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  1. I just went through the different Spreadsheets programs, the keyboard strip was made for SNAP-CALC (on TI-Office Disk 1) which runs in Extended Basic, so there is no official keyboard strip and it was hand-made. For references: SNAP-CALC FCTN keys: FCTN-1 = LOAD, FCTN-2 = SAVE , FCTN-3= DEL , FCTN 4= NEW (but it is CLEAR to break the program), FCTN-5 = CALC, FCTN-6=PRINT, FCTN-7= LOGIC, FCTN-8 = (not used) , FCTN-9= EXIT (program mentions HALT), FCTN-0 = (not used) , FCTN-= = QUIT (for reference here are the other Spreadsheet programs, Eric Bray mentioned) SNAPCALC or VECTORCALC It might be this one: TI-99/4A Calc (TI Basic) - the whole listing is published here" that only needs TI Basic on a barebone console & a cassette player/recorder
  2. Reprinting this strips on my father's console, but I cannot find this one which starts with Load and strip indicates B/C. Not too sure if it is a blank strip he made himself will check later.
  3. I used IrfanView to print the keyboard strips with these settings. 23.30 cm x 2.68 cm (on A4 Landscape)
  4. That was a cool video! I used to work at IBM in The Netherlands 1995-1999 and saw several familiar items (OS/2 Warp) and some other machines. If you ever come to The Netherlands you might like this museum: Bonami (old computer and old game computer museum), Zwolle, The Netherlands Here are 20 videos, but videos are not the same as walking around in the museum, amazing collection:
  5. @Schmitzi Good to meet up yesterday in Amsterdam! I found the lists with all the software, the most important one for the Mechatronic 80 (V9938 chip) is this PDF list: https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=504929 Other 80-Column related complete lists:
  6. My Mechatronic 80 Column Card uses MSX2 V9938 Yahama chipset
  7. @matthew180 Ahh, that probably explains why the 80 Column programs I have tested with the Mechatronic 80 Column card are not all working as it is using a MSX2 V9938 Chip (I just checked it on the board). Until now I saw that fbForth 80 Column works on both F18A (MK1) and Mechatronic 80. The rest of the programs which probably do not work on F18A (MK1), you can them here in this thread.
  8. If you do FCTN-= Quit, then you will see the menu option first in the FG99 (what do you see Parker Brothers or Tutankham ?) but with Test2 I believe my image works with a Speech Synth. It is the 32K that gives the problem.
  9. But the image I have on the FinalGrom is showing Tutankham (and not too sure if it is different than the one in the .zip file or an older version)
  10. In Classic99 I can load the files (and also see that I cannot shoot when moving up and down and only can shoot left to right) but I see a difference, the file on my FinalGrom has option 2 "Tutankham" but the .zip file has in the main titlescreen option 2
  11. @jwild I put the files on the Finalgrom from the zip file but FG does not list them in the menu somehow
  12. If I have the 32k+TIPI plugged in I also get garbage on the screen. It works without my 32k, thus only Finalgrom and a Speech Synth. plugged in. But I can only shoot left and right, but not up and down (not sure if I have an earlier version, but will try the .zip file here)
  13. Wow! It is a very fun game, I need to practice it more to do at least 1 cycle and it is already a new month!
  14. 1. PEB box painting to Beige: (on Facebook - Richard Pedersen / Mantadoc Mansion) https://www.facebook.com/groups/ti99ers/permalink/10153142300429844/ 2. What was the first Beige module released ? 3. and more Beige equipment to add to the picture Beige cassette cable (for 1 recorder) Does the SuperSketch count as Beige?
  15. Here is another disk with tools of Ton Brouwer, but I did not figured out yet how to get these programs to work (it seems that the TIWALT Extended Basic program is having an error) and there is a Script file with a sequence to load object files, but I cannot remember how to use it with UTIL commands. 0206-V9938-Demo-3D-Vector.dsk
  16. Telco v2.3 - Terminal Emulator with Mechatronic 80 Column Card TELCO.dsk
  17. (on the same Y.A.P.P. disk, see image above). GIF99
  18. Y.A.P.P. (Yet Another Painting Program) with the Mechatronic 80 column 0207-YAPP-YetAnotherPaintingProgram.dsk
  19. Mechatronic 80 Column Card, with Multiplan module (loaded from FinalGrom) and TIMP disk image loaded from the Atronics99 Disk Drive. TIMP disk is updated for 80 Column mode: TIMP80.dsk TIMP disk for 40 columns: TIMP.dsk
  20. To test Multiplan with the "TIMP" disk (meaning that the Multiplan module is searching for DSK.TIMP. which means that the disk can be in any of the diskdrive (DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. etc.) I wanted to use the nanoPEB (as TIPI is not be able to emulate a .dsk / image) However I am facing issues, see the video here:
  21. http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/speech/speech_console.html There are also beige cables, like for the Beige Cassette player/recorder I used to have the beige printer (MX-80 ?) Is this the picture of the backside of the Cardboard box of the beige TI ? (I do not have the box with me, but remember there is a similar picture). The beige monitor and beige PEB never were produced ? (but mantadoc painted one himself) This is the Hex-Bus adapter correct ?
  22. I am having issues to get the Mechatronic 80 Column card to work with the NanoPeb (both individually work all okay when I test it on another system. Also I checked different type of CRU settings). I can open TI-Basic (but have a blank screen, the button the Mechatronic 80 does not work with NanoPeb inserted, without nanopeb it works to get the TI-Basic screen. I guess something todo with the graphic mode. I can run a program you can see the screen go green) Extended Basic - same problem In Disk Utilities, I can only list DSK2 and DSK3, but it hangs on DSK1 Video: Does someone know what the 2x jumpers do on the NanoPeb? https://www.nanopeb.com/downloads/nanoPEB/docs/nanoPEB-SIO_V1.pdf I indicated the jumpers here in yellow (I only have the top jumper on my NanoPeb, but it seems to work normally)
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