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  1. Can anyone vouch for the quality of these controllers? https://www.ebay.com/usr/retrogameboyz?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 

    1. GoldLeader


      I don't know personally,  but he's got some good feedback.

  2. Just got done sinking some time into Super Hang-On for the Genesis. I like to warm up on the Africa course, then work my way up. On my final attempt at the Asia course, I crashed into a sign about 200 feet before the Goal. I figured that was as good a time as any to turn it off for the night.
  3. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this in my local game store last week. I ran back there today with 3 consoles to trade for it. Once it stops thunder storming here, I'm going to see if Outrun works in it.
  4. I'm hoping SAG's stock was part of the first batch. I'm curious how they handle firmware download DRM, being a reseller.
  5. I have two Saturn model 1 PSU boards that I would like to get recapped. There's a Japanese one labeled Voltek 34288-4 and a US one labeled Fujitsu KS350-1401-H022/02. I'm in North Carolina.
  6. Isn't it illegal to sell something on ebay that you don't actually have? If you're going to scalp it, you should at least read ebay's rules and wait until ~2 weeks before you get it to make a listing. Do any Pocket units actually exist? The renders shown by Analogue look different than the ones from the unveiling.
  7. This might be the best game I've ever bought on a whim.  I've been playing every night for over a week.  


    1. R_Leo_1


      I like the Low-Poly style, I might have to check this out.

    2. wongojack


      Thanks for the recommendation.  I've added it to my wishlist.


  8. I'd say if we're talking pre-PS1/Saturn/N64 then Japan and US were light-years ahead of Europe. Euro 8 and 16 bit computer games were not made to the same standard as their console counterparts. Even in the best cases, there was always something fundamentally wrong with Amiga games that wouldn't occur on a console game. The Mister has given me the opportunity to dive into the libraries and many of the games seem built around being obtuse, bad or complicated controls and/or physics, poor hazard placement, thoughtless level layouts, music or sound effects, never both. European devs seemed very unambitious. It was make a game for the lowest common denominator, port it to everything under the sun no matter how inappropriate, don't waste time taking advantage of stronger hardware, just get it out the door asap and make sure the screenshots on the back of the box look good.
  9. This is exactly what I'm talking about with how asinine this has all become and why I ran the heck away from the CG Discord. You're all LOOKING for problems and faults with things in order to justify the fanaticism. Anything new comes out, be it an emulator, scaler, wireless controller, etc and immediately idiots do some "scientific" lag test and post a bunch of numbers that mean nothing in 99% of cases and hold it up as "see, it's not perfect, we need to wait for the next gadget that we preordered to get here. If that's perfect, then you can play video games again." I don't care at all, I don't feel any lag, it feels indistinguishable from any FPGA device in the same display, it has no impact in my performance in the game, I don't invent problems for the excuse of buying more stuff and to rationalize a lack of interest in actually playing video games. In short, I'm happy with what I have, it works. I know that's no bueno with the CG Discord crowd that demand absolute perfection down to the atoms, but that's a fool's errand. What is perfect? They're all chasing a dragon. FPGAs are symbolic of what classic gaming has become in the last decade. A bunch of people who aren't really interested in playing or talking about video games.
  10. Turning on hard GPU sync in retroarch eliminates input lag entirely on my setup. I can also turn on runahead, but I don't feel a difference with it on or off if I have hard GPU sync enabled. Everything plays just as well as on a mister and I get all extra things like shaders that mister doesn't offer. I'm really starting to feel like FPGAs are the thing that some are fanatical about because it's more exclusive than software emulation. Too many people have PCs, phones, tablets, SBCs and play old games on them now. They need to feel like they know something everyone else doesn't. Don't get me wrong, I like messing around with the mister and it serves the important purpose of being a small box that connects to my big TV and allows me to play old games while sitting on the couch, but for 8/16 bit games it's functionally equivalent to my PC/monitor at my desk and in many ways is lesser.
  11. I had no idea Dirty Jobs was back for a reunion series.  Perfect surprise on a self quarantine Saturday night.

  12. Does anyone know how far out we are from the X68000 core becoming part of the official release?
  13. Boo Frickity hoo, man. It's a toy, anyone who doesn't have access to whatever features the new NT mini has will be ok. All of the stupid infighting and mudslinging of Analogue vs Mister has only pushed me back to software emulation.
  14. I enjoy Megadrive games just fine without using pixel blending... I wouldn't use it anyway, I don't like an artificially softened image. I don't know why some get so triggered by dithering. It's odd in a world full of flatscreen tv's, upscalers, line doublers, flash carts, ODEs, software emulation, and fpga cores, etc that some still cling to blurry colors like it's critical to the experience.
  15. The Saturn version has another strength in that the Wing Smash lasts as long as you have MP, so you can use it to zip through long hallways and open segments in no time. In the PS1 version, it only travels a short distance. The Saturn version was the first and only version of SotN I played for years. Going to the PS1 version for the first time last year was kind of a shock in a bad way. The toned down visual effects, slowdown, and load times never bothered me because it was my only reference point.
  16. Has anyone here preordered a MODE? I hope TO figured out something better than the donkey cart they used last summer to slowly trickle out the Mega SD preorders. The Andorran customs is extremely slow and they could at best process 14 packages a day. For that reason I'm waiting to see if Stoneage Gamer stocks them in the future.
  17. 2x Xbox, FZ-10, PSX, and Heavy Sixer are still available. Everything else is sold.
  18. When I'm drinking?  Yeah!  When I'm drinking?  No!

  19. The PC Engine and Virtual Boy are gone. Everything else is still available.
  20. Hi, I just moved this week and it dawned on me that I have too many consoles. I want to reduce my collection to the essentials and be rid of what I don't need. I'm in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina and would like to sell these locally. It does not have to be sold in 1 lot, but I would appreciate if you're interested to buy as much of it as you'd like. I can negotiate down the price if you get several items at once. Here's what I've got: 2x Original Xbox - only 1 set of component cables and 1 controller - $100 FZ-10 3DO (had a broken worm gear. I replaced it with a 3D printed gear and it works again. Includes Goldstar controller) $75 PC Engine Coregrafx with Turbo Everdrive (no controller, video cables, or AC adapter included) $120 Dreamcast with USB-GDROM and Pico PSU + 1 controller $150 Virtual Boy with stand, controller, battery pack, PSU pack (uses SNES AC adapter), and 3 games (Red Alarm, Mario Tennis, VB Wario Land) $150 Atari 600XL with 64K ram and yellow/white composite RCA mod (wico joystick and NOS power supply included) $100 Atari 130XE with switchable BIOS, NOS PSU, and AV cables $100 Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer with AC adapter $150 Playstation 1 with new laser, Monster brand S-video cable, and clear Dualshock controller $40 I hope to find these all good homes. Don't be afraid to PM with with offers. Thanks!
  21. I really like Erin Plays. I almost never get to catch her streams live though because I'm asleep 99% of the time she does it, but she uploads them on youtube later. She's entertaining and I admire how she commits to the games she wants to finish. I would never have the patience to beat NES Batman or Castlevania III or 100% Yoshi's Island. I see it as she's doing it so I don't have to.
  22. Last week I ordered a pack of NES controller carbon dot membranes from console5 after being told that they're good quality. Earlier in the year, I got a bunch from a seller on ebay and the d-pad membranes were terrible. I could not get diagonals to register when using them. They felt very nice and clicky, but were unusable in practice. I got the console5 package on Saturday and lo and behold, I got the same result, no diagonals. Has anyone else experienced this? I've cleaned all my controller boards, and the original membranes allow diagonals like normal (I'd like to replace them for the feel, the originals feel weak) so the new membranes must be the issue. I also got a SNES set and those were fine.
  23. My personal favorite is Tepp's Pac Man Arcade homebrew for the A8bit. It looks and sounds the part and is about as great a port as you can expect from the hardware. I prefer ports to arcade emulation for Pac and Ms Pac.
  24. My choice between software emulation or FPGA can depend on a bunch of factors in any given instance 1) What do I want to play (eg 2600, Genesis, Gameboy, Saturn, PS2)? 2) Where am I (computer desk, couch, deck, kitchen counter)? 3) Do I already have a movie or video or music playing on the TV? 4) Do I want to listen to a podcast while I play whatever I play? 5) What kind of controller do I want to use? Although I enjoy my Analogue systems and the MiSTer, I still find myself choosing the convenience and added features of software emulation probably more than 50% of the time. I really dislike the way that the community is starting to thumb its nose at software emulation, as if it's inherently worse than an FPGA implementation and beneath a "real" retro enthusiast. I'm scratching my head at all the excitement about the WIP PS1 FPGA project. There's no way that it'll even approach the performance and added features of Beetle PSX HW in Retroarch.
  25. Does anyone else find the fire buttons on the PC Engine controller to be not that great? I've owned several over the years and they always have this erratic responsiveness to them. Like sometimes they'll engage when I press them down and again when I release them. Other times they don't respond at all or with a delay. I have some NES rubber membranes coming in soon from console5 and I hope to try swapping them with the originals and seeing if that helps.
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