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  1. What does the schedule for new releases look like? His many games can we expect in 2021? How many games are completed or are in development?
  2. The game looks great but the same ghost and skull sprites are repetitive. Can you mix it up a little?
  3. Would you mind sharing where and how you found it? Very cool.
  4. This game is a waste of time. Kill a pig and move to the next room. The end.
  5. The buildings background doesnt seem to match the theme. What about flames...like a Hell-ish background? Or even stalagmites?
  6. I think somebody posted in a different forum topic theres a snippet of code needed. Does anyone recall?
  7. Unfortunately, it doesnt work on the portable Atari.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Im excited about both games.
  9. Great to see you here, Dan. Lets get the obvious questions out of the way: 1) When do you anticipate Keystone Kapers 2 and Bon Voyage to be available to purchase? 2) Will they be complete box/cartridge/manual releases? 3) Do you ever plan to release the ROM for the original Keystone Kapers 2, for us collectors that are interested in it from a historical perspective? 4) Were you working on any other games that werent released, or did you have ideas for games you never had the time to begin programming for? Welcome!
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