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  1. Pretty nice interview. Love the fact that he wanted to make Raiden arcade perfect!
  2. Today I had some free time as my son was sick and installed the composite video mod in my other PAL Atari. Still need to tidy everything up. BUt I can finally dig down into this game
  3. Isn't MetalJesusRocks an enthousiast of the Atari 7800. Maybe somebody should let him know about this game
  4. Update: I dug up my regular A7800 and the music is fine. What could be the issue with the SCART model or is it ionly on mine?
  5. Hi TailChao, First of all: Congragulations on this awesome release. I played it yesterday for an hour and half: the gameplay and design is spot on! The packaging also is amazingly cool. Two remarks: I'm using a PAL A7800 with built in scart cable (only released in france) but the music is way to silent. I turned the potentiometer to the maximum, and I still need to turn my amplifier all the way to the max just to hear the music. Naturally the regular sound effects become earpiercing loud like this. Can something be done Secondly I got hit pretty hard by customs the game ended up costing me 120 dollar in total. There are ways to ship with customs already included (Limited Run Games, Play-asia use these methods) so that European people don't get fined when the package arrives.Just an idea!
  6. Wow thank you for creating this, it really looks amazing. I also love your cartoony Artstyle A definite purchase on my part! I loved zaku! Can we know what the chip for audio is (i like to think about such things)?
  7. I tried Cosmic Avenger and sadly the simultaneously pressed buttons don't work. You mind sharing your way of connecting up the buttons?
  8. I'm a moron the maker of the video also made a follow up video. Now I have the perfect Coleco controller!
  9. Could you explain a little more? I can solder but my knowledge of electronics is non existant. I just follow plans or videos
  10. Hi, I recently started to clean out a get everyting functional again on mu colecovision. So with the exeptance of Time pilot all my games work and are playable. But that controller ....aaargh... So I saw this amazing video on how to mod a sega genesis pad to work on the colecovision. It is cool but I would like also to rewire the start button so that it acts as keypad one so I don't have to do the old switcharoo with the original gamepad. I've seen people sell this mod on ebay but I can't seem to find any schematics online how to make this mod. Anybody got a link or explanation? Greetings, Thomas Link to the video I mentioned above:
  11. I think you should doma TIA only version. I crave this game!
  12. Thanks I had a bit of luck lately and I went to the post office today. Nine new games in one day!
  13. I will direct anybody who doesn't have a clue for my christmass gifts to the Atari Age store! It is pretty boss that those games are actually properly licenced Thanks for the Protips! Lucky for me Midnight mutants was already included when I purchased the system and also the fantastic (saracsm) Karateka. Since then i picked up Desert falcon , DK jr and Xevious. I also moded the psu connector so that it accepts standard sega sms power supplies. I love basketbrawl on the lynx so I'll try to check that out. Ninja golf also looks right up my ally. Ikari warrios and commando seem to be the must own games on the system I have to pictures to share. The first is my purchase of that day. 100 euro for everything you see in that picture and the second one is a the toy catalog from my childhood.
  14. I had a coupon from them that came with my previous purchase: Buy two jaguar games and get a Jaguar for free. I was only 15 at the time so I chose the two cheapest games they had: Dino Dudes and Iron Soldier both at 9.99 . Back in those days I had to go to the bank and change Belgium franks for British Pounds. And then mail the money to them! I guess they were pretty angry at me because they packed the games inside the jaguar box without the original game box. What is interesting is that the manual for Iron Soldier is in japanese.
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