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  1. Does anyone else prefer the PC10 palette for the NES? I always use it, I like the yellow/red push it has and makes me think of the Playchoice 10 machine at my local barcade.
  2. And with that, the Rhea/Phoebe lost it's only advantage over the Fenrir. I can't wait for the wifi to be enabled.
  3. I think I will get it. I used to run the mister through component to my old 27 inch Wega, but I decided last summer that I didn't want that hulking boat anchor in my house anymore haha.
  4. Speaking as someone whose expectations for games was set by consoles and PCs and didn't experience the Amiga until several years ago, it absolutely has merit and I enjoy messing around with it. But I think it really takes some effort to adjust your expectations and understand the context of the environment that it thrived in. I know a lot of people won't do things like that. A late 80s Amiga console or the CD32, if released mass-market in the US, probably would have been derided by players and the media due to how Amiga games were made.
  5. You're calling HIM a fanboy? First of all, you need an accelerated Amiga for those 3D games and that mode 7 esque racer to run at a decent framerate. Even a stock 1200 wasn't adequate much of the time. Second of all, you don't take into account things like game balance/level design/enemy placement/pacing (which Euro developers sucked at back then), controls (hello 1 button), poor production values (games not full screen, lack of parallax, sub-60/50 fps, music OR sound effects). Having a bunch of dollar store knockoffs of popular console games wasn't going to help the Amiga's cause.
  6. I topped out at PS1 when I set up my Pi4 back in June, but I know ETA Prime on youtube has a lot of videos on the subject. From what I saw, Dreamcast emulated pretty well in most cases but Saturn was more miss than hit. For now, a decent mid-tier PC is still the minimum for Saturn emulation.
  7. Does anyone have experience with this s-video adapter? https://www.antoniovillena.es/store/product/vga-composite-s-video-adapter/ The only CRT I have has composite and s-video, so I was curious if this works well enough to bother buying. @SegaSnatcher you're usually on top of these things.
  8. Are you blind? Here's a proper capture of the PS1 version
  9. Do Jaguar Superfans suffer from stockholm syndrome?  It comes across to me as still attempting to justify their purchase decades after the fact.

    1. zetastrike


      I don't take issue with people enjoying it, it's the mental gymnastics when comparing it to its contemporaries that is mind boggling.

    2. toiletunes


      Where did YOU learn yo fly?

    3. doctorclu


      It's a game system that has some games I like to play.   Not sure why the Jaguar is any different from any other system people like to play.  All personal preference.

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  10. I always thought the lack of STe games was due to the vanilla ST being out for 4 years already. Devs didn't see the need to spend time making games that a fraction of ST owners would get to use. I understood development of games for the AGA chipset faced the same barriers.
  11. The Sega Saturn: Halloween Edition. Nice! I'd love a Christmas Edition.
  12. Based on a single experience playing both of them? Define bad. How many games did you play? Did you play the games long enough to form an opinion on them or to even learn how to play/enjoy them? Careful with that take, it's hot enough to cause blistering.
  13. The 3DO can't match the SFC resolution and fill the screen like the PS1 version?
  14. This is why I wish Capcom released the apparently finished 3DO port of Mega Man X3, or that it resurfaces someday. I want to know if they got it to run at 60fps with the parallax intact, or if it runs at 30fps with parallax, or if it runs at 60fps with the parallax removed. It would be a good game to have on the 3DO regardless.
  15. I replaced the broken worm gear in one of my FZ-10 3DO systems with a 3D printed replica. It's a bit loud, but it works perfectly.
  16. Should I allow DHL to deliver a package to me without a signature?  It's coming from Japan.

    1. jd_1138


      Is it something you ordered? If so, what's the value of it?

    2. zetastrike


      It's an AV Famicom that cost me $100.

    3. jd_1138


      I don't think I'd sweat it over $100. Maybe if it were $200 or more, then I'd want a signature.

  17. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread. I think Turrican 1 and 2 on the Amiga are completely unplayable due to this. It's so easy to not realize that you're in contact with an enemy until you have a sliver of life left.
  18. Have you tried ripping any of your own Saturn game discs to see if they work? Having to hunt down and download ISOs of games I already own would be a pain.
  19. That goes back to the question: why should anyone fork over for a console when they can just get the computer? Bare bones ST ports wouldn't fly on a console. You couldn't put a bunch of 12.5 fps action games and arcade ports next to a cheaper Master System or NES and expect people to be down with it.
  20. But it would need to be cheaper than buying a computer, or else it's hard for the consumer to justify. Presumably there would be a controller rather than mouse/keyboard so that would make a lot of the popular computer centric game genres not as doable. Console specific game development would need to be pushed and enforced by Atari. I doubt they would get any help from Japanese devs.
  21. I'm not sure you could get away with using the ST architecture for a console without heavily modifying it, which by that point is it even an ST anymore? It was the entry level 16 bit computer of the late 80s so it received a lot of attention from game developers despite the lack of hardware under the hood.
  22. I wouldn't even consider the ST better than the A8bit or C64. The lack of sprites and scrolling really kills its gaming performance. Aside from vector/polygon type games, everything on it is so jerky, choppy, and slow. For practical and music applications, it would outperform, but I've never seen it as a viable gaming platform.
  23. Yesterday evening I finally 1 credit cleared Darius Gaiden on the normal difficulty. It took me roughly 25 minutes.
  24. I sent two of my Saturn power supply boards to Jesse for recapping. He already had the cap kits ordered before I sent him the boards. He had them both done within a few days of getting them and I had them back in my hand a week later. His soldering job looks great and he even put the old caps in a sandwich baggie and included them in the return package. I already put one of them back in my Saturn and it's running just fine without getting too hot or wavy lines going through the picture like it was before. I'm super happy with the transaction and I would recommend his services to anyone who wants some work done on their hardware.
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