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  1. Moxley with the swerve!

  2. This thread can be deleted. I elected to get the console repaired.
  3. No, I was hoping the seller had one, but he didn't.
  4. I decided to get the console repaired, no longer available for trade. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SN2H9lFf9qGlWmOOhKKZeuVbtAMgN8sE
  5. I've spent most of the past year on the Classic Gaming discord and I gotta say the whole MiSTer community there is a snake pit. When they're not all fighting among themselves or having a one-sided argument with sorg, they're lashing out at Kevtris/analogue. Their petty, catty attitude towards anything that isn't open source (ie, free and easy for them to stick their fingers in, because they're entitled to that) is insane. And they're really on no moral high ground given their project's total dependence an a powerful dev board being dumped on the market at below cost by a Big Evil Corporation that loves money. They crab about Analogue's systems being closed (because they're a Big Evil Corporation and commerce is the devil), then crab again about Analogue's newest system being open. You'd think they'd be happy that there could be another piece of hardware out there that can run their software especially since the DE-10 gravy train could very well go away in the future and there's no guarantee another cheap yet very powerful dev board will be available to replace it. I like my MiSTer and my Analogue systems, but the stuff I read from them makes me always use the Analogue stuff instead where applicable. That server isn't pretty.
  6. The AV Famicom is still available. Both 800XLs are gone, the PCE is gone, and my friend talked me into keeping the 130XE so it's not on the market anymore.
  7. The PCE and one 800XL have sold. I still have the AV Famicom, one 800XL, and the 130XE.
  8. I got rid of a CRT today for the first time today.  I don't even regret it.  If you ever come across a late-model Samsung CRT, don't bother with it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. zetastrike


      No, it was a SD set.  It was just in poor working order.

    3. Austin


      Crazy that they were still making SD sets in 2007. I believe my HD one was from 2006.

    4. simbalion


      Depending on where you live, your wallet might be a bit lighter as well. Around here they are making it harder and harder to dispose of CRT sets.

  9. I'm conflicted on this one. I have two Sega CDs and both of them work fine. One of them I use Taiyo Yuden burns on, the other I only use real games. This cart isn't urgent, but I'll eventually want it. Between my jailbroken Mega SG and Everdrive X5, the only thing that this would add is CD games and the potential MSU-1 stuff. But I was less than thrilled with the SSDS3 to the point where I sold mine. Hopefully by the time Stoneage Gamer gets them, there's enough information about it to make an informed decision. Edit: And on the subject of MSU-1 enhanced games, that's something that rom hackers would need to understand how to make and create the hacks and sound files for, correct? I don't think those will come along for a while. I'm not aware of any Genesis emulators that can do anything like that, so it would only be for this cartridge.
  10. zetastrike


    Hi, I have a boxed AV Famicom for sale if you're still looking for one. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291231-fs-thinning-out-console-collection-atari-8bits-pc-engine-av-famicom/
  11. If you press the whole dpad down, are all four directions activated? If you're pressing left or right, is it easy to unintentionally hit diagonals? That kind of thing would render shmups unplayable. I was on a good run in the Gradius III SA-1 hack today until my 8bitDO SNES pad hit a diagonal when I was flying to the right and I crashed into the boss.
  12. I could never get into Street Racer. I thought the tracks were way too short, you can finish a lap in way less time than Mario Kart. The opponent AI is weird. Everyone says bunched together, making overtaking other racers really difficult. It's one of those games where you need to get in first place ASAP and keep it for the duration of the race. Depending on the version, the game looks really nice, but this is one of those examples where Euro devs made a game that looked cool but didn't design the game itself very well.
  13. Whenever Virtua Racing reaches the NA eShop, I'm ready. One of these days, it'll be there when I check.

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    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      I know riiiight? It feels like ages ago the reviews came out for the Japanese version, saying "any day now the NA version will be out!". And yet...here we wait "ever so patiently"! :)

    3. deepthaw


      I want a real steering wheel for the Switch. And the Labo doesn't count.

    4. Flojomojo


      I like that game and will jump on it the moment it launches. I wonder if it's as popular in real Ike as it seems to be online? The Switch port sounds like it does everything right, at last. The 32X port was great but the hardware was stupid. The Genesis version is low res. The PS2 port was really late to North America, and I don't want to talk about the Saturn port.

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