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  1. (I have not tested it) but if new 3x NiCD batteries are fully charged. How long can I leave the PEB box unpowered? (A few hours, 1 day, 1 week, longer) to avoid that I loose the whole boot setup config for Geneve on the HRD?
  2. I found the dip-switches (Set SW5 to ON only and it is on CRU >1400 now) and YES!!! it is working now. Slowly I get my TI + Geneve systems setup how I want it. this is great. Hope the HRD works better with Geneve than I use with my TI. Thanks very much for these instructions! PS. In the manual below about HRD3000/Rambo they refer to LHDROS, HDROS, CFG and RAMDOS needed ? (I need to locate them somewhere, probably on the disk) horizon 3000 ramdisk construction guide.pdf
  3. DISK (1440 in size DS/DD) is working (int the PEB box is HRD3000+Rambo, TI RS232, Geneve9640 v1. non-genmod, Corcomp Disk Controller DS/DD) but my HRD3000+Rambo is at CRU >1500 currently and no success so far with FORM123 it does not see DIR DISK8. (and not sure if I need to do the Disk Utilities FDR change) (also need to check if the HRD can be changed to CRU >1400). Furthermore I have added GPL, GPM, GPN, GPO and AUTEXEC with TIMODE to the disk, to load the GPL and TI-99/4A, that works fine, but cannot access DSK8.
  4. My timezone time is up. Did not manage to get higher than my previous score.
  5. Thanks for this thread. I am trying to boot from HRD3000 as well, but also do not understand how to map format it yet and load everything feom HRD
  6. Thanks for the MAME bios instructions, I did not realise that is possible to select different bios! For the real Geneve9640, I just like to see the picture of the SWAN when starting it (more appealing for my kid to see it), but the bios is not 0.98 anymore (with the Swan in it), but bios 1.00 So I was thinking I make a screenshot of the SWAN of your version (and convert it to a format Geneve can read) and put it on the boot-disk and try to change the graphic mode and load the SWAN from autoexec. then when Geneve loads the system of the disk to show first the SWAN image, until someone presses a key, then it goes to the MDOS prompt (blue screen with a:\) Is it possible to extract the SWAN image out of the bios file to keep the same quality of the SWAN image on the Geneve9640 ? (I used a screenshot tool/Screenhunter, then I used @Tursi converter- http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/onesoft.cgi?2 SWAN.TIACSWAN.TIAP
  7. I was thinking to use it as a ramdisk (and to boot-up from here). Should the Horizon Ramdisk 3000 (with Rambo) be good to work with as ramdisk the Geneve and to boot from here? (I am searching for a faster way to boot-up, I thought TIPI, Ramdisk), there are no other options correct? Lotharek disk emulation is about the same speed to load as a normal 5.25 disk drive ?
  8. Thank you for the process! I will try the rompage access (I do not have the Lotharek device unfortunately), but let me see if I can find a way to power up the Corcomp 512k on a battery or 12V power supply and see how to access it to from Geneve somehow.
  9. Thank you, understand it now, I will put it back into my TI-99/4A setup, because it is excellent with the PEB TIPI card. (I also have an 32K+TIPI sideport device, maybe I do another setup with a standalone TI-99/4A, but it gets full in the house with TI stuff 🙂 ).
  10. Hi Michael, There is another ROM (Geneve 1.00 sticker on the Eprom). during startup "Boot Bios 1.0 non-GenMod version" which can boot from the menu (spacebar) from SCSCI, RamDisk. (I have also a corcomp ramdisk, but no power supply so all disappears and have not found yet how to put files on it in a Geneve9640 setup as drives are not recognised (only a: is okay) Sorry what is PFM? I also was wondering is it possible to have a startup disk which loads an image first and shows the SWAN, before going through the MDOS prompt?
  11. @jedimatt42 (I am fairly new to the Geneve 9640, I still have issues with RGB-signal loss, but I can now work on it and see what is happening in the OS). Not sure if I understand it correctly: * I prepared the startup floppy on DSK1 on the TIPI (this floppy works as I made a 5.25 disk of it) * Is it possible for the Geneve to start directly of the TIPI with DSK1. ? (mine goes everytime to the FDC DSK1.) * I also tried GPL mode on the TI with CALL TIPI (results in BAD NAME) (or do I need something what is call GenMod? not sure how to do this, probably a chip upgrade?) (My goal is to download the disks of ftp.whtech.com geneve directory to get these disks to the TIPI and then try the programs on the Geneve and in the GPL mode) Otherwise to do troubleshooting to see for example the DSR / CRU addresses,which program do I use in MDOS then I copy that to a floppy)
  12. With DM2K (v2.6) it is possible to do it (to copy from TIPI DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. DSK4.) (as DSK0 directories does not work). but the DM2K v2.7 BETA of @F.G. Kaal where you can copy from DSK0. and browse through directories is better to copy multiple files to HRD / Floppy Disks, it solved my problem to copy easily from a PC via Wi-Fi to TIPI and then to the TI-99/4A
  13. Let me double check it, I got a feeling that the DU (Disk Utilities) was not a good version, will test it again tomorrow.
  14. Hi @jedimatt42 (I think I have some issues with my HRD3000), but if it is working, I got it to working now to copy several files easily between TIPI and HRD and/or Floppy Disks. and with step 9 with the DM2K v2.7 BETA it works so far I tested with DSK0.(thanks to @F.G. Kaal) 1. XB Suite v2.7 (with Speech enhancement, saying #Texas Instruments Home Computer#) 2. TIPI DSR CRU >1000 (and FDC on CRU >1100) 3. If TIPI has a DSK1. assignment (e.g to TIPI>DISK>DM2KV27 (but there is not LOAD program on the TIPI) Then it reverts back to the normal 5.25 diskette FDC DSK1. to load files (I tested BWG-Floppy Disk Controller DS/DD, but I can double test with Corcomp Floppy Disk Controller DS/DD and TI Controller DS/SD) 4. Note: TIPI assignments DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. DSK4. If there is no directory assignment on the TIPI, then it reverts back to the normal Disk controller and is the way to use the normal disk drives (in TIBAS or EXBAS -- CALL TIPI and remove the directory) (disk drives with controllers: BWG, CorComp, TI). I have a 5.25 Floppy Disk Drive on DSK2. And a 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive on DSK3. 5. I configured the Horizon RamDisk (with Rambo extension) on DSK5. and DSK6. 6. I use Disk Manager 1000 (on the XB Suite 2.7) to copy files between the normal Floppy Disk Controller (thus normal disk drives) and the Horizon Ram Disk. It seems that DM1000 prefers the FDC (on >1100) and not the TIPI (on >1000) 7. To copy files between TIPI and HRD, I use DM2K (v2.5 on the XB2.7 Suite UberGrom Module) (or download DM2K v2.6 with some improvements) Thus copying of (on the TIPI) of DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. DSK4. to HRD (thus TIPI is leading), but you cannot copy to a Floppy Disk drive as it is either TIPI having DSK1. or FDC having DSK1. depending on the CRU configuration for the TIPI (>1000 or >1800) (that problem is solved in step 9, by using DSK0.) Now with DM2K you can select multiple files and copy disks in 1 go to the HRD (DSK5. DSK6. Or whatever is allocated) (also note that ForceCMD can be used, but only 1 file at one time, however here you can indicate the DSR number, but it is a slow process to copy a whole disk). 8. Problem is to copy of the TIPI with DSK0. (and the whole directory behind it) DM2K (up to v2.6) can show DSK0. Directory like DSK0.DISK.DM2KV27 disks, but they cannot copy from here. 9. [BETA version] with DM2K V2.7 Now I can browse through the directory structure of DSK0. Like DSK0.DISK.DM2KV27 DSK0.DISK.MYARC and copy between directories (between DSK0.xxx.xxx) When TIPI is on >1800, I also can copy from DSK0. to the floppy drives (DSK1. Tested) It all looks good so far (only tested copy and rename on DSK0.) Thanks all to look into it and to get the issues solved, I can now easily copy many files (from PC to TIPI to HRD/Floppies)
  15. I tried several TVs, but same thing happens (also when not changing video mode, like leaving it on for a while it also looses the signal). I think it is the Geneve, but not sure.
  16. This "no signal" is still a problem 20200517_200201.mp4
  17. The Corcomp floppy diskcontroller is working now with Myarc. for DS/DD disks.
  18. (Myarc Repair tips (not selling)) First of all @Shift838 / Chris with his great support, I am trying to get my Geneve 9640 working. Until this weekend I came finally to a result I can work with the item (with a lot of troubleshooting cabling in between) I connect it via the GBS8200 v5 (repeat v5), the two v4 I got somehow I could not get a stable sync. (and the screen was kind of split in 4 parts and/or jumping all over) Situation: * Now I can get the screen, but it is still not stable (letters are moving)...I can live with it * but I still loose once in a while the signal (I start to doubt it is the cabling, especially the HS-Sync, I can do it one more time, but done so many times, that I think this is not the problem) Connectors, all seem to be okay. * is it the LCD-TV (VGA), I do not think so (I have tried 3x different type of TV screens) * is it the GB8200 v5? (maybe) * but can it be something someone experienced which is Geneve Card related? @fabrice montupet (I was actually expecting that after 20-30 years everything works in perfect condition like my TI-99/4As 🙂 but I have no clue about capacitors (and how many), I also read about a PAL-chip or so? * is it maybe better to test with the other jumper setting (to change from RGB to Composite ? and bypassing the GB8200 v5 device) ? * For the rest what I can see is the Geneve9640 working (with a normal TI FDC I can read disks MDOS 6.5 and load GPL and the TI) (I have not tried anything graphically) * TI FDC is working (floppy is 720k) * but I also tried the other FDC for DS/DD -- the BWG controller, Myarc gives an error and I tried the Corcomp FDC DS/DD same issue it does not work * and I have a Corcomp 512K ramdisk (but no powersupply, so need to fix this first to see if that load, it seems that Myarc sees it) (I have not tried the Horizon3000/Rambo Ramdisk, but I have some issues with that in my normal TI setup). Not sure which one I prefer yet in which box.
  19. Hi @mizapf is this already part of the latest MAME release, if so how do we start it and in which TI emulator?
  20. I was not able to convert to TIFILES in the webinterface of TIPI, but I downloaded them and converted them in TIDIR (they showed up as v9t9 file format) and became TIFILES then I uploaded them back again to TIPI (via the webinterface) and I was able to copy them with DM2K with ForceCMD it did not work to Horizon (I think I have Horizon Ramcard issues, but cannot pinpoint yet when the issue happens). but I could not run the DU2K directly from TIPI nor the DSK, so I think the files are corrupted, let me test in the weekend again, I have other DU2K files and do the process one more time. Also I will do my homework to read through all the TIPI updates again on AtariAge to make sure I asked questions which have not been answered before. So far I am happy with the TIPI with the card in the box, because it is a bit easier to transfer between PC and TI. (as I used to have TIPI as sidecar and the nanoPEB as sidecar and was transferring files only via the RS232 interface, it takes 15 min for 720k disks...), now it is faster (if the ramdisks work properly)
  21. (Sorry maybe not large in filesize) but I am unable to copy the DIS/FIX 128 files like DU2K, DU2L, etc. while the rest I could copy of the TIPI to disk. This video in the beginning is showing that I cannot read these files (also not with DM2K tool nor ForceCMD).
  22. (Sorry maybe not large in filesize) but I am unable to copy the DIS/FIX 128 files like DU2K, DU2L, etc. while the rest I could copy of the TIPI to disk. This video in the beginning is showing that I cannot read these files (also not with DM2K tool nor ForceCMD).
  23. It seems that copying Dis/Fix 128 is not working (I think I read somewhere that large files could not be copied) is that correct ? Also it seems I cannot copy with DM2Kv2.6 from DSK0.subdirectories (but I can list them) should this supposed to work to copy from DSK0. (or only from DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. DSK4.)
  24. Maybe the fixes are not applied, I found some docs about that, but need to study it (and see if I am able to fix it myself, I am not so good at these hardware fixes...) and kind of have it working (so try not to break things). http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/horizon.htm
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