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  1. I ordered via lazada.co.th and comes from China. But need to search with V5 and need to zoom into the picture. (most are v4) There is a blue board with HDMI And a red board (never got this one).
  2. Finally! I have a stable screen on the Geneve9640 via RGB. The gbs8200 v5 is probably the problem, you need remove the C11 component and do not bridge the connection (otherwise the IC next to it becomes very hot a d GBS does not work): https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/GBS-8200-Variants @Shift838 now also the Genie works, but i did not cable as supposed to be as I could not got any screen it seems line sync or filters. But this works now and can control settings via gbscontrol over wifi , pfff this was a long journey. (I have some other boards one with HDMI and see if that one works).
  3. PS. Antoon Jansen is the expert who wrote these tools, not sure if these are the latest ones: P-code_tools.doc p-code-tool V2-1-2019-08-24.rar
  4. Hi, if you go to youtube to my channel "TI99 VIDEOS" and search on UCSD P System I tested I think all the emulators that support the P-card. You need the 3x disks like EDitor, ASSmbler and Util? Furthermore there is a person in the Netherlands (also here on AtariAge) who wrote a Windows program to edit Pascal files first and he published some programs in TIjdingen. It it still on my list to test it, but schedule does not allow as I want to spent more time on it to understand (also I have two P-card here and disks of my father I need to sort out) PS. these are all the emulators I am running + Michael Zapf's batch files for all the TI systems running in MAME.
  5. Thank you for this info Michael! Ksarul - I do not think this one is modified by Albert Visser. As I got the card outside NL. also was wondering what these items mean? (my MDOS sticker mentions on the chip MDOS v1.00 (and non-Gen Mod in the bootprompt). not sure what the mode change means?
  6. and the TI-99/4 🙂 (the TI-99/4 keyboard only accepts Uppercase, but once in the menu cannot select any option, was just trying it out for fun to see if Bounce 'N Pounce game would work).
  7. That would be a good test, but they are very hard to find here (and shipment from US or Europe is quite expensive)
  8. Is there a list of all these components and what type it is? The guidance really helps i slowly start to understand and the components R47,R48,C68 are related to Composite Sync. Maybe that is the problem. R47 also seems to be resoldered
  9. (Jumper/cable is still on composite now in pictures)
  10. This is the C68 component, seems to be resoldered on the board.(but I do not think they did the change to digital TTL).
  11. Thank you for this and guidance! and if I look to the schematic, it looks that Composit/Sync is related to the C68 component, I will have a look into that one.
  12. You can also run the DOS version in windows Dosbox, the dos version had nice tools (as it had a tool to dump the roms of the TI-99/4A and also dump a module with the module extender) and a tool I used a lot called Transfer (but now I have better methods to transfer between PC and TI). Here are all the TI emulators I used (takes a while to setup) and the latest of Michael Zapf he made it so much easier to install all TIs (TI99/2, /8, Geneve9640).
  13. V9T9-allRoms.zipv9t9batfile.zip I cannot remember exactly, but Ed mentioned that the rs232pio.bin had to be used, a long time ago I think I used it to print to a printer, like TIPrint app or maybe print to PDF format (so that it looks like a listing).
  14. Do you use the Java version or the dos version? There are some parameters to use if you have video output errors (play around with the --client JWT) @echo off set VMARGS=-Xmx256M -Dlog4j.configuration="jar:file:%~dp0%/v9t9j.jar!/log4j.properties" rem set VMARGS=%VMARGS% -Dlog4j.configuration="jar:file:%~dp0%/v9t9j.jar!/debug.properties" java -version if ERRORLEVEL 1 ( @echo Java not installed. Please install it and try again. pause start http://java.com ) else ( rem apparently Win7 does not like this format anymore... rem java %VMARGS% -jar "%~dp0%\v9t9j.jar" %* java %VMARGS% -jar "%~dp0%\v9t9j.jar" --client SWT pause ) Note there is a hidden feature, if you right click with your mouse on the TI title-screen, you get the options below.
  15. @Shift838 Chris, helped me with this one, I do have it here. http://shift838.99er.net/support/GBSVGA-GenieV2.pdf I just ordered all components to adjust the GBS8200 device (I have now sent back 3x GBS8200 v4 (green board) devices, 1x similar but other type indicated) and I have now 2x GBS8200v5 devices (which work with Geneve9640 but loses the sync. once in a while, but with the Geniev2, the video output is not okay, I try with gbscontrol to configure, but cannot get a screen) and I have 1x GBS8200 (blueboard with HDMI output, no output. (I am either unlucky that all GBS board, they come from China are all bad production or so?) but let me try to change the boards to see if it improves. But before moving the thread assuming that all chips work okay, are there any components on the Geneve9640 related specifically for the RGBs output ? that can impact the sometimes Sync issue? (because Composite works okay) Maybe I need to replace one of them on the GeneveBoard itself? http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/geneve/geneve.html I believe one of the C68 components was re-soldered on the board by previous owner http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/geneve/g_schematic1.html
  16. Yes I did (to change between them). Composite works fine and is stable.
  17. does it automatically resolve to .eu ? It took me a while to find it back though, I saw it yesterday when browsing and could not find it back, but like the table!
  18. I am okay to join/speak at VITI-99 event. (VI = Virtual)
  19. Hi Sid, I think Michael Zapf already has a write up somewhere how to install MAME on the RPI4. (I do not have an RPI4, but came along this performance matrix https://ninerpedia.mizapf.eu/en/ti99/mame/mamereq) I am still troubleshooting my real iron Geneve 9640 RGB video output, but in parallel also run the MAME emulation on my PC to see if I can everything as on the real iron (need to sort out the RS232 connection, saw some write-ups and to sort out the mouse connection for now and how to maximize the screen, but should ask these in another forum). The TI/SIM I mainly used it on my RPI3B+ for gaming (together with MSX, NES, SNES, MAME/Arcade games, etc.), e.g. if we have a gaming competition like Bounce N Pounce, I am checking the other versions, like Bump N Jump on the NES (I have not used the disk-access control, I think the other emulators are a bit easier to use it)
  20. I took out all the chips and reseated them again (memory, Eprom MDOS 1.0, TMS9995 and the Yamaha 9938, but still the same result. Went back to use the Composite output, which is stable no issues here (only difficult to read MDOS and colours are a bit impacted). I think I am back at troubleshooting the GBS8200 devices, I think these are the issues: 1. I need to remove the capacitor: https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/GBS-8200-Variants 2. Add 100ohm resistor across sync and ground for RGBs input https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/Hardware-Mod-Library Corrects sync level for 75 Ohm sources (such as game consoles) 3. Add a Sync Stripper circuit to RGBs input. Try this if sync is never quite stable Maybe need a SyncStripper ? https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/Inputs:-SCART-adapter,-optional-sync-stripper 4. Maybe I have this issue: Due to the high capacitance, the SOG extraction circuit in the 5725 sees too much of any eventual video content, instead of just the synchronization pulses. This leads to frequent short sync losses when the picture content changes rapidly, for example on a flashing screen. https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/Sync-on-Green-Capacitor-Replacements 5. https://github.com/ramapcsx2/gbs-control/wiki/RGB-Potentiometers This would correct the RGB termination resistance to the TV standard 75 Ohm. or use a non-GB8200 type of device and find another RGB (RGBS) 15.7 kHZ converter to VGA * any recommendations out of these 4 solutions: 1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/15Khz-CGA-RGB-RGsB-RGBS-VGA-XGA-Converter-Scaler-/323316354604?mkevt=1&siteid=1&mkcid=2&mkrid=711-153320-877651-5&source_name=google&mktype=pla&campaignid=10693959030&groupid=108029226440&targeted=pla-293946777986&MT_ID=&adpos=&device=c&googleloc=1012728&itemid=323316354604&merchantid=116792603&geo_id=199&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvb75BRD1ARIsAP6LcqtCxKQNS-sVTBXtc9GdFoO68GqCRcuB9gNN6DXz-dt0fkoCVwQhMaEaAiFnEALw_wcB 2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MDA-CGA-EGA-to-VGA-Converter-on-Altera-FPGA-for-old-computers/143574569650?_trkparms=aid%3D1110011%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.DISCLISTINGS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20191002092920%26meid%3D24dab42c13724f8babec9a2a80553149%26pid%3D100889%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D164149429851%26itm%3D143574569650%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2332490%26algv%3Ddefault%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2332490.c100889.m5204 3. https://www.serdashop.com/MCE2VGA 4.
  21. Gee i did not manage to get a single point when trying the game.
  22. No I did not try that. I am guessing here, but might the video chip make a difference between composite output (which is stable) and rgb output or should it be other electronic components? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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