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  1. I set up the SD card for my Rhea a while back and I really don't remember how I did it, so I never mess with it haha. The SD card setup app I have renamed every game image to disc.CDI or disc.ccd. Ever since I got the Fenrir, I put the CD drive back into the Saturn that had the Rhea in it.
  2. I had a dream last night where I installed Windows XP on a 286 in my elementary school and it slowed to a crawl.  I had to scramble to find a windows 3.1 install disk to fix it before the teacher came over and found out.

    1. carlsson


      IIRC XP needs a 486 or possibly even Pentium to run, but there were some crazy guys many years ago doing slowdown experiments and got one of those to run at 8 MHz. IIRC it took 30 minutes to boot far enough to see a mouse pointer.

    2. thanatos


      I installed Windows 2000 server on a Pentium 200 back in the day.  The install process took like 6 hours.  And it wasn't usable at all.


    3. carlsson


      We used to have a few Pentium 166 with 64 MB in the computer club, running Windows 2000 desktop version. It was reasonably OK for web browsing but not MS Office, or if it was vice versa.

  3. Also: logged an hour in Killing Time for the 3DO last night.
  4. Both last night and today, I played Shining Force CD for 3.5 hours. Fantastic game, but I'm feeling a bit burnt out. I'll probably leave it be until next weekend. I wanted to be able to promote at least 1 character at level 20, but I put it down with a few hovering at 19.
  5. I always hated the power switch on the PS1. Every model I've owned, it's so wobbly, there's friction between the edge of the button and the hole it's in, it creates an echoey sound when you press it. The open and reset buttons are the same way.
  6. The RNG in the original Shining Force is pretty brutal.  I've never whiffed so many attacks in any of the other games in the series.

  7. Recently traded a Gameboy and Everdrive to Bradd in exchange for a recapped Game Gear. I'm super happy with it, the work was very well done and I'm appreciative that he had the specific motherboard revision I was looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend doing business with him.
  8. Got my first coffee grinder tonight.  I can't wait to have fresh ground coffee in the morning.  No more pre-ground for me.

    1. fdurso224


      @zetastrike I can vouch for that Zeta. I just love the freshly ground smell of roasted coffee beans. I use to go to the Supermarket to have it done all the time when I was a boy. 8^) 

    2. thanatos


      And if anyone else says your coffee tastes like dirt, you can say "Well it was ground this morning."

    3. GoldLeader


      ^Now that's funny!


      Fresh ground is Awesome! 


      I still like to mix it up from time to time...Sometimes fresh ground, some pre-ground, some blends...Usually coffee pot but sometimes French Press (If I have the time to clean up afterwards)...


      You may wanna throw this in the Coffee Thread.

  9. I've always liked Sonic Blast. The hate that it gets is so ridiculous, it's just like the other 8-bit Sonic games, just with a different art style. "Sonic Blast is a horrible game" has just become the accepted canon for the hivemind for some reason. I'd say the level design is better than most of them, as there's some meat on the bone and you can't just hold right and finish them in 12 seconds. I would easily call Sonic 2 and Chaos worse than Blast. I'd probably rather play Blast than Sonic 1 most days.
  10. I was hoping that someone here would have a Game Gear that they know is the right revision. Otherwise I'd have to message ebay sellers if they have a VA0 or VA1 and hope they respond, know what I'm talking about, are willing to check, and are truthful.
  11. I had to have sunk at least 8 hours into Shining Force Gaiden: The Final Conflict for the Game Gear since last Friday.
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