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  1. @PeteE i managed to get 1 level done without hitting cars, but even avoiding to hit cars is difficult! Nice two ways to play the game.
  2. Maybe nice, Spectrum used to have "movie-pictures" loaders (like Rambo) and if I am correct Ton Brouwer wrote a program to load those headers from cassette tape. I had a friend with a Spectrum and loaded many of those, but some came from another source (cannot remember exactly, must be 35+ years ago) nanopeb format .dsk (use TIDIR to change to another .dsk format) 0189-SpectrumGraphics02.dsk 0189-SpectrumGraphics03.dsk SPECTR1.DSK SPECTR02.DSK SPECTRU1.DSK
  3. Based in Netherlands? (Dutch green TI manual and Praxis bag). Maybe to your interest: http://www.ti-99.nl/ and http://www.ti99-geek.nl/ there are still TI meetings in NL. Also TIjdingen magazines are all in PDF format (in Dutch language)
  4. Does zero mean in 4 rounds to get 200,000 ? (how is the game called then "zigzag and collect" or zero hero
  5. I have the same issue that colours are not correctly displayed. Maybe with the GBS8200 there are pots to change colours, i have not tried it, or with the Genie device program the chip directly to do adjustments. I have also done this before and works http://www.ti99.com/ti/index.php?article151/signal-composite-sur-l-interface-pal-pha2036 But I was trying to find an alternative to the modulator. If you have the PHA2037 SCART it is sharp It looks humeur and ciro are selling these: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://atariage.com/forums/topic/295278-interface-pha2037-mini-project-pal-rgb-scart-for-eu-6-pin-ti-994a/&ved=2ahUKEwjKt4vE2MHrAhW0oekKHSdOBGwQjjgwAHoECA8QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0hCbIwyDrQ5pc4kf0FLoEC
  6. The European consoles have a 6-pin DIN plug for video/audio and normally connects to a PAL modulator box and antenna cable to a TV (I only have 2 of these and output is okay, but not that sharp). Also I have a SCART version, but in Asia it is very hard to find a monitor/TV with it as it is more for the European market, but there are TVs with Component input. The European TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A Video/audio connections are Component output (Yp / Pb / Pr) and with a self-made cable it works on the TV (I have 3x European consoles here). For another (Geneve 9640) project I had a spare GBS8200 board (these are quite cheap around USD 20) and has Component input as well. You need to use the yellow button panel 'SW' button to select Component input and now you can output to VGA as well. It gives a reasonable sharp output. For the sound you can use a converter from tulip (cinch/ component connector) to 3.5mm audio and connect to a speaker with Aux input (or to the TV/monitor if it is supported). (Maybe not that good as the F18A, but now you output to VGA and still use the original video chip 9918 (/4) or 9928 (/4A).
  7. Hi Wolfgang! Good to hear from you! I will try to create a fresh SD card in that case, I thought there was maybe an easy script to use. (I still have my other SD-card of the older Raspbian version 1.6x ).
  8. Last time I updated to the new image (buster) on RPI 3B+ (I think I turned it 1x off without proper shutdown). now I cannot do CALL TIPI. (TIPI is on >1000) * but I can reach it via Wi-Fi and can see the files and directories, (and I can ssh into it) * tipi.log does not exist (I now created a tipi.log file) * but get all these errors * "settings" and "RPI configuration" does not do anything * "about" does not work * daemon shows errors TIPI-About.docx TIPI-Daemon.docx Is there a way to fix this (or completely re-image and drag and drop the files again?)
  9. Thank you for all the drawings! (this is going to take some time for me, but very helpful!)
  10. Same for normal chrome and incognito. (And also tried the settings to allow the site). Weird...it must be the browser with some new features? 20200818_201112.mp4
  11. Hi @ti99iuc / Ciro - the interface looks good, but it is the same issue with the sound (i do not hear anything) @Asmusr in js99er the sound works! (I need some more time to analyse it), will try tonight.
  12. This morning I tested again (when temperature is cold) and loaded from floppy disks and adding PEB cards one by one. Except HRD3000. It seems al working so far, like MYART and loading pictures GPL, XBEA, only TI ARTIST loads until 1st screen and then locks up (might be speed or incompatibility). I need to study (in the weekend) which components are the 5v voltage regulators and capacitors and to add heat sinks. ( the card is getting quite hot, also because of the climate here. Maybe i need to built a mini datacenter rack with an airconditioner built-in).
  13. Nice, I know your game shelf, let me test this tomorrow. Is there a direct link to munch man only? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. see picture, directly soldered on the board. the others are socketed, like above the MDOS 1.00 eprom. Stacked with a cable soldered to it. is there any software to test it ( or a command like myarc can test)
  15. I am trying to make a userfriendly user interface (non-technical) and how to press the keys when REDO and BACK appears and the settings (and also a fullcreen mode) and a fullscreen.html mode (but i remember you had last time this html). Thanks for the url. I never figured out how to load a module directly, i will try that.
  16. Everything was working fine... But now troubleshooting, are there tools for Myarc to test all components? Eg. Test ram chips, etc ? something happened, but cannot figure it out yet (maybe the heat? 30+ degree Celcius, boards are hot). I saw this message see screenshot, but thought it was my HRD3000 and reformatted it (also i need tools for this card to test). I pull out all cards. Now i can load MDOS from floppy. But it seems suddenly the system hangs. Also in GPL TI mode can load modules, bit some hang as well. But if it is CPU RAM it is on the board right?
  17. It was more what is in the snippet of the paper, but MDOS 1.14 refers to the Disk OS (Very old one as we are now on 6.5 and 6.7) it is not the EPROM correct? But what does the ‘mode’ mean with Caps lock and numlock? (Graphical mode) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I think he is on AA, but let me send him an e-mail. He published the tool and listings in the Dutch (The Netherlands) TIJdingen.
  19. Huh, I thought it was not allowed to drive on 2x wheels? 🙂 Did you change your car into the "General" (Dukes of Hazard).
  20. I was thinking to setup a small competition with my colleagues on "Munch Man", but they do not have a TI and setup this page: http://www.globeron.com/ti99/munchman.html (as a side note, I never figured out how to integrate a list of cartridges to select from, now I convert it json and that's the only cartridge I can load and if I want another one, I need to adjust the js99er.js and .html with the other converted cartridge). But I see now the following (PS. @Asmusr I am not expecting you to troubleshoot, keep focusing on the important stuff) Just wondering why there is a difference. Apple MacBook Pro: * Chrome - seems to be working okay, but I do not have sound * Safari - seems to be working, no sound Windows 10: * Edge - works + sound * Firefox - works + sound (but they layout is a bit off) * Chrome - works, but again no sound * Internet Explorer - very slow, not playable actually
  21. I ordered via lazada.co.th and comes from China. But need to search with V5 and need to zoom into the picture. (most are v4) There is a blue board with HDMI And a red board (never got this one).
  22. Finally! I have a stable screen on the Geneve9640 via RGB. The gbs8200 v5 is probably the problem, you need remove the C11 component and do not bridge the connection (otherwise the IC next to it becomes very hot a d GBS does not work): https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/GBS-8200-Variants @Shift838 now also the Genie works, but i did not cable as supposed to be as I could not got any screen it seems line sync or filters. But this works now and can control settings via gbscontrol over wifi , pfff this was a long journey. (I have some other boards one with HDMI and see if that one works).
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