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  1. Did Montezuma's Revenge come out on cart? I love that game. I've compiled an excel list of ~40 cart games I'd want to pick up.
  2. Centipede on the 8 bit doesn't look too good to me. The 5200 version looks (aside from squishing) and sounds arcade perfect. The 800 version looks like garbage in comparison.
  3. I'll be receiving my first 800XL in the next couple days. I've wanted an A8 for a long time. It's always seemed more accessible than the C64 or Apple II in that you don't need a floppy or tape drive or any peripherals to play many of the available games. So, I'll only have access to cart games for the time being and I want to know which ones I should seek out. I already went ahead and bought Defender, Ms Pac Man, Super Breakout, Star Raiders, and One on One Basketball. I know about a lot of the arcade ports and which ones to get, but what about home exclusives? About what percentage of the game library came on cart? I know I'll eventually have to get a floppy drive or sio2PC, but I just want to mess around with cart games for now. Also, using Genesis controllers is a bad idea right? I've looked at schematics for both and the ports aren't exactly the same. I already have a Wico command control and a Flashback VCS stick, so it doesn't matter.
  4. I love the 3DO. I've been enjoying my FZ-1 ever since I got it. It's one of those consoles that has a style and feel all its own, like the Saturn or PCE.
  5. I saw a 800XL in my local game shop, but it was over $100. I don't know how much they're worth, but that seems a bit much. So, I've become intrigued by the A8 line recently and wouldn't mind having one. My preference would be a 600XL or 800XL as they have a smaller footprint and look nice. It doesn't matter which one you have if you just want to play games, right? The 16k in the 600 isn't a limiting factor? I would want one with a power supply and some way to hook it up to a TV. I honestly don't know how they connect, do they have AV cables or RF or a switchbox? Disc or tape drives aren't necessary ATM. Right now I'd just want to screw around with carts. I also do not need any joysticks. If anyone can help me out, shoot me a pm. Thanks!
  6. To be fair, most Amiga games ARE ST games Great idea for a magazine though. The ST has always intrigued me. Probably the combination of being Atari and pretty unknown in the US.
  7. I got lucky and found a VA4 model 2 when I was first shopping around for a Genesis. It was the first one I picked up to look at.
  8. I've come close to buying whatever Flashback units I've seen at my Rite-aid, but now that I know atgames did away with the VCS OAC I'd be better off getting a real VCS or 7800.
  9. I were going, I'd spend some time playing Amiga/C64. Commodore doesn't get enough (any) recognition from the media today. All "Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo!"
  10. I think the adapter I bought only supports one button sticks. Retrolink also has Genesis adaptors, but I really don't need that because I already have a Genesis/MegaEverDrive and I wanted the authentic feel for the Atari and Amiga emulators. Quite a few of the MSX games I've tried with the keyboard use up for jump, particulalrly Maze of Galious and Vampire Killer, so that was unexpected.
  11. I was hunting around in some used game stores and just bought a standard VCS stick today. I'm still waiting for the adapter to get here. I'm hoping blueMSX will let me map one button to the stick and the other to the space bar or something. If not, there's always an aftermarket PS3 pad. The atari stick should be good for A8, ST, and Amiga games though.
  12. I was wondering about this too. I picked up a CIB Outrun off amazon three years ago for between $10-20, I don't remember. It's only gone up. It's fun, but not the best port. It is one of the more accessible ports available in NA compared to the Saturn or DC, maybe that's why.
  13. I recommend: Guardian War (turn based strategy, like Shining Force) PO'ed (people hate it based on the first level, it gets better) Return Fire and Maps O' Death (real time combat/strategy) BladeForce (cool 3D free flying shooter, kind of frustrating, but fun) Slayer (1st person dungeon crawler with real time combat) Total Eclipse (railshooter)
  14. I just bought an Atari to USB converter for my PC to use with the various emulators I have. I know I'll be set with the ST and Amiga stuff I have, but I want to know how a Wico stick will interact with two button games on the MSX or the few on the Amiga. Will the stick be sufficient for most of the games?
  15. I hate longboxes, so I buy games that originally came in a box with a blank jewel case loose. If it's one of the games that came in a jewel case with a manual and back art insert, like SSF2T, Starblade, Bladeforce, Cyberdillo (I actually like Cyberdillo btw), PO'ed, Guardian War, etc that was INSIDE a stupid cardboard box, I get everything but the box.
  16. The Colecovision and Intellivison were never officially released in Japan, right? They were just available from import shops.
  17. So four of the games I ordered came in today and lo and behold, Starblade does not work. The 3DO spits the disc out as soon as it tries to read it. Upon closer inspection, there are no less than seven pinholes and scratches through the silver layer in the disc. Not for nothing, but if you're an ebay seller that deals in pretty old games and you offer old CD games for sale, the least you can do is hold the disc up to a light before you ship it and check if the data is destroyed or not. It was described as "recently tested and works perfectly" in the listing. Liars. I'm not ordering from these guys again. I'm hoping I can work it out with them. I've never left negative feedback on anyone before and I hope I won't have to now. I wrote them at noon today and no reply yet. I'm just ticked because there is no reason for this. If I was a seller, I'd check any disc before I shipped it and if I see any marks, assume it's ruined and refund the buyer or better yet, not list it in the first place. Save the buyer and seller some hassle. Sorry for the rant. I was at the bar watching the world cup match and I'm still a little buzzed
  18. So I went to ebay and bought PO'ed and Cyberdillo today. They were both pretty cheap and I like old FPS. I'll eventually get Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown, and Road Rash. I was looking at battlesport. Is it any fun to play single player? I only have one gamepad and I can't picture my friends wanting to play it with me. Does Shockwave Beyond the Gate come on two CDs? I didn't know Crash n Burn was fully polygonal. I always assumed the tracks were prerendered. That's awesome to know.
  19. I got my 3DO. It's awesome. Need for Speed is such a good racer and Total Eclipse seems cool, but I haven't spent as much time with it yet. Now I have to wait until early next week for the next four games to arrive. Does anyone know if it would be worth it to hook it up to an HDTV through s-video? They're going to install a flatscreen in my dorm room and I already have two other consoles that I use on my CRT (that has only one set of AV jacks). It would lead to less clutter if it'll work.
  20. I think the problem might be that the ST's joystick port is wired the same way as the VCS, in that it only supports up, down, left, right, and 1 fire. I never understood it. When Atari came out with the 5200 and 7800, they evolved the controllers and gave them more buttons. For some reason, with the advent of 16 bit hardware, they thought one button was sufficient.... I was raised on consoles, so it's a baffling concept. I can forgive it with the 8 bit computers. They were all designed in the late 70s/very early 80s and the games were usually of a complexity that they didn't suffer for not having two fire buttons. The Amiga actually supports up to three buttons (I believe, if I'm wrong, it's two) so there was really no excuse besides lazy Euro developers porting everything to everything else and optimizing nothing.
  21. Are there any ST games that support a two button joystick, like Turrican 2 on the amiga? I find it annoying that Atari released a next gen piece of hardware in 1985 and still pushed the use of a joystick design from 1977.
  22. Is Alone in the Dark 2 any better/different than 1?
  23. I've wanted a 3DO for some time. I've always found it fascinating. I just happened to walk into my local retro game shop on monday and asked how often a 3DO turns up and the guy called another location and they have one for sale. So, I told them to send it here and I'm picking it up tonight! I'm excited. It's an FZ-1 model and I'm buying Need for Speed and Total Eclipse along with it. Last night I went on ebay and bought Return Fire, Blade Force, Gex (loose), and Starblade. I haven't bought a console that's new to me since 2012, so I'm really looking forward to it. I have a different stance on completeness with this one compared to any other disc based console. Normally, I go CIB or nothing, but I have longboxes with a passion. They're too big and I have nowhere to put them. It's why I only buy Japanese Saturn games. So, for any game that comes in one of those weird cardboard/plastic case/box things like NFS, I'm buying the loose disc, and any game that came in a jewel case inside a longbox, I'm going for the disc, case, and manual. Does anyone have any suggestions for what else to pick up. If there's anything that Game Sack, didn't show, I'm interested. I've already compiled a list of ~50 games I'd want. Are FZ-1s fairly robust machines? I'd rather get an FZ-10, but I took the fish I can get. Are they likely to konk out randomly? That's the only thing I'm apprehensive about.
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