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  1. Talking about strange characters in games, also note the "extra half PACMAN" at the left of the screen in TI-99/4A version :-)
  2. Noted, sorry for the misunderstanding.
  3. Same here. Had not tried a real com port on a pc. Only used a usb-serial. But i do not believe that is the issue as usb serial works on all type of devices. Ralf i tried that patched version as well.it did not work. I compared all setup with the real peb box where i was able to use cfhdxs1 to the PC. It is something todo with the rs232 chip 9902?
  4. Hi Tursi. It was more a generic question to Rasmus that time as I was curious how to get these new games on the TI like Flappy Bird. I did not realise you also did porting,great explanation! Just thinking out loud maybe these programs can be converted using a collecovision to ti compiler or msx to ti compilers? If i remember correctly that was the purpose of msx to be interchangeable with other msx systems and they use also a same graphical chip? There were games like Pengu. Chucky Egg. But like you mentioned a Super Marios Brothers would be ultimate.
  5. Look into the Suzo The Arcade joystick. Single button. very Solid. And has click system for direction. You need the adapter as it has atari d-9 plug.
  6. Hi Gazoo/Tursi, just a quick message. 100 FOR TI=0 TO 99 110 CALL SAY("THANK YOU VERY MUCH ADDING SPEECH TO THE XB 27 MODULE !") 120 TI=TI+1 130 NEXT TI 140 PRINT "MY KID SAYS: WHAT IS THAT, THE MODULE IS TALKING?" (I have not tested if all the other functions work, sometimes the module blanked, but inserting it again fixed it, I need to test/check that another time) Edit --> Here is a thank you video to both Gazoo and Tursi of having XB2.7 and Speech built in! (play it with Classic99 emulator, select Others and load the module (= rendered video) http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/RikAndXB27Speech.zip
  7. I did ask Rasmus some time ago how easy it would be to port. But i believe the source code is needed to do this. Was wondering if there are other ways eg. A layer between the other console game and TI platform. Or is mess a better solution to play the games on the real emulated console. The problem is learning all those new command structures to even start it :-)
  8. I did ask Rasmus some time ago how easy it would be to port. But i believe the source code is needed to do this. Was wondering if there are other ways eg. A layer between the other console game and TI platform. Or is mess a better solution to play the games on the real emulated console. The problem is learning all those new command structures to even start it :-)
  9. The decathlon part 1 is there already in this forum called Sports. 100m run. Good to see it on TI-99/4a as in the days my friends had the atari 2600. But i suggest to play it with a suzo the arcade joystick as it is robust. But i am not looking fwd to do the marathon or 1600m without getting RSI. Most popular games both Roadhunter and TI-Scramble. Was hoping that it would be easy to clone games from other consoles easy to the TI using the same processors or newer video chip (eg from MSX) or would it be easier to use mess with the roms of the real device?
  10. The graphics are good --> TI-Zilla
  11. I just flew out and can test on Saturday...I am not at the stage yet to travel with a real TI under my arm...thanks for the very very fast replies and build!
  12. Hi Tursi, Perfect! it worked on the real TI. loud and clear Tested on real TI-99/4A - http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/Speech.mp4
  13. Is he bringing the TI alive via the I/O port ? I like the blue-ish / grey design btw.
  14. The Arcade joystick cannot get better than 17.55 at the moment: http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/Sports-TheArcade1755.jpg Great game. like Decathlon on Atari! Look fwd to the other 9 games coming up, I remember there was a 400m one ... and 1600m run ...? (I noticed that the timer of the 1st player is not running until the end-result).
  15. Hi Gazoo, 1. The BASICLOAD works now (via TI-basic - option Z) also on my system with the nano-PEB, 2. but now does the XB27 + Load does not work (it gives an Bad Argument in 110 error during autoload) 3. but via option B -- TI Writer Grom load works. For option 1 and 3 all is F6 Green verification. One question, I am getting confused about the versions: 1. the .zip upload shows 061315XB27.zip 2. inside is a .dsk file for the upgrade called 060715XB27.dsk 3. when pressing F7 it shows May 13, 2015 (with a blue border) To double check, is this the latest version?
  16. Hi Gazoo, In the end we want the Texas to say the following (listen to the wav file): http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/Greeting.zip (just kidding) I need to spend some time to check if this works (as I am not an assembly person, but I can learn): This is from the Editor Assembler manual (Speech section). http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/SpeechExample-fromEAmanual-.pdf Assembly code: Article 22.2.1 with an example to say "Hello". Not to sure how easy it is to use the resident vocabulary (like to do as the PEB-card built-in Speech Synthesizer card, it only says the following): (from Appendices - EA manual) >6696 Texas Instruments >363E Home >2034 Computer
  17. Hi Jim, The card looks different - SNUG SPVMC: * http://home.arcor.de/system-ninety-nine-user-group/spvmc/index.htm I am not sure which one of the following started to talk first during startup: * Rave http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/Rave-and-Speech-connected.jpg (Rave) http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/Rave-SpeechSynthesizer-adapter-forPEB-box.jpg (Speech Synth) http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/SpeechSynthesizer-withoutcover.jpg * I think this one: http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/PEB-Adapter-for-SpeechSynthesizerFront-Speechmountedsmallerpiece.jpg http://www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/PEB-Adapter-for-SpeechSynthesizerBack-Speechmountedsmallerpiece.jpg * (Not too sure if the TI-GG / Dutch Hardware group created a card on its own, I vaguely remember this, I need to search the "TIjdingen magazines)
  18. (I need to do a bit research on this, but from the Extended Basic module, normally you can do CALL SAY("Texas Instruments home computer") to use the built-in words (I need to verify the exact command later as I am outside now) Here is some Assembly code related to the SNUG card: http://home.arcor.de/system-ninety-nine-user-group/spvmc/spvmc_e.pdf
  19. Ksarul mentioned that the SNUG SPVMC has it built-in speech during start-up of the TI: http://home.arcor.de/system-ninety-nine-user-group/spvmc/index_e.htm * There is software on this website (but I think only the roms by SNUG group?), not too sure if this is the assembly code. but it looks like a different card, the one I saw was one where you put the Speech Synthesizer board on top of it (I will try to find the pictures): Something like this: * http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/speech_peb/speech_peb.html * http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/speech.htm#in%20PEbox
  20. Thank you Jim for clarifying. I did not realise it was the SNUG version!
  21. Just got triggered by Vector Roli video. See other thread about Speech. Based on the inventor of the PEB box built-in speech card version where it starts to talk when turning on the computer. Would it be possible with XB2.7 when you turn on the computer that it starts talking automatically #Texas Instruments Home Computer# Or something configurable? With different sentences. Or is it going to drive people crazy? Maybe an on/off option?
  22. The game Barrage uses 2 joysticks at the same time. And i believe Blasto too. Maybe more but need to go through the list.
  23. Great video as always! Do we have a list of all modules/games that supports Speech? Probably Ralf has. Lasso is another classic. "Oh no the sheep busted out". Btw for the expansion built-in PEB box card with speech synthesizer I came along one that starts to speak when you turn on the computer. #Texas Instruments home computer# who invented that? Great idea!
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