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  1. I just realized that Tony Perkis IS White Goodman.  Mind blown.

  2. That's not what I mean. The games are not public domain. The OP was referring to ROM support as a standard feature. I think Nintendo would take notice and act if a small company like Analogue was selling and profiting off of a device that openly allows playing illegal copies of NES/SNES/whatever games. In the case of the PC Engine, I think Konami owns all of that. I agree with the OP that ROM support is a necessary feature, but we're not the ones taking on the risk of incorporating it into a commercial product.
  3. It's also 2020, where huge corporations like Nintendo have the power to nuke small outfits like Analogue if they feel that their products are encouraging piracy of their back catalog. It's a very fine line to straddle.
  4. This is one of the reasons I don't like discord at all. There's a lot of information now that's only found there and can't just be googled. You're kind of forced to join it or be entirely out of the loop.
  5. So how does it handle the BIOS? Does the user need to supply the proper system cards? If so, that would blow.
  6. I know Primal Rage is not properly emulated in MAME due to some proprietary anti-piracy hardware on the board.
  7. Saturday 10/3/20: NES: Pac-Man Championship Edition - 2hrs NES: SMB 3 - 45 minutes Sunday 10/4/20: Atari 8 bit: Pac-Man Arcade (tep392) - 90 minutes Apple II: Ms. Pac-Man - 15 minutes
  8. Gooseberries are an acquired taste, but I've grown to love them.

  9. That's why I love it too, I always learn about something new with each issue. I don't think a US-based retro gaming magazine would be nearly as interesting, it would just be a NES love-fest.
  10. I've tried to enjoy the A8bit version of Super Pac-Man, but something about the controls feel off. Changing directions feels unresponsive or maybe inputs are being missed. Pac-Man feels like he has some weird speed changes. Regular or Ms Pac-Man using the same joystick feel fine.
  11. Just use emulation, god almighty. I don't understand the way some pigeonhole themselves into "FPGA or real hardware, no exceptions".
  12. The 32X and Saturn hardware are nothing alike. All the 32X is are the two CPUs, a framebuffer, and some RAM + the Genesis underneath it. The Saturn is the Saturn. Not to mention that 32X emulation (via software or FPGA) requires the mixing of the Genesis video signal with the 32X's, so you'd need to have a Genesis core on the MODE as well. It's not a reasonable or feasible ask.
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