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  1. In RetroPie it is possible to have a preview in picture or video format (see the sample with Alpiner).
  2. The joysticks i normally configure it via the Retropie menu. Controller input. To assign the movements and button. For the DB9 joystick with USB i have tested with 1, let me try tonight with 2x joysticks. I use the othet controllers to move through menus etc.
  3. Hmm, I just figured out I am playing the wrong game for Feb. 2020. (here is my TIX score - 7 Feb.) Rasmusr, I found some glitches in the game, like small area closure (still shows 02%) but do not get points, but fun game!
  4. I need to catch up. 2019 hardly had time. How is the 2018 score ?
  5. I fully understand the frustration...I though I packaged it well... my first boxes are coming in here and guess what, also my PEB is damaged with alumimum bended at the sides... and some other items are broken, but luckily not the important ones, that seems to be okay. I had 6x PEB boxes (of my father) and I wish I had more to send to you, but I have only 2x left here for myself (and after moving houses in Feb. I can start to get them operational again). and let me know where I can help. Send me the CN24 form of DHL, gonna complain to them.
  6. (it is not powered from the inside, used the TiPi USB interface (not in the picture) to power up the LED strip
  7. I got this one to work, but I could not get it to work in Classic99, JS99er.net, V9t9 I also noticed that the menu 2 option is sometimes different in description (It should show MECHATRONIC PS/EXTENDED BASIC) If it is MECHATRONIC EXTENDED BASIC (then it is a normal Silver one) and the Extended Basic Plus is I think another type of module.
  8. Let us know your further investigation and hopefully still everything works. (you might want to disconnect the 2x diskdrives first from the powersupply there are 4 screws on top to remove the diskdrives) and then test 1 by 1. You know this already, but just in case (best is to try 1 by 1 the PCB cards (first with Flex Interface only). then turn off box and use 32K, use Extended Basic, type SIZE to see if the 32Kb is visible, etc. to add cards or test them individually). Regarding DHL customer complaint/damage investigation process, I have DM-ed you with the CN24 form and I will follow-up with them with the rest of the process: https://www.dhlparcel.nl/en/consumer/start-investigation Actually I do not dare to ship internationally anymore with all these issues (hope my 11x shipments in the boxes arrive in 1 pieces and hope the local customs is not coming into play as always, via normal Postal services (e.g. from USA USPS to Thailand, they always keep it at the post office and I need to pay customs clearance, not worth it at all). Also I have some other TI-stuff, but will decide later to do the sales or not. I just sent 1x package to Europe (from Thailand) costed me USD 125 (for 1kg...) Once again let us know the progress.
  9. On the top the cover with all the holes in that, what happened there, did the metal let loose or so? I have never seen this (and I have had many PEB boxes in my hand). Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
  10. Geee....this is terrible, I hope he PCBs are still intact....It is terrible with the shipment companies...DHL most of the time goes okay thats why I use them, but they handover to local shippers in country....also to Italy 2x times issues and 1x France. Post NL already gave me more headaches where I completely lost boxes...2 came back luckily, others never found back (I can insure it...but the content is not easy to replace if they give money back). For DHL to report this issue at your end you need to fill a form with the local delivery company (I will sent one seperately to you), then I need to sent to DHL. (Also for Italy I still need to do it).....I thought I pacakged it enough with bubble wrapping it twice, but it sems they have been throwing it out of the airplane it looks like they do with luggage.....i am doing an international move and also shipping 9 boxes myself with 1x PEB in it...I already saw that 2x boxes are repackaged by DHL (Tijdingen binders and books are inside), crossing fingers they arrive here in Bangkok...they are almost 3 weeks on the way by airplane I guess... I searched for the pictures of your box (gamma box. Indicating handle with care). (Box pictures are without the drives in it, as mentioned this box does not generate enough power or so, i have made videos with 1 diskdrive getting external power and everything works) and think I also made pictures where the box is wrapped in plastic. (Already mentioned that the box is for 220V Europe and need to change to USA voltage, i pasted the yellow sticker on it). Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
  11. I like to read this business related books. I read it once on a small smartphone, but re-reading it again on a larger screen. Learn from the past and apply it today’s business Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Hi Sid, I did the earlier ones,but have not have a RPI4 myself. That will be later, but in the midst of moving back to Asia and need some time to pick up the TI hobby again. It are probably some settings in the config files of RPI, like HDMI settings, but also check options in TISim to go for full screen Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Hi Sid, I did the earlier ones,but have not have a RPI4 myself. That will be later, but in the midst of moving back to Asia and need some time to pick up the TI hobby again. It are probably some settings in the config files of RPI, like HDMI settings, but also check options in TISim to go for full screen Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Yesterday I did some tests, 1. with a big TV 🙂 2. FinalGrom with FbForth (works), note FG requires 32K, which comes from the NanoPEB (it works) 3. But I cannot access the diskdrive of the NanoPeb F18 V1 (it locks-up) (e.g. in ExBas it loads the file mgr, it shows the bluescreen, but not the menu) The NanoPeb works when I connect it to another computer, like my TI with F18A built-in. Fred Kaal mentioned that it might be that the NanoPeb V1 is adjusted for the F18 ? and that's the reason it does not work for the Mechatronic 80 Col. ?
  15. There is a way to see it in English (either via DHL usa site or so, or via the USPS website entering the "C...." number).
  16. I think I now have everything of TI-99/4a to sell online in ebay (and once I am in BKK in 2020 will see what I can sell more) as I am still shipping 4 boxes over with TI-gear. Ebay Link (in English)
  17. I still have 2x TI-99/4s (2x different types, 1 without the solid state cartridge, but with the volume slider, speaker inside, mic. connector and power output using the big pin hole) and another with the solid state cartridge (like the picture, with mic. connector, normal power and (no volume slider, no speaker). I cannot remember if I completely opened them up, but I can do it in 2020 as they are still in BKK, but now I am wondering if the volume slider one \ is a product one or engineering one. How to tell ? I thought volume slider ones were produced earlier than the covered solid state cartridge ones?
  18. Yesterday I already delivered it at the DHL service point with track & trace info. Ronald
  19. Oh my! wow you completely cleaned it up and added the button + led light and adjusted the 2x reset buttons. It looks very neat! Also I like your dedicated webpage with the "before" and "after" pictures. Last Saturday at the TI-GG gathering, I did a quick 80 column demo with the Mechatronic board that belongs to the Dutch TI-GG (now in possession by another TI-GG member). Also I found diskettes for the 80-col, but I need to go through it, last Saturday we did not had the DS/DD controller to test it, but I can dump diskettes here if I see something not covered yet in this thread.
  20. Mechatronic80.zip Probably I do not have time so sson to redo the scans (more people asked for it), but here is the 1 zip file.
  21. (I came along this, I did not validate it with the cable I made last time, but also @fabrice montupet mentioned that the audio have to be on certains PINs on the SCART interface to get audio).
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