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  1. The noise is only there when starting the game and in the 1st level until you collect fuel, then the noise is gone also in further levels until game over.
  2. Just learned last night that actually the convert can be done in windows 1. Download: http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/archives/ 2. Use the 0.15 Win32 version ti99sim-0.15.0.win32.tar.xz 2018-03-09 21:02 244K 3. use the convert.exe tool in the /bin directory 4. e.g. for this month TEXTURBO8 ../bin/convert texturbo8.bin and for games of Rasmus use -9 option and give it a filename: ../bin/convert -9 obstacle-8.bin obstacle and for Tix8 ../bin/convert -9 tix8.bin tix (and also try option -8 for inverted modules) 5. in the ../bin directory there are now .ctg generated files e.g. texturbo8.ctg, obstacle-8.ctg, tix8.ctg 6. (assumed that the RetroPie is connected to the network, e.g. via Wi-Fi) then FTP (I use Filezilla, using SFTP from windows to the RetroPie into directory: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ti99 7. Restart Emulstation and the files are added in the menu. Here are the .ctg as well: obstacle-8.ctg TEXTURBO8.ctg tix8.ctg Note that the colours in Obstacle course are outside the ball on the RetroPie somehow .cc @Asmusr
  3. Cool, never saw the P-Gram in action! (only a picture of it and some manuals i believe), published in TIjdingen last time. My Gramcard/Gramkarte sold it last time, but i have the GramKracker and Gramulator still with me. There is a disk which describes all the headerrs (by Eric Paul Rebel), I have the disk and think shared it somewhere on atariage.
  4. Classic99 Started at level 1 with slow speed Score 20.600 Reached Level 9
  5. Classic99 Started at level 3 with slow speed Score 11.000 Nice game, first I thought it was Tetris, so played it completely wrong as I did not see the score go up. lot of fun.
  6. Yes there is! go to js99er.net, select > more > then you can see all games listed (I have Burger Builder on a disk somewhere, but it is easier to search online in js99er.net or at ftp.whtech.net).
  7. I guess no McDonalds, BurgerKing, MosBurger, WendyBurger, ZingBurger anymore this month ? What's next ? Burger Builder ?
  8. The scr lock to full keyboard emulation did the trick to get the tab key to work and set the dip switch
  9. Wow what a score! In the mean time i have been playing other BTs on retropie. Mame/arcade version is very difficult and looking at graphics of other systems, then the TI looks the best/most closest to the arcade system. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
  10. RetroPi 3B+, TISIM, Suzo The Arcade. 26200 and sound on mute.
  11. Here we go (I still do not have a chance to setup my real system, need to find a cabinet first). 20200309_222235.mp4
  12. Fantastic and easy to install (did it on windows 7 - 64 bit) and I also saw that the other TI-roms are there, like TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A-QI, maybe good to add them to the .bat list as well UCSD Pascal P-code card, somehow I cannot get the MAME-menu by pressing TAB to set the dip-switch to boot this card. Furthermore I opened all to show the TI titlescreens and menu page.
  13. @mizapf It is your turn to choose the next game for March 2020 @jwild /all, did we now play all the games of the movie Pixels (or TIxels? ) Centipede: ------------ mizapf 79,488 jwild 76,502 marksetgo 48,772 globeron 34,361 arcadeshopper 27,301 vorticon 26,629 digdugnate 25,486 jblenkle 19,948 hcrayert504 yes the competition is still on (screenshots with score required)
  14. Hi Michael, if I am correct it seems you won the competition! Looking fwd to March's one.
  15. Only did the setup in Retropie config and not in TI99SIM to get 2x DB9 joysticks to work. (you can use also a normal keyboard to assign buttons/directions with the arrow keys). https://youtu.be/Xu4RFNluTBg
  16. In RetroPie it is possible to have a preview in picture or video format (see the sample with Alpiner).
  17. The joysticks i normally configure it via the Retropie menu. Controller input. To assign the movements and button. For the DB9 joystick with USB i have tested with 1, let me try tonight with 2x joysticks. I use the othet controllers to move through menus etc.
  18. Hmm, I just figured out I am playing the wrong game for Feb. 2020. (here is my TIX score - 7 Feb.) Rasmusr, I found some glitches in the game, like small area closure (still shows 02%) but do not get points, but fun game!
  19. I need to catch up. 2019 hardly had time. How is the 2018 score ?
  20. I fully understand the frustration...I though I packaged it well... my first boxes are coming in here and guess what, also my PEB is damaged with alumimum bended at the sides... and some other items are broken, but luckily not the important ones, that seems to be okay. I had 6x PEB boxes (of my father) and I wish I had more to send to you, but I have only 2x left here for myself (and after moving houses in Feb. I can start to get them operational again). and let me know where I can help. Send me the CN24 form of DHL, gonna complain to them.
  21. (it is not powered from the inside, used the TiPi USB interface (not in the picture) to power up the LED strip
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