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  1. MSX - Lockin' Man (Start automatically in webmsx.org): http://webmsx.org/?MACHINE=MSX1E&DISKA_FILES_URL=https://www.msxcomputermagazine.nl/archief/diskzips/mcmd03.zip&BASIC_RUN=lockin (to break to BASIC "STOP" key in MSX): press CTRL-PAUSE on a PC, if your laptop does not have this key, start the on-screen keyboard to press CTRL-PAUSE) Dutch - MSX Computer Magazine Jaargang 1 no. 4 all software: https://www.msxcomputermagazine.nl/archief/mcm-4/ PDF: https://www.msxcomputermagazine.nl/archief/bladen/msx_computer_magazine_04.pdf MSX BASIC Source file: MSXLOCKIN.BAS TI XB28 TML (The Missing Link): Source file (game is not working yet, still in progress sorting out the game play mapping): TI-LOCKIN Screenshots:
  2. MSX (MicroSoft eXtended basic) has several versions (MSX-1, MSX-2 and MSX-3) and it also depends if there is a diskdrive connected to it. There are several emulators available (like https://webmsx.org/ which can run different versions of MSX basic ) or an emulator like blue msx http://bluemsx.msxblue.com/download.html This thread is experimental to convert some of the MSX Basic listings with graphical capabilities to the TI-99/4A. * MSX: using webmsx.org as some of the Dutch magazine listings automatically point to the program (so I do not have to type it in) then save it into BASIC format, extract it out the .dsk format and edit in notepad++ so I have MSX and TI listings next to each other. * TI: use Classic99 with XBv28 TML (The Missing Link) to test it out (and final test on a real TI with FinalGrom and XBv28 TML) The focus is to use XB v2.8 G.E.M. (version 2.820201014) Alternatives for Basic with graphics can be: * Mechatronic Extended Basic II (with built-in APESOFT) * Or the APESOFT Expanded Basic utilities ( * Other Basic versions for the TI (RXB Basic) * GEE (only for the graphic part) * TI-LOGO I or II (only for the graphic part)
  3. GEE is a Graphic programming language (out of Adelaide, Australia). In the past I converted some small graphic MSX-Basic programs, they are on the disk attached. 0150-TIARTIST-GEE.dsk e.g. use Classic99 (and use the disk for DSK1.) * use Editor/Assembler option 5 * DSK1.GEE * Press "FCTN-9" (ALT-9) to get the load menu * L (load) * DSK1.G-ESCHER * Press FCTN-9 again to load other files.
  4. .cc @Asmusr For JS99er, on windows systems try Joy2key https://joytokey.net/en/download , to map Joystick position and buttons to keys-- I mapped the arrows E,S,D,X and Q to the joystick and works with Parsec.
  5. I am still using original equipment 2× /4 which has a different keyboard layout and 6x /4A and 1x Geneve9640 and many emulators, see my channel. wrote some documents about all the joystick options. For pc. Use a usb gamecontroller or usb to db9 adapter for the old joysticks and joy2key mapper programme.
  6. @Asmusr did it. But look under software and more you can find all TI modules, but also see demo progs. And all the modules Rasmus created, amazing that it can be done on the TI. Scramble, Mario, Roadhunter, and many more!
  7. At js99er.net there is a picture of the TI keyboard. Select tabs at right side.
  8. @senior_falcon @Omega-TI thank you, I never heard of it before! Will try it out!
  9. I am reading up on MSX-1 (and MSX-2) I have a Philips VG8020 (MSX-1) and in the emulators all the versions of MSX. in the past I converted some simple graphics programs (like lines, etc.) to the TI in the "Gee" program. but my question is which Extended Basic version comes closest to MSX Basic (e.g. to go to a graphics mode to draw lines) and to re-write MSX Basic programs on a TI? (trying my kid to learn some BASIC) * Mechatronic Extended Basic II Plus (with ApeSoft) ? * I found this link to load routines in XB (and with CALL FILES(9)) * https://atariage.com/forums/topic/213848-apesoft-expanded-basic-routines/?do=findComment&comment=3078637 * https://atariage.com/forums/topic/213848-apesoft-expanded-basic-routines/?do=findComment&comment=3079190 * or The Missing Link ? (I think I have the disks) Is this XB TML ? * or other XB versions? (XB256, RichXB, SuperXB, (others ?) * would it be possible to port MSX-1 Basic or MSX-2 Basic to a TI-99/4a environment (without or with added hardware like F18A ?)
  10. I just tried to search it but I did not find it yet, it should be on my TIPI image that crashed last time (I thought I copied all CASS files, but some directories are empty, need to look into that again tomo.)
  11. mine is QI399a version, maybe that's the issue. but really cool how these XB games are translated, amazing! (now I wondering if we can convert Othello of the TILT magazine and see how fast it is) (see the XB listing of the magazine in this forum, but let me find the TIBAS/XB version, I think I had it on Cassette and transferred all of these and will see if I see some more interesting games) In 1991 I rewrote Othello in TP99 (I do not know the original author, but I still have the original magazine of Tilt)
  12. Nice. Billy Ball after completing the screen it comes at the white screen and makes a sound and hangs. (in Classic 99, I have not tried a real TI), but impressive conversion from XB !
  13. Classic 99 with keys and Y key (which helps in the game play) Level 8 8680
  14. Note: when pressing "Y" (Fire) you can lay bricks or remove them, totally forgot about this, but I remembered when I was a kid there was something extra in this game. Not sure if it is useful in the game play to get a higher score, or to keep ghosts away.
  15. I normally played with the airplane as far as possible up. And shoot the bases behind the mirror aiming the cross. But believe can only hit 2. The one on the left you have to wait until it shoots then go to left and shoot behind the mirror. In level 3 i go to the right wait until they shoot and then to the left behind the mirrors cannot hit them as well. I did get a form of RSI in my arm playing the game and stopped, never had that before....maybe getting old?
  16. This is also the 1st game played where I got RSI and could not move my arm anymore. I even changed to another Joystick controller, but did not play that well as the Suzo Arcade Joystick DB9 joystick. ( for DB9 to USB connection I am using this handy one (and software Joy2Key on Windows to map the directions / button) https://joy.sophics.cz/dual-joystick-usb-adapter/ Or get something like this with USB adapter:
  17. But I just built a whole RS232 network and connect to a PC use the Tools of. Ti99-geek.nl. HDX server on PC. And CFHDXS1 for file transfer and DSk2PC tool for DSK transfer and DM2K. Version 3. For transfers where you have multiple DSK1. Etc. multiple file transfer based on CRU address and with directories
  18. see the PDF 1. More generic File Transfer options from PC to TI: www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/TI-99-4A-PC-transfer-v1.12.pdf (but I need to include the other options, like a bare console TI without 32K and cassette player
  19. Classic 99 + joy2key mapping + joystick 98.000 Very addicted game. Good game play. Joystick gives better gameplay than keys I find. What I do not understand how to enter initials (I press with the mouse at the bottom and enter characters, but I do not see a Keyboard or so). Not sure how this works.
  20. (Ref: the TP99 Othello version above) Here is the original listing of the TILT 100 magazine, which has the TI-99/4A basic program version of Othello (Author is unknown). https://www.abandonware-magazines.org/affiche_mag.php?mag=28&num=379&album=oui Othello listing:
  21. In 1991 I have used TP99 v1.0 to convert some programs: * Othello (I think this came out of a French magazine called TILT, I have the magazine and will check) (later in 2014 or later Tursi helped to get it to work in Classic99) I like this TP99 version. I think my father had it in TI Basic or Extended Basic but was slow, I think that was the reason to see if it was faster. * Doolhof (Maze) tried to convert it out of a HCC magazine looks like * Cassette labeler I wrote myself to print labels for my music Cassette/Tape boxes in condensed mode (using a Brother ML1709 or ML1724) (I also have all the labels on another disk) 0047-TP99-Othello.dsk 0070-TP99-System.dsk 0071-TP99-Programs01.dsk 0072-TP99-Programs02.dsk 0073-TP99-CassLabeler.dsk 0080-TP99-SourceOthello.dsk 0081-TP99-ProgramOthello.dsk 0082-TP99-Othello-fixed.dsk <<< works in Classic99 0084-TP99-Programs-Doolhof.dsk
  22. Or look at Ubergrom wih UART to make RS232 inerface http://www.ti99-geek.nl/ Other option is nanopeb, but that worked once for me.
  23. @PeteE i managed to get 1 level done without hitting cars, but even avoiding to hit cars is difficult! Nice two ways to play the game.
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