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  1. I use the Mister core for my A8bit. I'll check these out, thanks!
  2. I've been on a spree of buying new C64 games from itch.io and they're really awesome, but I'm not seeing a whole lot for the A8bit line. Are there many new games out that can be bought digitally?
  3. As long as you use good quality CD-Rs and burn them at an appropriate rate (which varies by disc, newer ones do better at higher speeds) and the drive is in good shape, a Japanese FZ-10 should be able to play any Japanese and North American game. Some PAL games won't work on an NTSC system, but the only one I know for certain is Wolfenstein 3D.
  4. Ms Pac-Man is sold, Boulder Dash is still available.
  5. I'm selling my CIB copies of Boulder Dash and Ms Pac-Man, asking $100 each. I've had a hard time finding a price for these. Ships from 27707, continental USA only. Ms Pac-Man is Sold
  6. Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the 7800 core where bringing up the OSD makes the entire screen go black? It only happens over analog video for me over both 15 KHz component and 31 KHz VGA, it doesn't happen over HDMI.
  7. Agreed. This past week I just got rid of my three 20+ inch CRT sets because the RT5X works so well. Modern flat panels are so much better than they were even a decade ago, I remember the lag on my parents' old Sony Bravia was palpable when I hooked anything up to it. The 4K LG I have now never has a problem syncing with odd refresh rates and has less than a frame of lag. I've reached the point where large CRTs are too much of a burden to keep around, especially if you're not comfortable with opening them up for maintenance. I'm keeping the handful of 13/14 inchers I have for my desk.
  8. The original NHL Faceoff for PS1 is probably my favorite. It has a 3D rink, but the players are all scaling 2D sprites. It's the best of both worlds, you get a good vantage point, responsive controls, and easily distinguishable players. The only flaw is that it came out in 1995 so it doesn't have the Hurricanes.
  9. How do you change the region to Japan? Whenever I start a Neo Geo game, the bios screen says the region is Europe and I don't see an option to change it. Also, did the AES see a release in Europe or did it only get the MVS cabinets?
  10. What firmware did your unit have when you got it? Mine shipped on Friday and was wondering if I'll need to update it to the latest one from Mike's site.
  11. From the POV of someone exploring the library years after the fact, Metal Storm can go straight into the fire. I was very excited to try it after seeing screenshots, I love 80s Japanese mechanical designs, I saw the parallax and was very impressed. Then I played it. Watching yourself die over and over again while struggling with controls and needing to plan your moves is never a fun experience. I guess I wanted it to be more Mega Man like, but that's just not what it is.
  12. I purchased a Majesco Genesis Model 2 from Bruce on Monday. He got the label printed that morning and I got it 48 hours later. It's in pristine condition and looks/sounds fantastic. Don't hesitate to do business with him.
  13. Is that the composite to SCART adapter that you can order? I didn't spring for that because they only mentioned composite. If I knew it also has s-video I would have included it in my order.
  14. Absolutely not haha. I don't think men should wear graphic tees once you reach your 20s.
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