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  1. The /4 keyboard seems to be working again for now. I reseated all the socketted chips, not sure if it has to do with that. (9901 NL is not socketted).
  2. Okay. I will check that. Thanks for the guidance.
  3. I ordered a 9918A via ali express and will try. The black and white screen captures. One is with a Pal modulator and the one with a bit of colour is gbs8200 (which maybe spreads out colour) But was wondering if it can have to do with https://www.ninerpedia.org/wiki/Troubleshooting there are some Vram that change.color (red green blue). Bit 5 6 7 ?
  4. The colours and keyboard used to work, but I had the video issues already
  5. If I remember correctly the whole keyboard worked before, but now only the left half works I do not see loose contacts.
  6. The VRAM has been replaced but now the output is only black and white (also when i put the originals back). Maybe now the crystal is broken? https://www.pagetable.com/?p=672 Or can it still have to do with a combination of VRAMs that effect the colors? I also tried the 9918A chip, same black and white result.
  7. I will try the VDP as I guess itnis socketed. I have another /4, but a bit careful with it. Maybe thermal paste is needed. Bit will try he 9918A VDP chip. Ps. Are 9918 chips still orderable? I remember i ordered somewhere in China but it got cancelled.
  8. TI-99/4A Video RAM troubleshooting https://www.ninerpedia.org/wiki/Troubleshooting Are these issues similar related for the /4 system ? It only happens after 1-2 minutes when the system gets hotter (I also have normal screenshots after it has not been used for a while) (I got some RAM chips, but before I start to replace them, could it be something else?)
  9. These single colour or multi colour leds run on 5V and is bright. I powered via USB via a RPI. But in a cabinet used an USB extender to lid the whole cabinet.
  10. Classic 99 / keyboard 25.000 - first attempt (2nd cycle)
  11. At TI99 Videos I have some videos (about MESS - Geneve9640 in emulation mode, in part how to start TIMODE) Transfers via RS232 between Geneve 9640 and PC:
  12. I would be interested to know which program it is (for the higher resolution). I found this one coincidentally when doing some configurations for the HRD3000Rambo device: https://www.jedimatt42.com/9640news/volume2-4.html (all disks: http://ftp.whtech.com/Geneve/9640 News disks v1-3/pc99 disks/) but: http://ftp.whtech.com/Geneve/9640 News disks v1-3/pc99 disks/9640V2%234.DSK SECTORONE batch file has DISP as a loader for MYART file type "TITLE" (but only for low resolutions, so I still cannot load the SWAN) but the concept is okay, load a picture, either wait a few seconds or press a button and continue in the .bat file) Not sure if the DISP Source code can be altered for high resolutions to load the SWAN? (.cc @mizapf maybe also useful for the mess system?) ARCHIVE OF SECTOR ONE Version 3.0 7 Aug 91 Files included in this archive is 1 -README this file 2 SODOC SECTOR ONE docs 3 SEC1 program file 1 4 SEC2 program file 2 6 SECTORONE a batch file that loads TITLE then SECONE 7 DISP a Myart picture loader 8 DISP_S source code for DISP 9 TITLE Myart File 10 FORMATIT a formatter I wrote that verifies 1.44m floppies (use with .97 MDOS or higher only)
  13. Wow, this looks good on the TI-99/4A, very cool! I have only seen 2 screens so far! But going to play this with my kid and is just in time as we just read these interactive books: * https://archive.org/details/tibook_micro-adventure-one-space-attack * (and typing the TI-99/4A programs to solve the encrypted messages, codes, etc.) (and this site related to it is also interesting with a build in emulator: https://auri-microadventure.azurewebsites.net/) It comes in time to visualise the space ship! (for reference only i did a search on Space Quest I as well to see how it looked on the PC): * Dosbox - https://classicreload.com/space-quest-i-roger-wilco-in-the-sarien-encounter.html * (is this PC?) http://sarien.net/spacequest
  14. @mizapf this version runs in my TI. Can the eprom dump program be used here or does it need to run in the Geneve? I also have the mini eprom tl866 device if it helps to dump. It seems there are two chips that are updated.
  15. @mizapf not sure it helps, but one of my BwG disk controllers went to Italy during the sale, but I still have one with me running in a TI system. If I remember correctly both had a different Eprom version. For the Geneve I am usingnow a Corcomp controller and guess I switched it because of the issues (besides the other issues I had to get the Geneve to work). Let me check the version of BwG later tonight. With 0.98 boot eprom (Swan) you mean Geneve correct? Not BwG. My Geneve has the non-Gen mod eprom.
  16. I googled on it. via this link http://ftp.whtech.com/user groups/Charlotte/Charlotte-1987-12.pdf In OTHER Newsletters. BCS 99ER, OCT 87 Anne Dhein on TI Writer graphics— part 1 of how to do it; Part 2 https://www.ricomputermuseum.org/Home/interesting_computer_items/boston-computer-society (see page 50:https://www.dtvgroup.com/BCS/Computer_Update_1987.pdf) only the ones you search I think SEP 87 OCT 87 NOV 87 DEC 87 range are missing http://ftp.whtech.com/user groups/Boston Computer Society/ http://ftp.whtech.com/user groups/Boston Computer Society/newsletters/ http://ftp.whtech.com/user groups/Boston Computer Society/library/
  17. Speech is great: never trust a worm. Where's the Fly? Get it. 34200
  18. TI XB28 TML (The Missing Link): Source file (game is not working yet, but the sprites can move now and there is collision detection) (still struggling with mapping the MSX "POINT" command vs TI's CALL LINK("GETPIX" ) Also it seems that the x,y and row, col are the other way around and there is a difference in pixels (MSX 256x192 (SCREEN 2) and TI TML from 1,1 top left corner to 192,240 right bottom corner) Latest version LOCKIN9
  19. I have not looked into this one yet, XB256 can do bitmap graphics also ?
  20. * I left the control keys the same * and put some REM statements 565 = char for "Z" and 635 (now the program runs also in Extended Basic) Original listing back into German language of the magazine. HOUSE-GERMAN but maybe you can make a .bin for the English version again? Translated into English language (and avoided the "Y" as much as possible, as it is used for the graphic definitions) HOUSE-ENGLISH
  21. Maybe the cable between floppy disk controller and disk drive? I had some problems while I thought it was working and replaced it. Make sure it is connected properly and not twisted with the connector. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Maybe the cable between floppy disk controller and disk drive? I had some problems while I thought it was working and replaced it. Make sure it is connected properly and not twisted with the connector. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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