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  1. If you use Classic99 and set Joystick 1 and Joystick 2 to PC Keyboard. Then use Q and Y to shoot with either shooter and use the arrows to move them at the same time!
  2. The left player can shoot in 4x directions. The right player can only shoot left and right. Is that correct ?
  3. @acadiel This month game competition is Black Hole. Do you know if the manual is online somewhere? .cc @pixelpedant @MarkSetGo
  4. I vaguely remember seeing a black and white kind of manual for it before. Seems we need a new skill to play with 2x hands in 1 go!
  5. I think there are plenty of games, if we run out of "modules", or newly created modules, then we can start with the Extended Basic converted "modules" which runs much faster now. PS. I am still trying to beat my own Munch-Man score (and found back a card...with a score higher than in this competition) and trying to beat the highest score I saw in one of the older magazines (somewhere posted earlier in this forum). The card is from 1983-1985 period
  6. Hi Mark, Not sure if we need to change to another game as in September 2015 we had a Miner2049'er competition (I love the game!), see link:
  7. No heatsinks installed (need to check if they have them on Lazada), but I put thermal grease (grey colour, not white) on the regulators (in between the board). What a relief it is much stable now... still have some hanging issue, but maybe it is the software itself or the HRD3000/Rambo. Most what I tested is okay. These are my tools used (I am not that professional as others doing all the hardware projects).
  8. I replaced these 4 x 5V regulators. (Not the 12V regulator)., found it difficult to desolder them and get them out (took 2 hours). Now replaced them and it seems the Geneve 9640 is much more stable and not hanging so far. I need to test it a bit more, but so far it looks okay. @InsaneMultitasker thank you very much for your guidance!
  9. First I thought it was Under-voltage detected issue Connected a screen and keyboard and saw that WiFi was blocked by rfkill. This website has the solution to copy the wpa_supplicant file to the boot directory. cd /etc/wpa_supplicant sudo cp wpa_supplicant.conf /boot After fix. Note it complains about the apache HTTP server, But works And also mapping the network drive works in windows \\
  10. I am using a RPI3b+. But I am having issues. Not sure it is the SD card 8GB. Now tried another card SanDisk 4Gb. Sometimes it just hangs in the TIPI interface and I am unable to get connected to WiFi (eg. After a write config it hangs). (My older image works all fine v10. 1.65) I can try to overwrite on this SD card to see if the SD card is the issue, but I doubt it.
  11. Just played Astro Fighter on RetroPi (TI/Sim) but miss the top of the shooter rocket somehow. Maybe issue with number of sprites used. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Just played Astro Fighter on RetroPi (TI/Sim) but miss the top of the shooter rocket somehow. Maybe issue with number of sprites used. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. For TIPI users. CALL TIPI("PI.HTTP://MYTI99.COM/CHESS") by Electriclab. V003. (Only the setup of queens are wrong. Queens chooses color. White queen on a white square at d1 and black on black square d8) and I believe certain moves don’t work like castling 0-0 and 0-0-0 and en-passant moves) but the setup is a great idea! (For non-TI. Chess I am using recently Lichess (userid Globeron) on Android, iOS or browser. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. For reference - saw this 9918 / 9928 article in Retromagazine 4 EN version. Page 5 to 7 https://www.retromagazine.net/download/RetroMagazine_04_eng.pdf
  15. Thanks Jens-Eike. I will check it again when back. Did not notice that earlier.
  16. I get this once in a while. My plan is to follow you to replace capacitors, but a bit afraid my board will not work after that anymore
  17. This is the original chip. I put the sticker on it as otherwise i cannot identify how to insert it.
  18. Exactly, the way how my father used this device I remember as a kid was as to use it as a portable device with a cassette recorder to load programs. at another location (events, etc.) but had to keep the power always on . I sold the device in the big sale last year. Just made the videos to share with everyone and to remember the device in action (on TI99 VIDEOS channel on youtube).
  19. I cannot read the label anymore on the chip, it is all washed out, but you are right I think I switched the numbers. European consoles Din 6 pin have YPbPr component output which works with GBS8200 Then it is probably a 9928 chip and it explains why the 9928A chip? of my european /4A works. (The earlier tests where with a chip of a /4A of the US, 5 Din plug which is 9918A and NTSC) I have another /4 of USA with a 5 DIN plug which works with a composite cable directly into the TV. (This one is then the one with the 9918 chip in it). There is somewhere a link which describes the differences between pins on the 9918 and 9928 chips. Edit: Link http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/tms9918a.htm
  20. Also noticed when assembling all together that the keyboard metal connectors touches the metal coverage and gives keyboard errors. Here it is fully assembled TI-99/4 with built-in Speaker and earpiece connector. 20201219_172951.mp4 This TI has the power connector with the BIG pin. As the original power brick was broken a long time ago a converter was made with a meanwell adapter.
  21. I have it working now, but only with GBS8200 device. First I replaced the crystal from another /4A, did not make a difference. Then replaced with another 9918A chip of my european ti/4a PAL. (maybe the other chip is a 9928 as that was a usa console NTSC) of another /4A, then it suddenly worked with the GBS8200, but the PAL is weird enough still black and white. Not sure if there is a difference? The original 9918 chip shows the screen completely scrambled. The /4 is a European console with DIN6 pin, But now with GBS 8200 is sharp (and a bit flattened colors as expected). Parsec still does not work with 9918A chip in a /4 console. Furthermore i wanted to troubleshoot with the F18A card, but I cannot fit it in a /4, because of the orange component.
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