puzzles.
  10. Thank you so much for testing it again. I will test it now again (from scratch) and video it. Here are the CRC, Autoexec, mem and system/sys details.
  11. 9300 (reaching level with 4 missiles) If you score all puzzles there is a perfect bonus of 1000 points. I only managed to do it in 1st level.
  12. Good choice, love the game! Here are the Final Grom files, works in Classic 99 compwarD.BIN compwarC.BIN First try 950. Classic 99 and with "PS-type controllers", I need my normal Suzo The Arcade joystick for this to play this game.
  13. RamHD, i can make many directories and copy to it. Once in a while I see a strange file called 1400 on the disk DIS/VAR. Size 1. (No content in tje file). I deleted it. (Probably referring to CRU 1400). I also see the file on the gotek/floppy disk (see screenshot) Now somehow i was able to have 3 directories on the RamDSK. Not sure if it is related. When copying the 4th directory, now I get a message Protected, overwrite? Furthermore a MEM size output (size is the same after the & test).
  14. Maybe something to do with the formatting the RamDSK with GenCFG 1.2 (I only have this version to format disks) I just tried with MDOS 6.50. Same problem with a 3rd directory and a 2nd file copying to that directory. (thus can only copy 1 file to the 3rd created directory) Everything works fine with max. 2 directories in both MDOS 7.30 / MDOS 6.50 on the RamDSK (I can live with that) For the RamHD I have 3 directories and is okay for copying
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