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  1. I could not find the exact launch date of the TI-99/4A beside June 1981 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TI-99/4A) and I waited until June 15th (half-way June 2021) to create this video. The TI helped me to go into IT . 40 Years (June 1981-June 2021) - The TI-99/4A Home Computer and I still use it every week. See the comments below the video to experience it yourself in an online emulator. #ti99 #homecomputer 40 Years TI-99/4A Home Computer. It was launched in June 1981 and it is still operational. #ti99 Want to experience a TI-99/4A yourself? * Online emulator - js99er.net (select button Software - More - TI Invaders) Direct link: Munch-Man - https://js99er.net/#/cart/munchman * Windows emulator - http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99 * or install it on your RetroPi (Raspberry)
  2. For the power adapter you can buy a 110v to 220v converter I did that for some TI devices, or order from Europe these adapters work well. You can also make your own eg. cut off the cord of the USA adapter and use a meanwell adaptor (I have instructions as I did it for a TI-99/4 series)
  3. Not based in Aussie, but used to come down every month for business and still have calls every week (I am based in Bangkok , similar timezone). I did sent 1.5 year ago a brand new speech synthesizer to someone, not sure if he is on the forum here.
  4. This sales guy wants to sell me 3x touch screens in 1 go with a familiar computer on it. Always fun to play Munch Man and TI Invaders in the store.
  5. Wow, very nice graphics and I enjoyed the game! All levels look good, wish I had this game in the '80s as a kid!
  6. (the The Orphan Chronicles refers to this publication of Texas Monthly - April 1984) https://www.texasmonthly.com/issue/april-1984/ https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/death-of-a-computer/ Here is the article republished: Infoworld Part 1 https://books.google.co.th/books?id=vi4EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA59&lpg=PA59&dq=infoworld+joseph+nocera+1984&source=bl&ots=M5y272hl_9&sig=ACfU3U1aKUjCZvSJT5gzlA8J5q4RYH_fsQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj595bova3wAhUjyjgGHR81DfkQ6AEwC3oECA8QAw#v=onepage&q=infoworld joseph nocera 1984&f=false Infoworld https://books.google.co.th/books?id=wy4EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA63&dq=infoworld+joseph+nocera+1984&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi1s_v6va3wAhX6wjgGHRUpC58Q6AEwAXoECAAQAg#v=onepage&q=infoworld joseph nocera 1984&f=false
  7. Too late for submission. 1300. Will do another try.
  8. He is probably in the hospital near his house. OLVG Oost hospital (last time I visited him there when I was still in NL)
  9. Also just figured out the space bar, but not what to do with the Zygonauts, they just come by or can we shoot them? 39,660
  10. Just did this easy upgrade to change the display and see the disknames when changing disks. See this link how to do it. Instead I glued the display. Now have to do the other one for Geneve9640. Happy with these Gotek devices.
  11. That sounds promising! I have had no time yet to deep dive into it. Just replaced the 12V regulator and 5V regulator for the HRD3000 to see if those give the issues, but will try OSSC tuning.
  12. I had so many issues with the GBS8200 devices, that I decided to buy the OSSC device to see if that works better. I made my own SCART to DB9 connector (and use the adapter of @Shift838 from DB9 to DIN8 pin plug). The quality is very good now. (Still need to sort out interlacing mode etc. as it seems the screen is not stable in that mode, i tested Fractal-NTSC and -PAL. However there is still an issue that I loose the signal for a split second when the Geneve card works longer, i think when it warms up (but it is much better than with the GBS 8200 device as the screen comes back). There is 1x regulator 12V I did not change yet. I only replaced the 5V regulators (which made the Geneve itself working stable).. Could the 12V cause the issue loosing the signal? In earlier posts I also had to replace some other components. PS. The OSSC device is arounf USD 137 on Lazada. More about http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC
  13. we have not played this version yet in the gaming competition. We did the other two versions. Munh Man and Munch Man II
  14. Hi Last weekend I reconfigured my Geneve setup, this is in the PEB: * Geneve 9640 card * HRD3000 (Rambo) -- giving issues after a while. Normally I boot from here, then I reformat it (now easy with Gotek) (see how to install: https://www.ninerpedia.org/wiki/Booting_MDOS_from_Horizon_Ramdisk) * RS232 card (connected to a PC for CFHDXS1 file transfers to PC-- from TIMODE / GPL) * Corcomp DS/DD Controller (BwG does not work if I remember correctly) * Rave99 - Speech in Box * 3.5" drive (as DSK2. "B:") * Gotek drive (as DSK1. "A:") to boot the Geneve as necessary. * I have a simple bootdisk then FORM123 (to format HRD3000) then type ASSIGN E=DSK6: Copy with a batch important files (AUTOEXEC, QDE, GPL-M-N-O, XBEA 1-6, EA, CFHDXS1) to E: (so it takes 2-3 minutes and the HRD3000 is ready again)
  15. New Gotek drive (mine is SFR1M44-U100K) + Software: * https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Firmware-Programming * Follow this video step by step. * To recognize the gotek via a USB-A to USB-A (male to male cable). I used a desktop PC as my laptop did not recognize it somehow. * install the jumpers (I used solderwire to do the 2x connections). * (see video) again, zip file is here in the post en.stsw-stm32080.zip, to get the STM to DFU mode, you need to overwrite the driver: you can download the driver here: STMicroelectronics driver (for DFU) - https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/development-tools/software-development-tools/stm32-software-development-tools/stm32-programmers/stsw-stm32080.html?dl=IeA74PoEIrHrRLeNCYLdWA%3D%3D%2Cm66BcgskYvRqy8mqoNqlDSlf3J4YuteNw91mM8q9ktdDlIGCdN52IjuMWd9HzT4xV1Z9vTIAR4mLi8pYBPrrGjqgG7kCMBixP9so8iWAE8o19KHHQtubkfnYJ%2BMrjJEOwDTCV%2FHzSnOwJg1iZP3l6f%2Ff0OWrN6kRSavLM5HYqcs106janTU4ZkSEY5JGJvdMSRolUOKbJU05fxhfotq0lazbmRqyhnGDvOLh9zGz%2BSFIR9mI5qM%2FZjI2B7QmwsIDHlJ%2BHdGJvUKSot%2FuB7DMwjHHIiF1nn3J1et5CBvMXBG1cA21lw7ZUqkFEiXvtgI6WofrwkqkxK8D2LyKEGJNjg%3D%3D&uid=M0Cl3Ad0yfgfUzP738t0F+0+UhyHejoc * Download Flash Floppy .zip file flashfloppy-v3.23.zip latest version is here https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Downloads it includes a .dfu file. * Follow the instructions in the video Note: during the "remove Read protection" I lost my connection to my Gotek (let Windows recognize it again and start the DFU tool again) and overwrite the firmware Now you are ready with the Gotek drive and you can remove the jumpers and disconnect from the PC. Prepare the USB drive (need to be FAT32 formatted): * Reconfig FF.cfg to support ti99 Copy to the root of the USB drive (or in the \FF directory) * make .dsk files e.g. with TI image tool to format size supported bij Diskcontroller (Eg. I used DS/DD 1.44mb 40 tracks) as my controllers are BWG and Corcomp. + call disks DSKA0000xxxxxx DSKA0001xxxx, etc Eg. DSKA0002_MYARCBOOT.DSK + copy all files in the root of USB stick (FAT32) I used a 8GB Sandisk usb stick. + set drive select with a jumper to S0 (3rd pin from fright) Install in the PEB to the diskcontroller * I use Gotek as DSK1. (jumper S0) * using a straight cable connected to the external connector of the diskcontroller (I used a BwG controller in my TI-99/4A and a Corcomp Controller in my Myarc Geneve 9640) both do DS/DD (thus max. 1.44Mb disks) Select right disk with buttons on Gotek. In the TI-99/4A I used DM1000 v1.7 and DM3 and works with all drives in my system. 5.25, 3.5, corcomp ramdisk, tipi-peb. In the Geneve I can access it with A: (or in TIMODE with DSK1.) (reason with jumper S0, A: so I can boot the Geneve from Gotek)
  16. Have you upgraded gotek to use the flash floppy firmware?
  17. Emulation: GK with Mess should work with MAME. There are also videos with the real GK on my youtube channel (TI99VIDEOS)
  18. It is actually simple once you do it 1x time. One issue i had that my laptop could not load the StM dfu drivers and recognize the device then i used another PC and all good.
  19. Geneve boots fast enough from Gotek i think little bit faster than floppy but slower than horizon. But happy so far, easy to re-image the horizon as it does sometimes funny. BwG is used with the TI so i have access to a clock. Geneve is Corcomp.
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