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  1. Yesterday I swapped the Mechatronic 80 card and TI-99/4A as they are my father ones (and got my own system back, see other upcoming videos as the card has an on/off switch and the DipSwitch 3 has red switches). Here is my father's system in action:
  2. Finally, made the complete cable including audio * video comes from the Mechatronic 80 Column card. to SCART/RGB * Audio from the TI - USA version console 5 DIN-port Pin-3 (Audio) and Pin-2 Ground to the SCART/RGB (pin 2 - Audio In Right channel and Pin 4 Audio Ground)
  3. I also noted it, but it seems to work fine so far on other CRU base As the 80-Col. and console are my fathers' one, I swapped them today (my card has a power switch and Dipswitch 3 are red. Also the startup is a bit different, it does not go through another screen Sync. Cycle and the EEPROM might have different versions as well. Not sure about the ROM-dump or how to do it. (let me know the normal procedure or other ways
  4. Thanks Greg, that was my next step to connect the CPS9900 to the system. See also: https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/crubase I just checked all the Dip Switch 3 pins (as it is not documented) DipSW3 has 4 pins. If all are pushed to the top it is "ON" = 1 (just opposite as the table of jedimatt42) 1111 = >1000 Used by TIPI (on 32K of Jedimatt) / Hard & RAM drives 1110 = >1100 TI / Corcomp / Myarc FDC / Atronic CPS9900 (Floppy Disk Controller) 1101 = >1200 Mechatronic 80 Column Card 1100 = >1300 RS232-1/2 1011 = >1400 128 KByte Speichererweiterung mit Centronicsschnittstelle (128K Memory Expansion with Centronics Interface) 1010 = >1500 RS232-3/4 1001 = >1600 1000 = >1700 Hexbus (for TI-99/8 and CC-40 and similar) 0111 = >1800 0110 = >1900 Myarc 512k Memory 0101 = >1A00 0100 = >1B00 0011 => 1C00 0010 => 1D00 Triple Tech Clock (CorComp) 0001 => 1E00 SAMS (Memory) 0000 => 1F00 P-Code (UCSD Pascal)
  5. Thanks Omega for the link. DU2K of Fred Kaal (TI-GG-NL) Disk Utilities with option N on the Extended Basic 2.7 Suite module (or at http://ti99-geek.nl/Projects/du2k/Files/du2k_v21.zip) and http://ti99-geek.nl/Projects/du2k/du2k.html
  6. Thanks Omega, it works and it the utilities are from our own TI-GG-NL member Fred Kaal...I should have known it! I pasted the results in the Mechatronic 80 Col. section
  7. Thanks Wolfgang! The TIPI is on CRU >1000 and the Mechatronic 80 Col on CRU >1100
  8. Is there a way to see the CRU bases of all devices ? To get the TIPI to work in the end I had to change DipSwitch 3 last pin (to CRU >????), but then it started to work with TIPI luckily. (I can see CRU for TIPI with CALL TIPI), but forgot to check each time changing the jumper (left pins, I moved it up 2x times, but could not get it to work) See video for settings here:
  9. The left button is used (pressed) to fixed the screen-mode in case it is locked-up in the graphical mode. Sometimes just enter something like 1 REM (ENTER) and it also switches back to text mode. Sometimes it is locked up, then remove all power of all devices (remove power from the TI-99/4A, Mechatronic 80 Col. card, remove power from the 32K + TIPI, etc.), wait for a few seconds and start-up again.
  10. Mechatronic 80 Column Card: Loading an 80 Column Text editor program stored at (URI3=) ftp.whtech.com/TIPI called EDIT80 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykjePolTM7k
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx9oulyEZXA
  12. TIPI and CRU? ---------------- To connect the TIPI to the Mechatronic 80 Column Card, the CRU (Communication Register Unit) address had to be changed (it did not work on the TIPI somehow, but I changed DIP Switch 3 last pin (and no clue which CRU address it is now. Default is >1000, and advised not to change it according the Mechatronic manual. (Is TIPI also is using CRU >1000 ? when the jumper is on the bottom two pins, see the video) I tried to move the jumper between pins on the left side pins, without a working result https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/crubase According this the TIPI CRU base is at address >1100 https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/tipi-installation Does someone know a program to see all the CRU occupations ? (in an easy to understand format ?) With the TIPI connected, I can save programs to the TIPI (DSK2.80XBTEST) Mechatronic 80 Col. Card - demo of 26 rows (= Max.) and 27 rows (note that row 26 gets refreshed when reaching row 27 and if you do more rows you see it blinking) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqIzsAoGQLA
  13. Documentation and files: Mechatronik-80z.ark.dsk mechatronics 80 column peripheral manual.pdf Mechatronic-80col-DIP-Plugs-42712.pdf Mechatronic-80col-SCART-CABLE-with-DIN6-plug-RMS02.pdf Kommand.txt Commands.txt Command2.txt
  14. Mechatronic 80 Column Card (9-pin) RGB interface to SCART/RGB plug Pin 1 = Ground to Pin 18 is Composite Input "Ground" / Sync input "Ground" Pin 2 - not used Pin 3 = Red to Pin 15 Pin 4 = Green to Pin 11 Pin 5 = Blue to Pin 7 Pin 6 - not used Pin 7 = +5V ("RGB trigger") to Pin 16 Fast Switching (if you get Black and White / Grey pictures, probably you still use Composite and it is not triggered to use RGB) See: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/trouble-shooting-guide-for-rgb-scart-cables https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCART#Blanking_and_switching Pin 8 = Synchronization TTL (Transitor Transitor Logic) to Pin 20 Composite video input / Sync. input Pin 9 - not used Audio - Need to come from the 6-DIN plug (European consoles) or 5-DIN plug (USA consoles) and need to go to 5-DIN Pin 3 Audio to Pin 2 - Audio input Right 5-DIN Pin 3 Audio to Pin 6 - Audio input Left (Combine Pin 3, as the TI-99/4A is mono audio output) https://justinpaulin.com/2014/04/21/testing-a-texas-instruments-ti-994a-without-power-or-video-cables/ Use Pin 2 = Ground to Pin 4 Audio Ground For Audio on a Europen console (DIN-6) 6-DIN Pin 5 Audio to Pin 2 - Audio input Right 6-DIN Pin 5 Audio to Pin 6 - Audio input Left (Combine Pin 3, as the TI-99/4A is mono audio output) Use Pin 6 = Ground to Pin 4 Audio Ground
  15. Today I got the Mechatronic 80 Column Card to work with a self-made RGB to SCART cable. (note: not all TV's, etc. do support RGB on their SCART interface). This was tested on a Philips 42PFL5604H/12 TV with 2x SCART/RGB interfaces: https://www.philips.ae/c-p/42PFL5604H_12/-/specifications
  16. So how to type the : and ; on the TI nino ?
  17. Gee...but I agree if we ever meet Rasmus we need to buy beer. Today I had a hard choice, play to beat jwild or having a beer .. Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  18. Wow how did you manage to pass level 5! Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  19. Hmm locked it when I got the yellow/blue cornerVID_20190602_234559.mp4 Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  20. 18492. Real TI. Managed to get with 7 lives to reach the bridge and get extra lives, but it is hard at the end to get on the steps. Well done game development Rasmus! had not seen it before! Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  21. 16192 Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  22. 13192 Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  23. TIPI chess: * Somehow the Queen's and Kings are at the wrong start position. Except in the gmcGill game *Also I cannot figure out how to find an opponent I have only now 1 open Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  24. I will make a new picture when I am back on Sunday. This was late at night...bozorking Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
  25. Once in a while also I get this at the bottom. Sent from my VIE-L29 using Tapatalk
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