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  1. I have access to this demo. Enemy AI is implemented as are damage and level hazards. This only began development less than 2 weeks ago. It went from 100% software rendering to this in less than 10 days. The dev estimates it will take over a year to get everything optimized. This demo is not an indicator of what the final product will be.
  2. I would pick Galaxian 100% of the time. I find Galaga too reliant on memorization of enemy waves, Galaxian is a perfect pick up and play anytime kind of game.
  3. What do you think is the single best year of Garfield comics?  I used to rent all the volumes from the library and the 96-97 ones were my favorite.

    1. Frozone212


      Food for Thought was pretty good for the early 2000's

    2. thanatos


      Wow, kinda stopped paying attention in the 80's, there were already like 10 books by the end.

    3. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      @zetastrike That's a very good question Zeta. Hmmm. Hard to answer. I personally feel when Garfield started to really become successful during the mid-1980's onwards. Jim Davis made the transition of making the Garfield characters more on a cartoonish look and make Garfield more relying on walking on to feet like a human.  I don't have a particular year to say, but I'm thinking mid 80's to early 2000's were the best years for the franchise Zeta. 

  4. Today I saw a PAL 50Hz signal on a CRT for the first time.  I was surprised how much more flickery it looked vs the NTSC I'm used to.

    1. x=usr(1536)


      Were you watching it under 60Hz lighting?  If so, that may explain the flicker.

    2. zetastrike


      Yeah, I'm in the US.  

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      72 hz would help us all out so very much, let's change the power grids! hehehehehehe :) !!!

  5. I'm wanting to thin out my collection. Here's what I've got Atari 2600 heavy sixer (refurbished by Osgeld) - $150 Atari XL with 64K and composite mod - $150 Atari 2600 Jr (no PSU included) - $60 AV Famicom - $120 Everdrive N8 Original - $75 2600 Uno Cart - $40 Pac Man Arcade Cart - $30 Phantasy Star IV (authentic, still saves) - $50 I'm in North Carolina USA and will only ship within the continental USA.
  6. I always got the impression that the European consumer was ok with dropping a bigger check on the computer itself (vs a console) because the software and games were cheaper than carts, or often free. One of the arguments that gets cited in favor of the micros is that with computers you could do things besides play games, yet whenever I ask someone from the UK if they did anything with their Spectrum/C64/Amiga/ST/etc aside from play games the response is "well, no..." or "deluxe paint". Were the 8/16 bit micros more of a Trojan horse to get video games into the house, easier to sell to parents than a dedicated video game?
  7. I'm looking for an Intellivision console in decent to good condition. The original model or system III would be preferable. I had one years ago and would like to own one again. I'm located in Durham, NC and have Paypal and Venmo.
  8. The PS1 and Saturn versions of NFS look better on the surface (faster framerate, more content), but once you play them they quickly fall apart. They turned the game into an arcade style racing game, but they didn't adjust the physics and handling to match the faster pace. As a result, it feels like you go from 0 to lightspeed in a few seconds and you can't steer and go directly into the wall at the slightest bend. It just doesn't work. It's slightly better if you use manual gears, but a racing game should be playable/controllable in either config. The 3DO game is slower paced, but the speed/handling/physics all work together to create a functional game. I suspect a lot of people just look at the PS1/Saturn versions and assume they're better due to the framerate and extra modes and don't investigate any further.
  9. It didn't do that well until 2-3 years after the nationwide launch. The NES did not take off overnight like Jack and the Beanstalk.
  10.  Do all video games really deserve to be preserved?  I don't think so.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Maybe not ALL...But MOST is a nice idea  (see above)...Completed games I'm thinking...Not my Apple BASIC game from computer class in 1984.  

    3. TwentySixHundred


      I believe all software should be preserved. It started it's life in digital format and should be remembered in that form. Just because it was flashed to physical hardware and sold doesn't mean it should stay that way. Everything has a shelf life and when that expires, much of this software that could be enjoyed for generations to come will be lost forever. I understand some are against emulation and digital preservation (especially hardcore collectors). However in reality it always was digital and nothing other than code. HC collectors still have their physical copies and that's cool. But many like the convenience of emulation while keeping their systems and carts stored on a shelf for aesthetic purposes (like myself).

    4. Mord


      Might as well preserve them all. "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." and all that. ;)


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  11. Aquatron for A8bit.  Excellent game that I never heard of before trying it tonight on a hard disk image.  Highly recommended.

  12. For sale here is a Japanese PS1 7000 model with the PSIO mod/cartridge. Everything works as it should, the CD drive even still works. I'm asking $200 for it, shipped within the US only. No controllers or cables are included. Since this is a Japanese machine, it uses a non-polarized figure 8 power cord. I'm also open to trading for any of the Champ games 2600 homebrews or a Harmony Encore cart.
  13. One thing you can say about the Amiga, it gets 40+ year old English guys more fired up and defensive than a German Air raid.
  14. Games on Sega CD like Soul Star, Thunderhawk, Battlecorps, and RDF Global Conflict make very good use of the ASIC for the entire game. I dont see how the Amiga was any better than the Genesis at super scaler stuff. Neither one had any inborn ability to do it.
  15. Much like Atari in the late 80s/early 90s, Sega did a lot to deserve their place atop the ash heap. I think two of the biggest problems they created for themselves aren't brought up very often. Starting around 1993, SoA went on a tear of releasing tons of western developed garbage with a lot of marketing dollars behind them while at the same time de-emphasizing Japanese software. Idk if their line of thought was "Americans want American made games!" or whatever, but you can't deny that Japan was making the best console games in that generation. Say what you want about Nintendo (I don't like them at all) but they didn't put out garbage with their own name on it. You can only burn consumers so many times before they don't trust you anymore. The biggest issue that bit them was that they didn't learn how to adapt their IPs to the changing expectations of the market. Through the entire lifespan of the Saturn, Sega kept putting out bare bones arcade conversions that added little to nothing as far as additional content. Devs like Namco and their peers learned really quickly that players wanted and expected longer, more fleshed out experiences for their $50. Look at how the Ridge Racer series progressed on the PS1 vs Sega's racing games, or Tekken vs Sega's 3D fighters. In 1998, Sega released Manx TT Superbike on the Saturn. It had TWO tracks and all you did was race against the clock. That's a demo by any sane metrics but it was a full retail game.
  16. I was waiting for that. I won't be disarmed by that. People share experiences, make recommendations, make choices all the time in all areas of life that aren't based on spreadsheet data. I dont need numbers. It feels great, responds instantly, I play through entire games this way. Retroarch with runahead feels no different than the Mister. These are all just toys. I don't need scientific journal articles to prove that I'm allowed to treat the experiences as equals. This is why the FPGA cult drives me nuts.
  17. Run FB NEO or any emulator that supports savestates in retroarch with runahead. You rarely need to run ahead more than 1 frame. Add hard GPU sync and/or frame delay on top of that and you're golden. FPGA is not the only way.
  18. Well the problem is that you're using a RPi, not that the RPi is using software emulation. A real PC or a high end phone can achieve just as low lag as an FPGA setup. Comparing Mister with SE running on slow, cheap, entry level SBC isn't exactly fair. I know you're not doing it, but the constant slandering and misrepresentation of SE coming from the FPGA crowd is really annoying and drives me away.
  19. I sent two of my Game Gear systems to Jesse for modding. One of them got the RetroKAI adaptive backlight and the other got the RetroKAI magic screen kit. They both turned out fantastic and I'm very happy with the experience. If anyone has some mod work they'd like done, but doesn't have the skills or tools to do it, don't hesitate to reach out to Jesse.
  20. I was the target audience for the GBC when it was current and it never held any appeal to me. Even as a 8 year old, it came across as riding on the coattails of pokemon. I didn't understand why the other kids all liked it, to me all you did was walk around and navigate menus. You didn't do anything in it. I didn't know what an RPG was at the time. Today, I look at the library on my everdrive and nothing I try really grabs me. With both the OG Gameboy and the GBA it felt like devs were firing on all cylinders but they phoned it in with the GBC. I can't put my finger on it, but GBC games never looked very good to me, even the clear cart games. I think it's the way color palettes are allocated across the sprites and backgrounds, but the games don't look like they're truly in color, but just monochrome games that were inked up.
  21. When bringing a game over, WD always seemed to follow a formula vs the original: 1) All your characters are weaker, all enemies are stronger 2) Enemies give you less exp and less money 3) Equipment is more expensive 4) Exp requirement for levels is greater (could be because of #2) They went above and beyond with the saving system in Lunar 2. The script changes don't bother me that much, but completely breaking the pacing of the games they brought over is unforgivable.
  22. Marauder might be one of my favorite VCS games and it's one I never hear much about.

    1. DoctorSpuds


      I've always enjoyed it, but inevitably get a bit bored after a while. Definitely great for short bursts though.

    2. Random Terrain
  23. Systems that will most likely need a recap if they haven't had one yet include the Sega CD model 1, either of the PC Engine CD attachments, Game Gear, the Laseractive Pacs, any Amiga computer, the Sanyo TRY 3DO. TBH, any old CD-ROM based game console or old 8/16 bit microcomputer would be better off professionally recapped than not. The caps in Nintendo consoles seem to hold up better than most from what I hear. The general rule of thumb for me is: 1) NEC hardware? Recap it sooner than later. 2) Does it use CDs and came out before 1995? Recap it sooner than later. 3) Is it a computer? Recap it sooner than later. 4) Always recap a Game Gear if it hasn't been already.
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