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  1. Which Lotharek device do you have? (I have the TIPI PEB for my TI and a sidecar TIPI for my standalone TI's). It is more for my Geneve to be able to boot from floppy with key files if needed. The rest I do from HRD3000 but it need to reset it in a while and the rest i transfer via CFHDXS1 via serial of the PC. It seems my floppy drives and diskettes start to fail. Just copied over many disks, might be dirty, but it keeps giving issues.
  2. http://www.gotekemulator.com/P_view.asp?pid=55 SFR1M44-U100K it shows 80 sector and 160 tracks does this model work with TI or Geneve? my disk controllers are CorComp and BwG. Or what are the Gotek models people use? Or which Lotharek model? Is it just plug and play?
  3. I prefer my TI-99/4A with all upgrades. But with F18A I am still not be able to do all 80 column applications as was possible with the Mechatronic 80 col expansion (side car) I do not have experience with PEB box 80 col.cards. With the Geneve 9640 and MDOS and TI Mode I am able to do the 80 col. applications (still exploring if time allows), but if all 80 Col. work with F18A on TI I find it more easier to add Speech (for Geneve i have the rave99 adapter), use modules (Finalgrom, exbas 2.7 suite), TIPI, I have usee MYART programm and YAPP and SectorOne But want to try ABASIC and now just learnt of Lee which program to use to do compiling and linking (had no clue). Also I have all emulator versions that exist running on a laptop. To do comparisons or check if the program works or not.
  4. Confirmed it is a GBS8200 issue. I have the 80 mode working in Extended Basic (on stock firmware). But spent a lot of time upgrading the D1 mini. And trying out, but now i cannot get a stable screen anymore and one in a while loose the signal. Looks like a lot of fine tuning to get it stable again. Will try another GBS board.
  5. On the SECTORONE disk is a program, called DISP and TITLE to load a 16 color image. The source is there as well. Add it to AUTOEXEC Downside: * image loads only from DSK1. (Unless the source code is changed to DSKx.) And compiled to run in MDOS * 16 color image only. The Swan has higher colour resolution and not sure how to change to 16 colours, so now load the HDRAGON. It loads slowly building up line by line. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
  6. I think it is he GBS8200 device having issues with the sync. (I also used the GPL of the MAME). see video it first shows okay for a split second, then it syncs. to the corrupted one. @shift838 can you check EXB80DEMO with your GBS device to see if it works at your side? Otherwise maybe I will try to replace the VDP9938. 20210110_160833.mp4
  7. GPL Interpreter version 6.50 Modified June 30, 1996 (Ignore the errors on the screen, thats fixed after resetting all)
  8. Interesting game. Need to try it out. I am going to change my startup loader 'as it was a Dragon' to get this Geneve 9640 up running till now. Very stable now. Only this latest graphic issue. And was wondering if there is memory issue As my has the upgrade. But I see a different number here in the manual in CHKDSK in bytes free (my total memory is okay) see http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/geneve/geneve32k.html
  9. Hmm. Are there different GPL versions? I did not know that, maybe that is the issue. Need to figure out where the different software is. GPL,GPM,GPN,GPO. Maybe hijack of @mizapf disk as there it is working. My MDOS is 6.5 In MDOS Mode 40,60,80,90 are all the DIRs okay.
  10. I reinstalled the HRD3000, removed batteries, etc. then both SWAN and DRAGON (different resolution are okay in MYART). But the problem with EXB80DEMO exists, my gut feel is to do with the GBS8200 (v4) device not be able to sync. properly in this text/graphic mode when in GPL (TIMODE). In MDOS i tried different Mode 40, 60, 90, 80 all working fine when doing a directory listing.
  11. Removed and put the VDP9938 chip back. Now in MYART to load he swan comes back like this. Is this a memory issue or video chip issue?
  12. There is somehing wromg on my Geneve, VDP9938, GBS8200 ? as per previous post. These are the results with MAME emulator [email protected]
  13. The text is a bit shifted and you see at the lower right corner some pixels missing. When going back to Titlescreen also text is off. Then CTRL- SHIFT-SHIFT resets the screen and then back to the titlescreen is normal again. Something to do with a video / graphic mode or software?
  14. My Geneve (and Horizon3000) seems to be stable now, but still have some issues and curious if other people have the same experience? but I am not 100% if these are Geneve-card, VDP9938, GPL-mode, software or video GBS8200 device related (or maybe 1x graphic mode giving issues?). I tried to compare it with F18A on my TI (and with emulators, like Classic99, JS99er) (still need to try MAME Geneve 9640) * 80 Columns OKAY - In MDOS mode everything seems to be normal with 80 columns * ? - Tetris in a graphic mode give some graphic errors at the right screen. * OKAY - MYART - seems to work okay as far as I see, for both graphic modes to load pictures like SWAN, TIGER, DRAGON, etc. * OKAY - YAPP - seem to work okay (need a DSK1. with YAPP / DSR driver) to start. GPL: * GPL mode loaded XBEA modules 80 Columns * OKAY --- INFO (infocomm adventurer) loads okay for 80 columns (via EA option 5) * PROBLEM --- EXB80DEMO shows during start-up the 80 columns okay, then it shifts the characters (not 100% sure is it the Geneve or the GBS8200 device doing the conversion) or something with GPL. Does someone have the EXB80DEMO working on a Geneve? It is on the disk: 80-KOL.dsk * MAYBE OKAY? -- LINES;O (EA3) then START, seems to be okay, but lines are a bit broken (graphic mode?) * MAYBE OKAY? -- (via EA5) FRACTAL (PAL) seems to be fine with output ? ** screenshots in next post (as I need to upload them from my phone) Furthermore, it seems that QUIT does not work (ALT-9 or ALT-0), but have to use CTRL-LSHIFT-RSHIFT to go back to GPL mode. (maybe this is normal) Sometimes the software is kind of locked (or I cannot exit) and CTRL - LSHIFT - RSHIFT or CTRL-LSHIFT - DELETE do not work and I need to turn off the PEB box and reboot from here. (is that the reason people want to have reset button?)
  15. I did this a long time ago. Maybe it helps. More videos on my TI99 VIDEOS channel about EVPC
  16. Thank you, maybe something wrong with the chip maybe not a 9929, because in the PAL system it does not give any result.
  17. Thank you! So the reason 9929 does not work in a PAL European version of the TI is the frequency 60Hz ?
  18. Looks like RetroPie TI/Sim cannot handle the video procesing of Skyway properly? (Converted the .bin with option -9 to .ctg). 20210107_235526.mp4
  19. TI-99/4A USA console with composite cable output. TMS9929AN outputs in Black and White TMS9918AN outputs in Colour
  20. The issue: I used my TMS9928A (?) Chip of my European TI-99/4A in my European TI-99/4 computer to fix the VDP so these chips run on 50Hz and have the PAL Output (and the RGB / YPbPr). I ordered Chips from eBay (China ?) * TMS9918AN - https://www.ebay.com/itm/1PCS-TMS9918ANL-Video-Display-Processor-DIP40/320857330410 * TMS9929AN - https://www.ebay.com/itm/320853018123?ViewItem=&item=320853018123 Result on my European TI-99/4A - white stripes on the screen (looks like sync. issue). but I just tested in my USA TI-99/4A version (NTSC / 60 Hz) and got the TMS9918AN working okay (colours, etc.) but the 9929AN only outputs in Black and White (for the rest it is okay). Questions: 1. What is the reason for the Black & White output? Bad Chip? (cannot be the crystal as it works with 9918AN - or something else Frequency 50Hz/60Hz? 2. How can I identify a TMS99xx chip that supports PAL 50 Hz output for my European console ? (I asked already someone in Europe I send a lot of broken consoles to, to see if he has a spare TMS99xx chip for me) This table is a bit confusing, then the 9929A should not output Composite signal ? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TMS9918) Also I look around to figure out what the 9929 chip is: * First I thought it are fake chips I have to deal with. Detecting Fake chips:
  21. If you use Classic99 and set Joystick 1 and Joystick 2 to PC Keyboard. Then use Q and Y to shoot with either shooter and use the arrows to move them at the same time!
  22. The left player can shoot in 4x directions. The right player can only shoot left and right. Is that correct ?
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