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  1. Hi Rasmus, Can you help to try these steps to see if you have the same result (to verify if CALL functions first work, then dissapear)? (do not turn off the console in step 1 and 2) 1. Load the "XB27NOMENU.dsk" (image is somewhere in this thread) (test in XB the CALL NYANYA function), then FCTN-= (QUIT) Expected result: it works (and all other tools as well DEC-2-HEX, etc) 2. Load the latest 060515XB27.dsk (or 090515XB27.dsk) (test in XB the CALL NYANYA function), then FCTN-= (QUIT) Expected result: it works (and all other tools as well DEC-2-HEX, etc) 3. turn off/on the console Expected result: now CALL functions and DEC-2-HEX does not work anymore 4. The only way to get the CALL function to work again, is to always to make use of step 1 first (there is something in XB27NOMENU that triggers it to get the CALL functions to work again, if you directly upgrade using later dsk then the CALL functions will not work from the start)
  2. I am trying to get the 050615XB27.dsk transferred via an RS232 connection and VDM99 via the PEB to the disk, but trying for 2 hours and not being able to manage it yet (it could be a disk-drive, or disk problem/media problems), normally it works. Also I was incorrect that the nano-Peb was causing the blank screen issue when starting the TI (this is the console doing it). I will try other consoles tomorrow. I noticed that the QI-version reacts differently to the XB27NoMenu.dsk (where the other consoles hang, this one gets it loading). I need to find a way to isolate the issue, the verifiers are really helpful.
  3. Hi Gazoo, * green ROM verification screen using both XB27 modules (running the May 6, 2015) version. (and also green doing the XB27NOMENU and 050615XB27 upgrade) all Green * F6 GROM verification, both red colour again * both chipsets have the same number: 1. 3X3033-35452B and 1-F1404 03 (at the bottom of the chip) (I also figured out for the replacement module that the chip was not pressed until the bottom, I pushed a bit harder as it was loose, so this module was a wonder it was working). The other module everything looked okay to me. 2. Still same situation (after the upgrades and verifications - BEFORE turning off the TI-99/4A) Option W - Dec-2-Hex works CALL NYANYA in XB works, CALL MOUNT for NanoPEB etc. 3. after turn on/off the console, then I loose the CALL functions again and also Dec-2-Hex hangs (I only see the titlescreen) 4. Question: I see jumpers on the XB27 suite cartridge, and not sure what it means, but is this a "Write lock" or something like that. (e.g. It looks to me that something is not stored permanently on the module? or in a kind of RAM or FLASH memory, which disappears after the turn on/off the console). 5. Or something during the "boot" process of the module, it maybe wipes something ? (Is there a difference in starting the module when pressing FCTN-= QUIT, like a WARM reset) vs a hard reset (button off / on) ? 6. I am now going to the last recommendation, I pulled the 20 kg? kilo PEB box with ventilator noise from the store-room now, and try to save everything to a diskette and try to do it again, to see if it makes a difference (thus NanoPEB vs real-solid-TI-PEB) Just kidding, thanks for all the good work, I learnt a lot more about the modules, memory, chips during this process, very interesting (also I have been watching the videos of Craig Miller on Youtube, but the voice is hard to hear)
  4. I noticed this, when I replaced to the original chip, that 1 pin first did not go in correctly, then I managed to get it in the socket. Another day the cartridge fell of my table and the chip came out of the socket. So I guess I have this type of chipset (?). But the other original module (nothing happened to this), has the same issues (I always test with both modules), but the act the same
  5. Or has the Flashing something to do with this in the GROMCFG ? I have no clue what this means either (F7 -> Advanced) ^B Bases : on ^R Recovery: on ^G Rollover: off ^F Flash Dev: On
  6. Hi Gazoo, Thank you for this verification page, that's good. 1. I keep getting the red-screen. (also unplugged the power supply, the nano-peb, etc. the module) tried the XB27NOMENU option and then upgrade, etc. 2. What do you mean by "Flash" the cartridge as before (is there a command to erase all configs on the module, like a low format ?) or do I need to make use of the dip-switches on the module to "reset" something (I have not clue what the dipswitches mean and keep them as is) 3. In the mean time I found out the issue the first time the screen gets blank after 1 sec. that is caused by the NanoPEB. (not sure if someone else has this issue, or do I need to do a software upgrade for the NanoPEB?? Is that possibly the issue ?) 4. In the weekend I will try the normal PEB option with the Floppy Disk, hope that works.
  7. FYI - Using the XB27NOMENU.dsk - all the same results here as before everything works until the power off/on then the CALL function does not work - I tried 2x TI-USA consoles (silver/black and beige) - and the 1x TI-USA QI version (beige) - also I removed the speech synthesizer between the nano-peb and TI. * Only thing to try is with the real PEB and floppy disks (but that takes some time to setup for me and to get the image to the floppy disk need to do it in the weekend)
  8. Summary: 0a. Black/silver TI-99/4 (not 4a) with the volume slider (like this one: https://archive.org/details/Texas_Instruments_TI-99_4a_TOSEC_2012_04_23) 0b. Black/silver TI-99/4 (not 4a) with the solid state software badge (like this one: http://www.99er.net/graphics/994.jpg) 1. Black/silver with solid state software badge on the lower part of the cart port (near the power switch). 2. Black/silver without the solid state software badge. These are newer (as explained by Ksarul) 3. Beige with 1981 internals 4. Beige QI non-v2.2 (1981) 5. Beige QI 1983 v2.2 See also this website (click around under micro-ordinateurs, etc., at the bottom there is a separate geneve page as well) http://www.ti99.com/zoneti.htm - TI-99/2 - TI-99/3 - TI-99/4B - TI-99/4C - TI-99/5 - http://www.ti99.com/ti995cm.htm - TI-99/7 - TI-99/8 - http://www.ti99.com/ti998cm.htm - Geneve 9640 - several pages (under micro ordinateur) - separate: http://www.ti99.com/geneve/ (note the French and English pages are different) - Others - CDC 99/4A - Tomy Tutor - Clones - Cor-Comp 99/64 (phoenix) - Tex-Comp TC-99/9 Then there is also a EVPC (but that is a board for the PEB box)
  9. (somehow I am not allowed to paste pictures in this message box, I only can link to URLs? ??) 1. Currently I have 2x beige ones (1x with copper springs, 1x new one with silver springs at the I/O port = QI, Quality Improved version), One has a blue colour indicator next to the power on/off button, the other a red colour indicator but so far I did not find the beige QI version, running the V2.2 software. I bought them for my kids to continue the TI story, hope these last for another 30+ years. 2. Have you seen the person (in Denmark) who completely spray-ed his silver PEB box into Beige colours, really nice job done ! Search on "beige" or "Mantadoc Mansion" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2209774843/ 3. Does someone know what the "switch is on the back" of the Hexbus device? and how does the CF-card connect to the PCB inside the Hexbus (the other picture does not have an interface) or is it a nano-PEB inside ? 4. Currently the way I need to protect my nanoPEB from a 3.5 year old kid is using the "Lego-Zoo-NanoPEB" protection cover: Search on "Lego-Zoo" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2209774843/ 5. My father has these beige Commodore 64 "The Arcade" Joysticks looks nice with a beige TI-99/4A I found a picture here: http://www.richardlagendijk.nl/foto/cip/joystick_arcade_01.jpg I think these were only sold in The Netherlands (company called Suzo, I only have black ones, really work good, ... sorry the one who designed the TI-99/4A joysticks were "a pain in the hand") btw - I have never seen the TI-99/4 joysticks (http://www.ti994.com/1979/peripherals/)
  10. Can you try this by loading it (and not turning off the TI), just FCTN = (QUIT), then the calls work fine for me (I did a few "soft resets", etc.) then all seems to work until I turn off the TI (? means something is not saved properly in the Flash or something?). I will try the other consoles to see if it is the same.
  11. Summary: 1 - CALL functions works starting from XB27NOMENU ---> 050215XB27 upgrades as long the TI-99/4A is not turned off (after the turn off / on - CALL functions hang the TI). 2 - Also I see the RAM0 and RAM1 moving addresses between the different upgrades. (and 1x time a RAM0 where the FLASH is located) 3. Furthermore I wonder when the GROMCFG tool is used GROM + EEPROM A until P are loaded (16 parts), while the GROM.dsk 1:1 loading only has 0-9, A-E (with are 15 parts) DETAILS ----------- Tests with and without the nanoPEB connected ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. I reloaded the "XB27NOMENU".dsk again first (as long I keep the computer on, the CALL NYANYA, etc. works okay) the moment I turn off/on the TI-99/4A, then it hangs on the CALL functions. 2. Also I tried Ralf's method (using the XB27NOMENU) and NO NanoPEB connected. Now I can still see the menu options (like Extended Basic 2.7, Review Module Library and I can go through the menus, like TI-Writer/Assembler, Menu, etc.) 3. using the 1st option (XB27 + review module library) sometimes I can get into the XB mode and do commands like SIZE, etc. sometimes not, then it hangs with a blank screen. Also it looks like there is a difference when I start XB27 from the 1st menu (with the Review Module Library) compared to the one listed in "MENU - option A" (the latter does not start, as it checks 32K?) 4. Now with Nano-PEB connected, I also see it the other way around > the XB27 with the review module library does not come up (blanks/hangs) when using the option > but with the "Menu" - "option A", then it loads XB27 and disks, correctly etc., but still no CALL function. 5. Note: also in the XB27NOMENU after a hard off / on, the main titlescreen blanks after 1 sec. until I press a buttion (no matter if the nano-PEB is connected or not). 6. Using "Menu" - "option A" (XB27) loading the "XB27NOMENU.dsk" (Question: why it is loading GROMs A until P and EEPROM A until P, which are 16 in total) While the Grom.dsk only has 0-E (15 in total) After loading this disk I noticed that >9804 does not list the RAM0 ("6") and RAM1 ("8") anymore (which i saw earlier when doing 1:1: GROM updates), but they are now at >9820 RAM0 ("6") and RAM1 ("8") and there is a new one RAM0 at >983C ("E") After turning on/off the TI > the XB27 (with review library does not work anymore) > only the Menu with A option, which loads after reloading GROMCFG then I see at >983C "E" called Flash (and not RAM0 anymore) > now reload the XB27NOMENU dsk GROMs again > now the the XB27 option (with review library) works again ??? the memory looks like: >9820 RAM0 ("6") and RAM1 ("8") and there is still the >983C "E" called Flash FCTN = (quit) and > now the the XB27 option (with review library) > CALL NYANYA works > now the the XB27 via Menu "option A" > CALL NYANYA works >> load the 050215XB27.dsk again > reload FCTN = > load GROMCFG. > now at >9804 the RAM0 ("6") and the RAM1 ("8") and >983C "E" called Flash > XB27 menu option A > CALL NYANYA works > turn off / on the TI > CALL functions do not work anymore.
  12. In addition to this: >> The latest few have had 4/26/15 on them all In the menu it indicates: "Navarrone" should be with 1x R --> "Navarone" (just double checked the name on the module extender)
  13. Hi Gazoo, Appreciate all your fast replies and options! I just tried them. 1. I did the upgrade to 050215XB27.dsk, but have the same as "OLD CS1 #342", DEC2HEX loads, but locks. (and the other item CALL functions hang the system in XB27). 2. Also I noticed (since day 1 when I received the XB27 modules, is that when I turn off / on the TI-99/4A, then XB27 menu comes up, then it blanks until I press a button, then the menu is back), as long as the TI is on and do resets FCTN-=, etc. once the menu comes back, then it does not blank (only during the turn on/off console) 3. Also I did the GROM 1:1 upgrade as in Gazoo #335 method but still the same result (CALL functions do not work and Dec2HEX hangs) (I am using the nanoPEB, I need to try tomorrow with the original PEB/32K box) IMPORTANT is Skip GK header ? N First I used Yes, but then I saw a screen with "Blasto" (Grom E) and shifting then I re-wrote all GROMs again with GK Header is No (so that it matched the Blasto view) GROM0 >9800 GROM1 >9800 GROM2 >9800 GROM3 >9800 GROM4 >9800 GROM5 >9808 GROM6 >9808 GROM7 >9808 GROM8 >9808 GROM9 >9808 GROMA >980C GROMB >980C GROMC >980C GROME >9810 GROMD >9814 5. Just out of curiosity (not related to the XB27 issues per above), but it triggered me doing the GROM updates: Question "GK" Header stands for "Gram Kracker" correct ? (Sorry I am a newby here, but does it mean you can write Gram Kracker files to this module ? ) (also I saw the 2x RAM0 and RAM1 -- I have an EA+8K RAM module, are these the same banks (does it mean in theory a EA+8K ram can be programmed?)
  14. Hi - sometime ago I put a (work-in-progress) document together how to transfer files between PC-TI (e.g. using all non-modded hardware) - see page 4 onwards using VDM99: * www.globeron.com/freedownload/TI-99-4A-PC-transfer-v1.12.pdf But I think you need this one: See page 27 - Omniflop (got this info from Ralf Schmitz) to write directly to a floppy in TI format Other useful tools are TIDIR 5.5b (from Fred Kaal), page 30
  15. Hi Ralf, Good job!!! It works like a charm. (I have not tested everything, but this makes it easier for people to install and configure with the working hardware, as via the GUI (QME), sometimes if you change hardware, then it does not start anymore. btw - With the Geneve, selecting Games and TI Invaders I noticed using keys Q to fire and S, D to move, if you press both Q and D (right), it moves suddenly left, but that is probably a Geneve/GPL/TI problem ? For the keyboard I select "Natural" (= Original) to NO, because the "natural" = Yes does not work on my laptop.
  16. Hi Gazoo, I hope this helps in the further analysis to check if it is a hardware or a software issue? Other people do not have this issue correct ? ** Current workaround. Everything works in the XB27 modules ("1" dir, F5), the BOOT, etc. Except CALL functions do not work (like CALL NYANYA) after a TI-99/4A hardware switch on/off but via TIBAS I can do the CALL MOUNT functions for NanoPEB. 1. I changed to a normal PEB system (with 32K, RS232, P-Code, DiskCntrl, Interface cabling to TI) The same situation with the XB27 Suite. No CALL functions anymore. 2. I opened the earlier one XB and changed to chipsets again (the not approved ones), then the module worked again with the CALL functions >> I saved this config to disk (to see if I reload this config to the other module to see if it fixes it). 3. saved it back to the original chipsets (I used the other original XB27 module) still no CALL functions 4. I tried to use the module with the (not approved chipsets) again and to my surprise now this module also does not have the CALL functions anymore? (and I cannot get it to work). I do not understand the logic what can caused it? (maybe the Save function in GROMCFG? but that one only should read data) I put back the original chips in this module (still no CALL functions). 5. I notices there are jumpurs on the module: > write enable/disable > reset > another one Both modules have the same jumper settings. Is there something here what need to be resetted ? I also unplug and plug-in back the XB27 Chip and the Atmal chip, no successful result. 6. Or try the "042815XB27 DIS/FIX 128 file" once available (or is it somewhere located on the forum (note the 0428....dsk contains a 0426 file)
  17. The CRC would be helpful! ** Now I bricked one of the XB27 modules, but luckily managed to get it back using the Navarone Module extender (see procedure below) as the BASICLOADER does not load. 1. It seems the main problem I have is > Everything works normal with all the upgrades, until I switch off/on the TI. > Then the module still works with Menu, etc., but I loose the CALL functions in XB. Other observations: 1. There are 2x versions of XB27MENU (1. One included in the Extended Basic Suite version .zip file, called XB27Upgrade, smaller case letters) (2. one indication "XB27UPGRADE (all capital letters) One of them completely bricked my XB27 (I only had a TI Basic menu, and no way to load GROMCFG because the "BASICLOAD" did not work (I tried all versions XB27NOMENU.dsk, XB27UPGRADE.dsk (and XB27Upgrade.dsk), 042615XB27.dsk) no of them loads (I do not get the string mismatch error anymore, but screen remains black after starting) >> now the modules is bricked.... (the module was always inserted in the slot directly) > Recovery (it was mentioned that the Navarone should not be used with XB27, but it helped to recover my XB27 module!) > Procedure. > Navarone + EA module in slot 1 (I only have an EA-8Krom built in version), but guess it works with a normal EA as well > Option 5. DSK1.GROMCFG (I used the one on XB27NOMENU.dsk) > now the program started > plug in the bricked XB27 module in slot 3 of the Navarone carefully > unplug the EA module from slot 1 carefully > Now you only have the XB27 module in the Navarone, switch the selector to position 3 carefully > Now CTRL L (and DSK1.XB27NOMENU) > After succesful reading GROMs and EEPROMs, > the module has the config again (pfffff!) > remove the Navarone module extender > plug the XB27 module back in the console port for verification. (it was mentioned that Navarone Extender can be used with ONLY the XB27 module in it, so that you can use the handy "reset" button) but I prefer not to use the Navarone with XB27. XB27NOMENU * I noticed that the XB27 option does not load (blank screen), but with REVIEW module library continue until you see "MENU", then you see option A XB27 and that works. after a reset, the module only comes back with the MENU (and not anymore with the "noMENu option) I am wondering if I miss steps somewhere, after the grom updates, I press FCTN = (QUIT), or do I save first something on the module (to avoid that after an off/on switch, the CALL functions dissapear)
  18. Hi Gazoo. Q1: Is there another 042815XB27.dsk with a 042815XB27 filename on it? (mine only has a 26 version on it) Q2: Maybe it has to do with the nanopeb-CFcard? Q3: the CALL functions, I loose them after a turn off / turn off scenario (I think that's the only time I consistenly can replicate the issue, for both modules) I double checked, I used the "28" 042815XB27.dsk, but the filename on the disk (to upgrade the XB27 modules) is still showing "26" >> 042615XB27 496 DIS/FIX. The .dsk I copy directly to the CF-card from the PC (with TIDIR5.5b from Fred Kaal) and I can load the GROMCFG files. (is this maybe the problem, that the disk is not copied properly? I have no other way to copy files to CF-cards (last thing I can do is format the whole CF-card) Directory of D:\TI\XB27Suite\DISKS\042815XB27.dsk Name Size Type Attr Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BASICLOAD 9 PROGRAM 2157 P GROMCFG 32 PROGRAM 8192 P GROMCFH 32 PROGRAM 8192 P LOAD 4 PROGRAM 1009 P 042615XB27 496 DIS/FIX 128 P * yesterday everything worked okay, but * this morning I took out the CF-card from the nanopeb (to copy the "BOOT" program on a disk) * plugged everything back in, * but I noticed that both XB27 lost their "CALL" functions again (like CALL MOUNT, CALL NYANYA hangs, everything else is working ("1" for dir, F5 Bert/Ernie, Spacebar, Menu, etc.) ** I did not check if the CALL functions were working before I removed the CF-card, etc. * Now (via TIBASIC), selected the disk that has BOOT on it * BOOT loads correctly * I cannot use "C" Extended Basic (it shows stripes on the screen, blanks and comes back to "BOOT"), maybe because XB27 boots the BOOT disk. * I can press spacebar (and with the Review library can go through the options and back to Menu) Recovery * after the same recovery procedure, the call functions worked again Lost call functions * then I did some tests (F5 Bert & ernie), then turned off the power of the TI-99/4A (during Bert & Ernie) * now the CALL functions do not work anymore (it hangs the system) * did the recovery again (XBNOMENU and the 042815XB27.dsk) all works again * CALL functions work, but when doing a "1" (directory) halfway it hangs during the listing, then it resets automatically to the XB27 menu screen but "2" and "3" works to list the directory. This seems to me a CF-card issue. I maybe need to reformat the whole CF card first. * after playing the Bert & Ernie completely and back to the Menu, then the CALL functions still work. but when switching the TI off (during the Bert & Ernie), then the CALL functions do not work anymore (it is related to turn-on/off) It is a bit strange problem, I will format the CF-card again, then do the process again with turn on/turn off, maybe that fixes it. (like you mentioned, maybe the disk volume is corrupt)
  19. The TI-model with the EVPC Manuals are located here, but I do not know in MESS how to change the dip-switches, it is not indicated in the GUI, maybe via the command prompt. 1. http://home.arcor.de/system-ninety-nine-user-group/evpc/evpc_e.pdf 2. http://home.arcor.de/system-ninety-nine-user-group/evpc/evpc2hw_e.pdf
  20. See the 2x videos --- I can package this as well, then you have the GUI with pictures of all the TI's (I copy and paste here from FaceBook) - It is important that your GeneveBoot disk has the GPL files (which does not come on the disks distributed on WHTECH, etc.) Luckily Fred Kaal pointed me to this. I have only be doing the GUI version, Ralf doing the batch mode version, which is great! http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/TI99EmulatorsMESS.mp4 Video explanation of MESS 0.157 + QMC2 0.47 running TI-99/4, TI-99/4A, TI-99/4A-QI, TI-99/4A+EVPC, TI-99/8, Geneva 9640 and the available slots plus cards for the emulated PEB box (Disk controllers, TI/Myarc, Horizon-, Myarc Memory Expansion, Multi-module switch ("Navarone"), 32K, P-Code, TI-RS232/PIO, SNUG EVPC, etc.). It takes some time to set it up, but this is how to get to the command prompt ... (I have not figured out how to get into TIMODE yet on the Geneva, Fred Kaal gave me some hints on the AUTOEXEC, but I think I still miss some GPL files). Ronald van Kleunen Part 2 --> MESS Emulator -> Geneve 9640 -> How to start TIMODE using the GPL interpreter + a familiar celebration at the end. www.globeron.com/freedownload/TI99EmulatorsMESS-part2.mp4
  21. After the upgrade, I also had the problem on the original module XB27, that the CALL functions do not work and eventually the module start to behave strange Q: Could all these issues have to do with the Speech and nano-PEB connected, or swapping with 2x XB27 modules? or does something stick in the memory of the TI-99/4A or nano-PEB 32K? RECOVERY PROCEDURE I was able to recover with the "XB27NOMENU" version, because the XB27 did not work "Extended Basic v2.7 Suite complete package.zip" * only via the TI Writer / Assembler (option B) I was able to load GROMCFG * the XB27 was all "Kaleidoscope" (all colours over the screen and could not get in XB2.7 mode..) * TIBAS loads, but with BASICLOAD only gave a blank screen Now after the XB27NOMENU, everything seems to be okay, but * BASICLOAD gives an String number mismatch in 20 (I tried also other BASICLOAD, e.g. from the 042615XB27, and gives the same error) > then (change disks in nanopeb) to load the 042615XB27 version again After this everything seems to be normal again. > functions like 1 work to list the disk > functions like F5 the Bert & Ernie (is this the Easter Egg? as in the doc?) > CALL NYANYA, etc. works all normal again. > but still I did not figure out how to get the Boot menu working, I probably need something like another .dsk The 2nd XB27 module (with the exchanged chipsets) is also working now after following this "recovery" procedure (using XBNOMENU and 042615XB27)
  22. 1. I think I am missing something. The BOOT programme itself (after pressing Enter in XB27 nothing happens) 2. Is it the .dsk mentioned here? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/229451-bootmenu-source/ (I tried this to copy to the nano-PEB, but it looks like garbage, but on the laptop with TIDIR, I can see the content and there are files 44BOOT1 and 44BOOT2 are these the ones ? 3. Or is it another .dsk ?
  23. Hi Gazoo, I managed to get the "042615XB27.dsk" running on the XB27 (selecting 1 is a good option to see the disk directory, great function!) but I am having another issue 1. The issue I think was already there, before the software upgrade. My XB27 (where we exchanged to original chips as per FB discussion), can load dsks, etc. but cannot do CALL functions (e.g. CALL NYANYA, or any other CALL MOUNT(1,1) for NANOPEB, etc., all CALL functions freezes the module and I need to switch on/off to load again) 2. I have the 2nd XB27 (luckily I ordered that at the same time, original shipped last time) to compare it, that one works okay with CALL functions. For the module where chips have been exchanged, is there something else I need to do? Maybe re-image the module again? so that the CALL functions work? Thanks a million. I love this module, the first one I see to program it from software via the console port!
  24. Thanks for the fast reply! (sorry I am a bit careful doing these steps to avoid that I don't break the XB27 module) I need to use the .dsk in the other thread correct as it is better to load everything into the 15K ? Then CTRL-L and I enter DSK1.XB27MENU (or do I need to load another filename?) The other menu items, like : > Show directory > Display a file > Run a program * will come automatically in the menu and then I can add more programs with CTRL-L? Q2: the original XB27 Menu will remain correct? (like in the video with all the options) Q3: will also the games remain (2nd screen, when pressing the space bar)
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