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  1. Y.A.P.P. (Yet Another Painting Program) with the Mechatronic 80 column 0207-YAPP-YetAnotherPaintingProgram.dsk
  2. Mechatronic 80 Column Card, with Multiplan module (loaded from FinalGrom) and TIMP disk image loaded from the Atronics99 Disk Drive. TIMP disk is updated for 80 Column mode: TIMP80.dsk TIMP disk for 40 columns: TIMP.dsk
  3. To test Multiplan with the "TIMP" disk (meaning that the Multiplan module is searching for DSK.TIMP. which means that the disk can be in any of the diskdrive (DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. etc.) I wanted to use the nanoPEB (as TIPI is not be able to emulate a .dsk / image) However I am facing issues, see the video here:
  4. http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/speech/speech_console.html There are also beige cables, like for the Beige Cassette player/recorder I used to have the beige printer (MX-80 ?) Is this the picture of the backside of the Cardboard box of the beige TI ? (I do not have the box with me, but remember there is a similar picture). The beige monitor and beige PEB never were produced ? (but mantadoc painted one himself) This is the Hex-Bus adapter correct ?
  5. I am having issues to get the Mechatronic 80 Column card to work with the NanoPeb (both individually work all okay when I test it on another system. Also I checked different type of CRU settings). I can open TI-Basic (but have a blank screen, the button the Mechatronic 80 does not work with NanoPeb inserted, without nanopeb it works to get the TI-Basic screen. I guess something todo with the graphic mode. I can run a program you can see the screen go green) Extended Basic - same problem In Disk Utilities, I can only list DSK2 and DSK3, but it hangs on DSK1 Video: Does someone know what the 2x jumpers do on the NanoPeb? https://www.nanopeb.com/downloads/nanoPEB/docs/nanoPEB-SIO_V1.pdf I indicated the jumpers here in yellow (I only have the top jumper on my NanoPeb, but it seems to work normally)
  6. The beige version is a good idea. Also include Joysticks and Speech Synthesizer. Is there a certain order how to connect them? And maybe take a screenshot of the CRU addresses as well ?
  7. How many minutes, hours, days you were playing ?
  8. Oh yeah...hahaha, sorry for posting it here...that's what happens when things get connected to the internet 🙂
  9. Thank you for the clarifications! (I will try to load these files via a NanoPEB to see if I get it to work).
  10. Other programs for 80 Column, but I did not manage yet to get them to work: 1. Multiplan with disk (disk is based on name and not on number. DSK.TIMP.xxx) 2. TurboForth 80 Column 3. Telco V2.3 (Terminal Emulator) 4. Menu (but is for Myarc Geneva9640 MDOS). However for the F18A there is a 80 Column Menu system (not too sure if it works with the Mechatronic 80 Column Card) If there are any other 80 Column programs let met know (Direct Message me and I will post them here if they work with the Mechatronic 80 Colum)
  11. X80 demo (Alexander Hulpke, Germany) Note: you need to load the X80 library first. 10 CALL INIT 20 CALL LOAD("DSK1.X80") X80.dsk
  12. I had not heard of it before, but sounds cool. I visited a few other Computer Museums (2x the Computer History Museum https://www.computerhistory.org/, San Jose, California, USA), 2x the Bonami Computer Museum (https://computermuseum.nl/ in Zwolle, The Netherlands), 1x BINARIUM Museum (https://www.facebook.com/MuseumBINARIUM in Dordtmund, Germany), 1x Computerspielemuseum (http://www.computerspielemuseum.de/1210_Home.htm Berlin, Germany), 1x (in a shopping mall, Kampii?) in Helsinki, Finland. (in 3x Nationaal Video Gamemuseum (https://www.nationaalvideogamemuseum.nl/ in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands). and the TI-99/4A stuff at my father's house/place in Zoetermeer 🙂 You might like this playlist (20 videos of my last visit at Bonami):
  13. Do other people have this issue with TIPI 1. Programs like DiskManager, GIFVIEW, etc. cannot view the files on DSKx. It gives I/O errors, but loading the files (if you know the name is no issue). 2. How to use Multiplan with a TIPI and a Multiplan disk stored on it (either 40 or 80 Column) as it need to find DSK.TIMP.filename. (so it uses a diskname and not a number like 1,2 or 3)
  14. There are 2 issues I see so far in TIPI Chess. 1. Setup is not always correct (like in this picture the queen's are on the wrong colour. The queen choses color. Which means in the initial position the white Queen should be on D1 and the black queen on D8). 2. I cannot do a roccade. Ilegal move. Which means move the King from D1 to B1 first and then move the Rook to C1. (Note it is also possible to do it with the other Rook). There are some other related rule, like King never moved. No check. No field being occupied/attacked. Etc.
  15. GIFVIEW for Editor Assembler Disks and video per below: 0127-XB-80Column-GifViewer.dsk 0183-MYART06.dsk 0182-MYART05.dsk 0181-MYART04.dsk 0180-MYART03.dsk 0179-MYART02.dsk 0178-MYART01.dsk
  16. Extended Basic demo 80 Columns (and LINK library) Disks and video per below: 0127-XB-80Column-GifViewer.dsk
  17. Programs for the TI-99/4A with Mechatronic 80 Column Card (and I guess any card with a V9938 Chipset). Funnelweb 4.4 with 80 Columns loading from the TIPI / RPI (the original file on FTP.WHTECH.COM was to large to unpack on the TIPI? I splitted it into two files and then via SSHv2 logged into the RPI and merged them together into 1 directory. Disk images and video below: Funnel81.dskFunnel80.dsk
  18. Rasmus - it looks like the "Lives" counter is not correct, when playing and I still have Lives:01 then the game ends.
  19. Mechatronic 128K Ram card (and Centronics PORT / PiO) It does not have a battery, so when the power is taken off the card, the programs stored in memory (DSKR = Disk Ram - are gone) Mechatronic-128Kbyte_and_centronics-(Man_and_addon_sheet)-(Ger).pdf To see the contents: DELETE "CATALOG" (strange way to list a directory) DELETE "RAMFORM" (wipes everything on the Ramdisk DSKR) SAVE DSKR OLD DSKR Video:
  20. It seems Bouncy is slower on the TI-99/4A with Mechatronic 80 Column Card, compared to F18A Card. (Both TIs are USA Consoles/5 DIN plug). Managed to get level 8. Score 23286
  21. My card with a Power On/Off switch 1. Dip Switch Bank 2, the 2nd switch (Keyboard Interrupt need to be in OFF position to use the left key to correct from graphics mode to normal mode). It is written wrong (opposite) in the manual. The key is needed when going to TI-BASIC for example and you get the graphic (purple) screen lock 2. NTSC mode is sharper on the LCD (compared to PAL), Dip Switch bank 2, Switch 1 in ON position 3. Screen Adjustments can be done using DipSwitch Bank 1.
  22. More videos where I tested combinations with Atronic CPS99 system (32K + Diskdrives + RS2323) Mechatronic 80 Column Card, Mechatronic 128K Ram (32K + 3x 32K banks to store files. DSKR + Centronics "PORT" (PIO)) 1. 2. 3.
  23. Yesterday I swapped the Mechatronic 80 card and TI-99/4A as they are my father ones (and got my own system back, see other upcoming videos as the card has an on/off switch and the DipSwitch 3 has red switches). Here is my father's system in action:
  24. Finally, made the complete cable including audio * video comes from the Mechatronic 80 Column card. to SCART/RGB * Audio from the TI - USA version console 5 DIN-port Pin-3 (Audio) and Pin-2 Ground to the SCART/RGB (pin 2 - Audio In Right channel and Pin 4 Audio Ground)
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