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  1. thanks for the quick response. i saw a 7800 controller at a flea market, and thought about getting it. the 2600 joystick is ok, but the design is bad. my left hand aches a lot after just a few minutes of play.
  2. Anyone know if a 7800 controller will work with a 2600 console?
  3. I read that Combat 2 just came out. Anyone know where I get one and how much?
  4. Did Galaga or Tempest ever get releasted for the 2600? I have seen Galaxian listed, but not Galaga. I never had a 2600 system as a kid, my dad got us the Odyesse 2 instead. All my friends had 2600's and I loved the games. Well, I finally got the the Atari 2600 system I have always wanted (since I was 8 years old) this past weekend at a flea market for $15 including the power adaptor and 2 joysticks. I have picked up about 13 games and find myself wanting more and more. I guess I am now a collector.
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